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  1. Yup and it's a great pity I didn't start making & selling them years ago, how much could I have made in the last 30yrs? 2 linears will do it me thinks
  2. I have an old Sony .07 and a Canon wide adapter, would be interesting to try them, but wonder how it all works out when doing the stretching back to desired aspect. Do you get much vignetting with that setup Andy, i'll have to dig a little deeper to see what the footage your getting out of it is like(especially on the BMC) obviously the least amount of vign' is what to aim for, but wonder if the longer the focal length on the taking lens the less of the stretch effect you would see?
  3. Ah, which kind of explains why the bokeh is oval, as its not getting squeezed while shooting, but then stretched later, except I would have expected that to produce ovals at 90 degrees to what I commonly see? I had been wondering why people would want oval Bokeh when round looks so good, I like hexagons & octogons too, it's a long time since I played with the cokin masks I used to have, wasn't until recently I thought of sticking them behind the lens inside an adapter/lens mount, but I suppose they may have better results at the distance of the iris. But I also wondered if the focus modul
  4. Dont forget if you use 2 polarizerz you can cut your light down to nothing.
  5. Nice, Great View, Love the wake trails.
  6. It would be cool to utilize 4k images for the source sensor crop stabilized output at 2k but its going to be a pain with mpeg4 & software, wonder how long before new integrated hardware & software can do the job, I remember feeling a little stupid for suggesting something similar way back in the days of the Scarlet, but not just for Stabilized footage, but used in conjunction with depthmaps, Imagine the virtual set building fun you could have.
  7. You've got this far, what could possibly go wrong, if the Distro company is a known quantity, with some track record then it should be ok, but I have no idea what pitfalls await from the deals these companies make, hopefully they dont follow the same tricks they use to swindle Boy Bands out of fortunes & tie them into exclusivety. Remember it doesnt have to look or smell like a shark to be a shark :) Hey Xavier is your middle name derived from Plagarism? :huh:
  8. Interesting, liked the sound & visuals, although I wasnt scared by the woman :) Nice shot with the moon. Do not let your film out there without that watermark(but even that can't stop design pirates intent on stealing ideas & reframing them, pity the decision maker can't be in the room, but understandably they could be far away. At least one person from the Distribution Company should attend to show support, and to see it as intended on a big screen, otherwise it could be shown on some laptop. I'm not sure I would want to send it though, cant you just point them to a private/secur
  9. Saw this a few weeks back, but had the same doubts as some here. it's probably only any good when doing a hyperlapse as it can then use say 24 of the frames to try to create 1 frame (imagine the jello) but obviously even better results would be obtained if it was stabilized in camera, & isolated from body moves, and kept on target. It would be interesting on a drone, but why the onboard accelerometer / gps couldn't be used there must be some higher resolution ones, & the problem with hyperlapse stuff is its harder to see the dodgy bits. Edit, I wasn't talking about the instagram
  10. Ah Found the answer to the Flare question, I'm wondering if any projection anamorphic would flare, I assume the reason would be not to add more flares ontop of the ones created at capture time.
  11. Does the CiniLux produce flares? I can see a hint of a flare, but in the roundabout shot what I thought was a linear flare is actually a white line on the building. Sight looks nice footage, but cuts away before seeing a linear flare. Do you have any Bokeh shots, I recently looked at the Cooke Anamorphic Video's and didnt see much by way of Linear flare.
  12. Chillax Dude just spotted the other thread will be asking there, Do you have a Photo of the Complete Unit that you are trying to get a discount on, am I correct in thinking that this discount applies to the 550 euro price? sans anamorphic lens?
  13. Does the CiniLux produce flares? I'm trying to figure out how the focus adapter could work with other lenses of various diamiters & lengths.
  14. Holding off on a GH4 until this is sorted, waiting to see 4K OM footage, what IS options are there on the Samsung NX1 Only optical on the A7s ?
  15. Cheers, thought so, didnt know replacements where on ebay, hopefully wont have to worry about it for much longer as a replacement is on the horizon, but need to keep stuff out of the holes in the body.
  16. Can you tell us anymore about the Film & proposed Distribution, will it be DVD, Blu-Ray, theaters?
  17. You know what they say, Never Eat Yellow Snow... I'm really interested in returning to Olympus and 4k with their IS is something I want to see then it will be time to choose.
  18. While it sounds like a good idea to use the computing power of a phone to control other devices, the Relonch sounds like a crazy idea, to limit the thing to perhaps one phone, which maybe wont be around by the time the thing is out, would much rather tether the phone so you could put screen where you wanted, but still no way will they get my cash, there will hopefully be far too much choice. The 4k Lumix is probably just another show piece too, the shape of things to come 4k shirt pocket life cam's, wafer thin GoPro's, with nice sharp wide IS lenses obviously built for some of the 1% wi
  19. 204 grams and 21mm thick http://www.designboom.com/technology/panasonic-cm1-android-smartphone-1-inch-sensor-leica-lens-09-16-2014/ onder if it's Bendy? Cheaper than a 7DII? While your over at DesignBoom, take a look at the 41MP Phone Thingy http://www.designboom.com/technology/relonch-camera-print-quality-iphone-photos-09-19-2014/
  20. My thoughts exactly, Nice little Grilling you gave him there, and he doesnt really have the answers, I thought these people where supposed to find out what the customer wants and give it to them, and they must have been hearing what the customer wants for some time now (how longs Magic Lantern been out now?). In fact my last camera would probably not have been a Canon without ML Obviously giving us 4k for under 1k is going to hurt the pockets, but it's going ot happen, I just dont think my next camera is going to be a Canon, it Certainly will not be the 7D II
  21. Recently all the rubber pads started coming off the camera, first to go was the main grip, where an obvious design flaw causes the rubber to come out of the groove near the shutter button. Same thing happened to a mate of mine, he had it fixed under waranty, but didnt stick with the camera. I could glue them back on but they are actually larger than needed due to stretching so would need a little trimming. So perhaps I need one of those molded Jackets for the body, but didnt know which would be the best or if they also stretch and look tatty after a while. Anyone have any experience of thi
  22. Yeah you would need to get teeth done to match :) and wear some nasty jewlery & D&G shades Gold looks nasty, would rather have silver, Wonder if the Gold Lens shade would also be a bad idea, which lens is this based on? Front element must be a wide zoom.
  23. The official video looks cool, made me wonder if it was a marketing video made with something else, but would be nice to know more about how it was filmed, ie what lens, kit or other?
  24. Nikon 24k Gold Camera - For those with more money than Sense Some things are worth paying extra for, but paying through the nose for this will not see better images, for the price of $30,000 I wonder if they can squeeze 4k out of it? Looks like an older Film Camera, at least some of the money will find it's way to the poor suffering people of the world. http://www.designboom.com/technology/brikk-lux-nikon-camera-gold-09-25-2014/
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