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  1. Someday when DNA sequencers are as ubiquitous as 3D Printers.
  2. One to watch, I wonder if there will also be a web delivery format without the current restrictions. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/mox-file-format
  3. Canopus Codec is free too, might come in handy for some.
  4. Are these with a Red cropped sensor, & with 100mm Lens?
  5. A couple of cable ties would do the trick, if you dont like the width of a strap, I lugged my manfrotto twin leg thing & 501 all over Italy, not sure I would do it again though, A clamp & ball head handy for the bag, all the extra gear is a ball ache, but if you need the shots and there's a group(and some wonga) of people, not so bad.
  6. A strap is secondary on a Jib, there's a hole in the bottom for fixing, lol only playing, but I generally wrap the strap round the hand, or in that case attach it to the jib, still usefull unless you dunked the end of the jib. Anyway hopefully you got things sorted, and some cracking footage is on its way(to a paying client) I will keep an eye out for your video posted here.
  7. I use a device to stop that stuff happening, called a camera strap :) Did you make a wish?
  8. I was hoping to see a few more tests with the Cinelux before moving on to the Moller, which will also be interesting to see how it fits together with it, and the weight, faster focuses, closer subjects, and some flares:) I have no idea where my Brain resides, but my heart is in Milan & Iseo. If I could do it all over again I might have studied design in Milan, but I was on my arse at the time, and nowdays design & engineering in Milan is probably on it's arse. I dont have 5 kids, or a mistress, life is passing me bye. So far a genetic dead end. I like electronic music, a li
  9. they've told us the focus range ios 0.5m-inf. ok but have we seen it do it? they've shown the focus rotation in their how to install video So how many turns are needed? The helicoid is obviously mounted further back to save costs (if it was the diamater of the outside of the optics it would be a fortune to make - this is why the thing shrouds the whole lens. Further Back still needs to be over 71mm right? or it would have to taper, to meet back of focus group/helicoid, which would be 71mm or larger, either way I thought the tube still rotates one of the front pairs logic
  10. Ok no worries, perhaps they have a linkedIn page coming, which I believe shows a more professional face(even though I'm not sure its fruitful or productive for me), I know the marketeers say you have to be on facebook, but it all seems a bit of a vacuous fad. I thought release was any day, so wondered why no answers, no chatter,, and no night stuff with flares yet. Some threads are far more interesting when they deviate from initial topic. Monday Morning 2nd coffee & a storm in a teacup :)
  11. I don't have facebook so raised the questions here, in the hope that somone with direct contact might ask the RIGHT questions but you seem to want to keep it on the topic of Who wants one, I am one of those kinds of people who asks a few questions before buying anything, not after, I'm not asking for their secret recipy, there are always other realizations after. I read here that people wheren't too enamoured with the SLR Magic after the fact, Is there a more open FM lens topic here where I can ask the questions. It doesnt matter who is selling something Sony Canon or whoever, if I asked a q
  12. I was hoping for a little more on the footage side, at least a sunset through the wheat would have been something, but watching these slow rollouts is torture, they should not be 2-3minutes on the same shot, more variety needed. Knowing how long before final production would be good too, What is the focal length of the taking lens, minimum without vignette, and max aperture? total weight? Having the thing cloak the anamorphic in black is a nice touch, though some might like red or gold anamorph on show, but is the shroud needed to keep light out? is there much gap between anamorphic and front
  13. Nice collection of lenses, must weigh a ton, with the Moller Light(RectiLux) at the top :) How many turns does it need to complete the focus from 0.5 to infinity. What else is included? Which tokina is being talked about above, & will the combo mentioned be anamorphic footage, ie does the century do a squeeze? which century?
  14. Where is the organ grinder in all of this, do they feel this forum thread is irrelevant, are they trying to create mystery & intrigue? I can understand large companies not finding the time to get involved in every thread on the web, but not small ones. From the recent test I cant tell how close it will focus or how many turns are needed to complete the range, would be nice to see how it performs in low light with lots of nice flares, bokeh or no bokeh? Ok so it depends on taking lens but I still want to see it, does this one work with zooms & hold focus. How it works with other anamo
  15. OK now my imagination has been stretched :) But my wallet aint feeling it just yet, and by the time it as, perhaps all anamorphics will be 2k+
  16. Yeah thats coz the dollar aint worth $£!T much :) it's 1k here, not a bad number, but I know i'll need more lenses & stuff .
  17. Hmm at least they are trying to improve things, will have to see more info & video's, surely the noise & low light is better than the 550D.
  18. I was going to rephrase the question to which camera in this price range has the best HDMI out, but based on above post it could be the GH4, so it's still not out of the running yet.
  19. Samsung should take back the Slur on potential NX1 users and release the Mod ASAP :) C'mon we bought your drives, & laptops & TV's now we want your Super Cam!
  20. Well that's a bummer, I was thinking about Black Magic, but now I will have to keep waiting for alternate solution.
  21. A very nice toy to keep in the Pocket, things are getting interesting.
  22. What about the Eos-M & ML anybody have any experience of doing Raw with it. £150ish aint bad.
  23. I did a search, this wasnt listed, so without knowing if you know about it already, I thought it worth the post, could be a cool app as time goes bye. Can't say no to some Free Tools. Natron is an open source node-based compositing software that relies on OpenColorIO for color management, OpenImageIO for file formats support, and Qt for user interface. It’s available for OS X, Windows and Linux, and offers 32-bit channel precision as well as support for OFX plugins. http://natron.inria.fr/features/
  24. Pity the price of these is starting to go out of my ball park for what I would pay for a normal lens, will have to be on ebay all the time and I hate ebay its not good for my blood pressure. They look nice & not too large/heavy, and a handy addition to the tool bag, but finding the perfect combination of taking lens & anamorphic, could be an expensive road to go down, especially if you need some sort realtime of unsqueezing monitor to see what you are doing properly, would like to see the results from a standard Helios, and a few other low price solutions. I have a few OM lenses
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