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  1. 25 fps does not match 60 Hz monitor any better than 24 fps. therte is no reason for either really for youtube content.
  2. People who need 24p can afford cameras that have it. 24p truly is no match for 60 Hz monitors. I would be happy if 24p would one day be gone from internet, but much more likely that I have 120 Hz monitor before that happens and then it does not matter anymore.
  3. After reading this https://www.eoshd.com/2018/09/why-i-wont-be-buying-the-upcoming-blackmagic-pocket-cinema-camera-4k/ I can only smile and had to come here to ask, is this a kindergarten :)
  4. For gimbal installations they should make that handle removable with extension cable or wireless connection.
  5. To fly maybe not, that would be a really big drone but to install on gimbal, no problem, here is BMMSC with a 3kg + lens on a gimbal.
  6. I wonder that handle, is the camera really able to take it if lifting from it? well it is badly out of balance anyway.
  7. That looks a bit different and out of the box but confortable so does this and would handle the BMMPC4K just perfectly even with big lenses.
  8. Do not know about this camera, but on Micro cameras, the air is not blown to the electronics, just to the cooling element and then out.
  9. They always do that, but the Micro cameras at least have been working also well on cold. Kind of a reguirement here in Finland
  10. I think this is a perfect camera to replace my old and well served GH4 and it will also get a perfectly tailored gimbal. The only thing where GH4 maybe is better is the weather shielding, that has been handy for few times.
  11. It is interesting, but not sure what it is I really hope there would be HDMI and/or SDI to Smart phone adapter. That would get me long way, RED or not.
  12. If someone would provide low latency HDMI/SDI adapter to phone... Yep, I love the BMD Micro cameras
  13. BMMSC is pretty awesome especially for the size. Is this creative, probably not, it was just to demonstrate what is possible with such a small camera, it is operating the camera system with one hand and driving with other
  14. Thanks, excellent and informative writeup. I have an old 5DII, maybe I should test... How is the workflow after the capture to get it to editing SW like FCPX? Is there a way to get good HDMI video out from 5D II to use external recorder?
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