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    JazzBox reacted to Xavier Plágaro Mussard in Directors crowdfund $78,000 for a film, spend it on champagne and limos   
    When they finished the money, no?? ;-D
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    JazzBox reacted to Kubrickian in Canon XC10 4K camcorder   
    Also just did this corporate video. Stronger LUT applied here - 
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    JazzBox reacted to mercer in Canon XC10 4K camcorder   
    @JazzBox I know you said you may be interested in the C100 mkii, so I thought you might want to see Kubrickian's video. 
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    JazzBox got a reaction from mercer in C100 Mkii - Resolution and Image Quality - How to Get the Best Out of It?   
    Dear Aaron, 
    after I tried Andrew's EOSHD C-Log I fell in love with Canon's colors. 

    I use 99% of the time the Panasonic GH4 and G7, sometimes the Blackmagic Micro.
    I was thinking to buy a Canon (selling the GH4): do you think C100 MkII is more filmic then 7D MkII or 5D MkIII?

    Is it sharp enough? High ISO are good like on the 5DMkIII? 
    Is the 35 mbps codec strong enough for color correction? If yes I could sell also the Micro Cinema in order to buy it  

    Thank you!
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    JazzBox reacted to mercer in EOSHD C-LOG for all Canon DSLRs inc. 5D Mk IV   
    Interesting test, Jazz. It looks like the MKiii works nicely with Reid-Log am curious of a comparison between his and James Miller's LOG-Like profiles. I'm also interested in hearing more from Andrew on the topic. He seems to be pretty busy lately and MIA from some of the questions asked. The good thing about the MKiii is you would be getting two beasts from the camera... Reid-Log and ML Raw. Could be a great tool in the arsenal. 
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    JazzBox got a reaction from Souto in EOSHD C-LOG for all Canon DSLRs inc. 5D Mk IV   
    Here a little test I made yesterday with my father's cameras and my GH4.
    Andrew's C-Log wins clearly on GH4's V-Log: in my opinion GH4 is perfect in "Natural" profile - better then Canon  for resolution, frame rate etc... - but with its LOG profile it fall apart.

    Mr Reid breathes new life in Canon's cameras
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    JazzBox reacted to Emanuel in DJI just slaughtered GoPro with Mavic   
    This time from my native country...
    BTW, that Roman temple seen on DJI video presentation is also a Portuguese location [ LINK ]
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    JazzBox reacted to Jonny in Looking into new field recorder.   
    Anyone used the Zoom H5 and the Tascam DR100mkII? I'm considering getting one of these two to use with a Sennheiser mke600, so any opinions on which you would prefer and why would be great  
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    JazzBox got a reaction from Jonny in Looking into new field recorder.   
    I use the Zoom H5 with a Sennheiser MKE600, great results. 
    Zoom's preamps are not the quieter in the world, but with the nice output of Sennheiser they works fine, they just need a good output from the mic. Of course if you use an external preamp no problems at all, you can feed the H5 from that and use the mic you want.
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    JazzBox reacted to Emanuel in DJI just slaughtered GoPro with Mavic   
    Andrew, your forum software should let us for multiple 'push the like button'... ;-)
    There is... Interested people in such drone ready to fly, send me a private message... I guess me and my team we'll be able to supply to you one of those birds very soon :-)
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    JazzBox reacted to Kisaha in DJI just slaughtered GoPro with Mavic   
    +1 Emanuel!
    Plus, just to conclude my thinking, when I started working, late 90's, everyone was concentraded on his trade, be it sound, be it camera, whatever, and we were investing accordingly. Today, things are getting cheaper, but the market requires, for even a very low budget production, a 800$ wedding let's say, or a 700$ small shop FB video, an interchangable lens camera, couple of lens, few OK led lights, whatever can do for sound, an action cam, a drone, a slider, a few more things (tripod/monopod/bags/batteries/cables/hard drives/computational power/editing amd pp software/memory cards/monitor/etch) and the budget is not adequate for another person to come help. Sorry for ranting, just some thoughts while preparing my bags for such a project!
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    JazzBox got a reaction from Souto in EOSHD C-LOG for all Canon DSLRs inc. 5D Mk IV   
    I just bought it and what I can say... I tried for some minutes it on my father's Canon 6D and it is just AWESOME!

    I went far to ISO 3200 without problems! I tried only C-Log, Cinema 4 and Scarlet, in the next days I will try all the other profiles.
    For the moment: 
    - C-Log is awesome, great DR no problem with shadows as I have with V-Log L recorded internally on the GH4.
    It's really a GIFT for any Canon user! You have to buy if you need a log profile! 
    I'm going to try close to BlackMagic Micro Camera as soon as possible just to see differences and similarities.

    - Cinema 4 is a "neutral" with better colors and a slightly better DR. Great! I really like it for a 90% ready look.

    - Scarlet is a Fuji Velvia-like profile, with raised blacks, hyper saturated look (red blinks to my eyes) and less DR in order to have a great contrast.

    I think that just C-Log could cost at least more then V-Log L (it works wonders at 8 bit, instead with GH4 you have to record externally 10 bit to appreciate it), you have a lot of other great profiles, so don't wait that Andrew changes mind and buy it now!  

    Thank you Andrew! And Canon has to thank you, because I'm really thinking to buy again a Canon just to use your profiles! 

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    JazzBox reacted to Dave Del Real in Canon 6D vs 5D MkIII vs 7D MkII for filming with EOSHD C-Log   
    Sold both of mine. Don't get me wrong, I like 4K but resolution isn't everything. The 7D Mark II's were a gift, I wouldn't have purchased them. I was looking at maybe a 1DC or a C100 at the time but couldn't refuse the gift. Plus, I was thinking Magic Lantern might come soon and breathe life into the 7D2.
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    JazzBox reacted to IronFilm in Canon 6D vs 5D MkIII vs 7D MkII for filming with EOSHD C-Log   
    It shocks me a person would sell a GH4 and BMMCC to raise money for a Canon DSLR. As a GH4 together with a BMMCC already covers so much, is a great versatile pairing. 
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    JazzBox reacted to EduPortas in Canon 6D vs 5D MkIII vs 7D MkII for filming with EOSHD C-Log   
    Hello, happy owner of a Canon 7D Mark II here. Also, buyer of Andrew's picture profiles.
    Tried them the other day in the woods and got a very nice image after 1-click grading with FilmConvert.
    Easy as pie.
    I shot at 60p with my F2.8 17-55mm. Most of the shots were at 17mm and F5.6. My ISOs were pretty high.
    I specifically decided to record some clips in the Mexican woods because of the
    complex detail of the leaves, sticks, etc., and the strong contrast between shadows and well-lit spaces.
    In years past, I've visited the same woods with my former 6D and my Fuji X100. 
    The Canon 7D Mark II takes considerable better video than both. 
    Hope this helps.
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    JazzBox reacted to Bioskop.Inc in Canon 6D vs 5D MkIII vs 7D MkII for filming with EOSHD C-Log   
    Yeah, I'm with you on the Canon Colours. I have seen some good things done with the GH cameras & the GH5 will be interesting, but only if it lives up to the specs.
    The thing that bugs me most about the BM cameras is the colour, not really crazy about it. But because they spit out RAW/ProRes you can really go to town & actually get the look/colours that you want without your footage turning to mush - great for learning proper colour grading.
    I personally found using a DSLR really hard at first, simply because I had to learn a new way of filming - well, accepting the limitations of a shit codec with digital tech. BM Pocket placed me back into my comfort zone & it was a relief to use a camera that I understood/would do what I wanted it to - it was like turning back the clock.
    Go with what your gut says - there's no right or wrong, just what's best for you.
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    JazzBox reacted to Bioskop.Inc in Canon 6D vs 5D MkIII vs 7D MkII for filming with EOSHD C-Log   
    The Micro's ergonomics is why I stayed faithful to the Pocket - it's all there in a tiny package. I think my next purchase will be a MB speedbooster, as it'll make it easier to use (better stability, which isn't bad now) & give me close to S35.
    I'm kinda hoping that BM will make a smaller, more DSLR friendly shaped BMCC - can only live in hope!
    Which Canon camera? Wait till the 5D4 comes out & then pick up a cheap 5D3.
    It's a no brainer as you'll get Magic Lantern for free, which will give you RAW CDNG continuous filming (use it or not, it'll be there for you to change your mind) & all the other missing bits'n'bobs that ML have added to the party. Can't underestimate how useful the ML hack is for filming/photography - it's not just about adding RAW filming, there's so much more that it adds to your camera.
    HOWEVER.....Just not so sure c-log is the way to go with DSLRs. But this might be how people are using it & then thinking that they can grade the footage to death! I might be wrong, but I took kidsrevil's advice (back in the day) & still feel that you can get good result's straight out of the box with a DSLR (& some minot tweeking).
    Here's something i shot a few years ago on my Canon 60D - I used an early version of a VisionColor PP & just desaturated the footage, as I got the settings in-camera slightly wrong. It's all natural [window] light & 1 practical above the mirror. Also, the DPX conversion ended up being a red herring (at the time I was on FCP7 & it didn't handle H264 footage very well) - I've revisited the footage recently in FCPX & it still looks great. The Anamorphic squeeze is slightly out too!
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    JazzBox reacted to mercer in Canon 6D vs 5D MkIII vs 7D MkII for filming with EOSHD C-Log   
    Yeah, people claim to get 1.25-1.5 hours out of it, but I never saw that. Of course, to be fair, I was using Wasabi batteries and it was blazing hot when I was using it... if heat makes a difference. But, I use the same batteries, in the same weather, with my XC10 and I'm getting 1.5-2 hours out of them and that's with a screen at its brightest with 5-Axis turned on.
    The other big issue I had with the Micro is the required rigging. Obviously, you need a screen, but the screen turns a camera the size of a Rubik's Cube into Frankenstein's monster.
    And since my style of filmmaking is more slow burn, I attack principal photography like it's B-Unit. So a lot of run and gun shooting where I am the crew. So, I would shoot a couple shots at one location and then load up the truck and head 5-10 minutes down the road for the next. With the cumbersome rig, I was forced to break it down in between locations, and that gets old quick.
    And then finally lens options. At the time all I owned was vintage, full frame lenses or vintage c-mounts. I had no interest in a speedbooster, so I was primarily using c-mounts. The 25mm Voigtlander was the best combo I used with it, but I sold it to help offset the costs of the monitor and the camera. 
    Like I said, I probably should have bought a pocket and used it out of box with the 12-35mm OIS Panasonic handheld, and/or c-mounts with a monopod. I just hate the thought of paying a grand for a camera that cost $500 2 years ago. 
    But it's my own fault, Zak warned everyone that if you prefer the DSLR form factor then you won't like the Micro. At the time, I didn't realize how much I liked the DSLR form factor. I've actually come so full circle that I prefer DSLRs now to even smaller mirrorless cameras.
    But even now, I'll go back and look at some of my clips and I am mind blown every time. The ProRes alone is freaking amazing. And the Raw 3:1 is just insane. I shoot a lot of footage in the woods (horror type of stuff) and the difference Raw makes with foliage and tree bark is insane compared to any modern consumer price equivalent. 
    Btw, have you ever used the Pocket with a native lens? Am curious to know how that focus button works.
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    JazzBox reacted to Bioskop.Inc in Canon 6D vs 5D MkIII vs 7D MkII for filming with EOSHD C-Log   
    Got a huge smile on my face right now  - 45mins battery time, well they kept that quiet! Exactly the same on the Pocket....but you can actually pick it up & go without spending a fortune on the extras that are needed to make it useable.
    There's a guy over at Cinematography.com that shared quite a few tips to get the best out of your battery life on the Pocket, not all of them logical but they work: turn down the screen brightness etc...and the strangest was, Do Not turn it off between takes, as that drains more of the battery. So much BS spoken about the Pocket & once you actually Learn (yes, I know, it's a dirty word nowadays, but it's an important aspect of life) how to use it properly, it is so much easier to use than a DSLR (cause your image worries are gone).
    Ease of Use vs. Fucking Awesome Image - well I know what i'll pick everytime.....
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    JazzBox reacted to mercer in Canon 6D vs 5D MkIII vs 7D MkII for filming with EOSHD C-Log   
    Yeah a drone camera... How many of the actual users fly it? And to be honest, if that is improved battery life, then the Pocket must be worse with battery than everybody claims, because I was lucky to get 45 minutes out of a battery, on the Micro, if I shut down the camera between takes. And even then the battery drains quickly unless you remove it. 
    But other than a few minor annoyances (IR Filter, lens selection) the ProRes image alone is the best 1080p image for the money and the Raw is just mind blowing.
    I probably would have enjoyed the Pocket better, even with the frequent battery changes. And if I can ever find one for the right price, I will surely buy it and use it as designed... No screens, no external batteries, just an OIS lens or a C-Mount and monopod.
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    JazzBox reacted to Bioskop.Inc in Canon 6D vs 5D MkIII vs 7D MkII for filming with EOSHD C-Log   
    Visioncolor's profiles, for Canon, are the best i've ever used, VisionTech being the pick of the bunch - only needs minor tweeking & you're done.
    As far as BM cameras are concerned, they are 10bit Prores & not 8bit H264 - so of course their Film profile is going to be miles ahead of the majority of cameras on offer. However, if you haven't got the time to learn how to shoot a proper camera, then their Video profile setting has been vastly improved from its humble beginnings & produces a great image if you simply don't have the time to grade a lot or are used to grading 8bit H264 (NB. The bonus being that it won't fall apart like H264, because it's still 10bit ProRes).
    The real problem with the Micro, it seems, is that improved battery & 60p simply doesn't seem to out weigh the bad ergonomics - whatever that is meant to mean for a drone camera?
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    JazzBox reacted to mercer in Canon 6D vs 5D MkIII vs 7D MkII for filming with EOSHD C-Log   
    The Micro is definitely better, but I just don't like the ergonomics... I really, really don't like the ergonomics. 
    Now the 5d Mkiii ML Raw is as good or better than the Micro. And the benefit with that camera is, you can take the ML card out and use the regular Canon with Reid-Log if you're looking for a quicker workflow. 
    I also don't have the G7 anymore, I sold it when I bought the Micro. Then I bought an XC10 and a GX85, but I am selling the Micro and the GX85 and will replace them with either an 80D or maybe a C100ii. Oh yeah I also have an eos-m10, which is what I am currently using Reid-Log with. 
    As far as my G7 settings... I used Noam Kroll's settings but with Natural instead of CineLikeD. 
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    JazzBox reacted to mercer in EOSHD C-LOG for all Canon DSLRs inc. 5D Mk IV   
    I finally had the chance to upload the C-Log onto a camera. Unfortunately it's the eos-m10... Probably the lowest level Canon camera, but it's the only one I have access to at the moment.
    I think the C-Log definitely helps with the shadows and I am really enjoying it so far. I've also been testing some of your other profiles. I love the look you have shown with Chrome, but with my footage it is SUPER saturated, whereas your samples look muted... Do you think it may be camera specific? Also Cinema 4 is very saturated as well, when I cut the saturation in half, it more closely resembles your description. But with the saturation knocked down a touch or two, it kinda resembles the Wide DR mode in Canon's C cameras. Nice job, it's really cool to breathe some life into these cheap old tech cameras. 
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    JazzBox got a reaction from mercer in Canon 6D vs 5D MkIII vs 7D MkII for filming with EOSHD C-Log   
    Really, I thought the same until few days ago: I started in 2011 with Canon always in "Neutral" profile and I liked the colors but not the files. I had the 600D and then the 70D, but I used for some videos some 60D, 7D, 5D MkII and MkIII that I had from friends or rented. 

    As soon as I "discovered" the Panasonic G6 on EOSHD.COM I sold the Canon (I had the 70D in that moment) and went for Panasonic mirrorless: G6, then GH4, and G7 replacing the G6 as second body some weeks ago. I love them, I use them every days with "Natural" Andy Lee's setting (great profile) but sometimes I need a flatter look.

    I've bought the Micro Cinema Camera and I like the file a lot, but I prefer the easiness of control of DSLM/DSLR, so if the EOSHD Log-C could substitute the BlackMagic flat I'm more then happy  

    I have to run a test side by side (BlackMagic / Canon with EOSHD Log-C), but in the meantime I ask here for advices, since I did not use the Canons in the last 2 years and to me, with Andrew's profile, they are brand new cameras. 
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    JazzBox reacted to mkabi in Canon 6D vs 5D MkIII vs 7D MkII for filming with EOSHD C-Log   
    I heard that the 5DSR is amazing. If you can afford it then get that...
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