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    Cosimo murgolo got a reaction from Chris Elkerton in Shooting ML Raw Anamorphic Advice   
    you probably know about this, check it out for  the ones who don't
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    Cosimo murgolo reacted to Zach Ashcraft in Nikon D810 update does not feature 4K video   
    Why get so upset over this? Nikon cameras will never be incredibly desirable for video, as you can only use their lenses on that mount. We'll always have more flexibility with Sony and canon. Why not just let a stills camera be a stills camera :) 
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    Cosimo murgolo reacted to Andrew Reid in New OK Go music video shot on Panasonic GH4   
    Whilst you lot have created..... what...
    A bunch of astounding negativity on a forum!?
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    Cosimo murgolo reacted to jcs in A more realistic impression of the Sony A7S low light performance at ISO 12,800   
    5D3 H.264 needs decent sharpening in post: still not super detailed, but is workable if using sharp lenses.
    5D3 RAW sharpened in Resolve or (even better), ACR, is very solid for 1080p. A sharpened 5D3 RAW shot compares very well to even a 4K GH4 shot projected on a 20' 4K screen (saw this in person).
    14-bit 5D3 RAW still looks great compared to the GH4 4K and A7S (examples so far):

    Still no direct competition at that price point for 5D3 RAW color, color science and decent 1080p resolution. The workflow and disk space requirements are another story (I'm shooting mostly with the GH4 now).
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    Cosimo murgolo reacted to pooli in Meopta anagon2x modified   
    New video on my converted anamorfot - meopta anagon.  Used lenses - Zenitar16, MIR1V Helios 44-2  Camera-BMPCC, shooting in RAW, post - divanchi.   https://vimeo.com/97620785
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    Cosimo murgolo reacted to beeldlab in GH4 4K Music Video with Kowa Anamorphic   
    Like to share this one shot acoustic Music Video I created for Arctic Chanteur, North Star Blues singer, ex Madrugada frontman Sivert Hoyem. Shot with a Kowa Anamorphic. Tokina Diopter. Redstan Clamp. Canon 50mm FD 1.2

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    Cosimo murgolo reacted to Bioskop.Inc in taking lens for 5D using sankor 16D   
    Yes its an M42 lens.
    Get the black one (not the silver) & pay around £150.
    Also, with M42 lenses sometimes the adaptors allow the lens to go past infinity, so normally you need to turn it back a bit in order to get infinity - this maybe what you're experiencing.
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    Cosimo murgolo reacted to Joachim in ANAMORPHIC NO-BUDGET FEATURE THRILLER - AWESOME TRAILER   
    I've shot this over a weekend last summer with a view of using it to raise funding to shoot the whole film.
    Check it out, it's short & sweet: 
    Help us to make it happen, we need your voice.
    Go to www.bloody-title.com and be part of it!
    Thanks for reading,

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    Cosimo murgolo reacted to rjett in GH4 and Telex Anamorphic 16-D   
    My first shot with the new camera and this lens adaptor. I am still learning.
    Cannon 50mm 22/f
    200 ISO
    San Disk Extreme Pro card - 95MB/s (1)
    Afternoon light on a hazy day, no filters.
    Love the camera.

    Let me know what you think. Thanks, RJett
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    Cosimo murgolo reacted to Naive Studio in Grandeur Desolation - Short Film   
    Short film which was featured at the Sony Ci booth at NAB Las Vegas 2014.
    A journey consumed with grandeur yet desolate landscapes.
    Filmed on the Sony NEX-FS700
    Lenses: SEL18200 / Nikkor f/1.8 50mm
    1920 x 1080 HD / 16:9 / 240fps / 24fps

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    Cosimo murgolo reacted to Rob Bannister in Trump FF58 1.5X Oval Aperture + Iscorama 1.5X = 2X the ovals, 2X the fun?   
    Hello everyone,
    These are just some random snaps cut together using the DSO Trump FF58 with a 1.5X oval aperture inside, combined with the iscorama 1.5X anamorhic.  Simulating the bokeh of a 2X anamorphic..
    Anyways I thought some of the shots looked pretty good an wanted to share. Pretty cool being able to shoot this on a D800 and not go to wide like 3.25:1
    Password is buds

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    Cosimo murgolo reacted to nahua in GH4 4K Anamorphic 2x   
    Not sure if this was posted anywhere, but great test footage of the GH4 4K + Sankor 2x Anamorphic from Martin Wallgren:

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    Cosimo murgolo reacted to Bioskop.Inc in Iscomorphot 16, Sankors and other non Isco 36 glass   
    Amen! Go in peace brothers!
    Stoker is all i have left to offer...
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    Cosimo murgolo reacted to FilmBrute in FS: Slr Magic 1.33x - 50 Anamorphot! BRAND NEW!   
    I am an american and I stand for capitalism. If you sell for xxx price and someone buys it, that means both parties are happy. It's not like Zack is forcing anyone to buy anything. 
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    Cosimo murgolo reacted to yannis.zach in FS: Slr Magic 1.33x - 50 Anamorphot! BRAND NEW!   
    Anamorphot is now SOLD. Thank you.
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    Cosimo murgolo reacted to nahua in Separate Flow - SLR Magic Anamorphot   
    Finally finished my short film project "Separate Flow".  Waiting for the right anamorphic and I think the SLR Magic Anamorphot was it.  Very practical to use on location, it worked really well for this project.

    Debated long and hard on using either the GH3 or 5DmkIII RAW.  In the end I went with shooting RAW even though I had a lot of problems, including the camera shutting down at one point.  But it's the flexibility of RAW in post that won out in the end.  In the future I will use AF with the GH3/4 since it's more usable, especially when using a steadicam.
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    Cosimo murgolo reacted to elubes in Pocket RAW + SLRmagic 1.33x scene.   
    Shot this for fun while on vacation in the Florida Keys.  This is the scene right before this woman goes to kill her violent husband.
    BMPC RAW/SLRmagic anamorphot
    GoPro in the water
    Would've liked to use my Iscorama but was a little worried about leaving it unattended and in a hot car for days and/or dropping it in the water by accident...

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    Cosimo murgolo reacted to BenCoughlan in ANAMORPHIC MUSIC VIDEO WITH ISCORAMA (SORT OF)   
    Hi Guys
    Thought I would share our latest music video that we shot using Kowa anamorphics (40mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm PL with ALEXA) and which we used an iscorama and BMCC (2.5k) to do a few pick ups with.
    Sadly only one of the Iscorama shots made it into the video. Not from lack of quality or it standing out... but just from the story telling side of things we only ending up needing one. I have to say when we were editing, how impressed I was with the combo. It held its own very well against the Alexa and Kowa combo and now plan on shooting more with it.
    One thing I have always been conscious about with the iscorama is how it would fair on proper sets. I do often worry that its sometimes hard to tell if things are sharp and the focus is stiff making it hard to use a follow focus. I plan on having mine 'Van Diemen Rehoused' in the next few weeks to make it more onset friendly and then will hopefully get more use out of it.
    The iscorama shot is the night time driving just before he enters the bike workshop. Could upload some other shots from the shoot if anyone is interested.

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    Cosimo murgolo got a reaction from yannis.zach in FS: Slr Magic 1.33x - 50 Anamorphot! BRAND NEW!   
    Play nice guys
    A need is something you have to have, something you can't do without. A good example is food. If you don't eat, you won't survive for long. Many people have gone days without eating, but they eventually ate a lot of food. You might not need a whole lot of food, but you do need to eat.
    A want is something you would like to have. It is not absolutely necessary, but it would be a good thing to have. A good example is music. Now, some people might argue that music is a need because they think they can't do without it. But you don't need music to survive. You do need to eat.
    One of the most basic concepts of economics.
    I think you all know the answer, so stop arguing over the price, nobody is forcing you to buying it, what is your need?
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    Cosimo murgolo got a reaction from Sean Cunningham in Unsqueezing footage   
    My first anamorphic test, any advice and critic is well accept

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    Cosimo murgolo got a reaction from yannis.zach in Unsqueezing footage   
    My first anamorphic test, any advice and critic is well accept

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    Cosimo murgolo got a reaction from yannis.zach in Iscomorphot 8 1.5x info   
    This is my first video , any tip and critic is well accept, thank you

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    Cosimo murgolo got a reaction from Tim McC in New Kowa Prominar Footage   
    :) lovely one, very nice, keep sharing
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