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    Cosimo murgolo reacted to Andrew Reid in Introducing Rectilux FF Single Focus Adapters (Rectilux 5FF, Rectilux 7FF & Rectilux 9FF Announced)   
    Cosimo - no trolling of this thread.
    John - no blatant advertising and hype.
    This is the final warning for the pair of you. It's dragging the atmosphere on the forum into the gutter. If you carry on, either of you, then I will just wash my hands of you both in the control panel and delete everything.
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    Cosimo murgolo reacted to Gabriel Copoeru in The FM lounge (Discussion of anything not related to FM price and discount)   
    I'm sorry if this question has been asked before, but the thread is a little bit too lengthy to skim through all the way.
    If the barrel of the FM is 71mm in diameter, does this mean that my Sankor 16F, that is slightly slimmer than its cousins (the focus ring is just under 70mm from what I've measured) can fit the module without modification?
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    Cosimo murgolo reacted to Gabriel Copoeru in Comparison between Tokina +0.4 and Tamron +0.5 Diopters   
    DISCLAIMER: I apologize for posting a new topic on this, as I have also added this to the diopter thread. I didn't get any feedback and could use some because I want to sell one of these lenses and I can't decide which. 
    I hope someone can clear things up for me. Although I've read up a lot on anamorphics over the past months, I am very much a noob when it comes to using them properly, as getting everything you need to maintain such an expensive passion is very difficult where I live. 
    Knowing that the very coveted Tokina achromat is arguably the Holy Grail of anamorphic diopters, I was very happy to find one for cheap at a local shop (who knows how for long they probably had it).
    I did a very bare bones test to compare it to another lens that I bought a while back, a Tamron +0.5 singlet close-up. I know there may be a lot of things wrong with it, lighting changes, the objects don't have an adequate texture to them for test purposes, and so on, but I wanted very quickly to see if there is any obvious advantage (in terms of sharpness) to the Tokina over it's single element counterpart.
    Now, is it just me, or is there no huge difference between the images? I fail to see anything that would justify the huge price gap. I don't know if I should be dissapointed in the Tokina or impressed with the Tamron. I understand that maybe you can see what the Tokina is capable of by using better lenses, filming in different conditions, and so on. I don't know, what do you guys think? What am I doing wrong?
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    Cosimo murgolo got a reaction from nahua in The FM lounge (Discussion of anything not related to FM price and discount)   
    That's how it should be, so you did it ok, sometimes you need to adjust the anamorphic lens just a tiny bit before infinity, but if you've obtained good results you don't need to adjust anything else. Enjoy!!!!
    If you have more question join the FM lounge on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/groups/514311352043955/
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    Cosimo murgolo reacted to raf702 in The FM lounge (Discussion of anything not related to FM price and discount)   
    Anyone have an easier/faster way in calibrating the fm lens? The instructions were a tad confusing, but I just got mine. So far, I set both the anamorphic and taking lens to infinity, and the fm lens rack focuses perfectly as it should. So I'm wondering if you guys are doing the same or different?
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    Cosimo murgolo reacted to dahlfors in Anamorphic 1.5   
    Having a nice single focusing 2x anamorphic would surely be a dream. All the shots so far really look good.
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    Cosimo murgolo reacted to richg101 in Anamorphic 1.5   
    need to see some humans in the tests, faster more exciting focus pulls, etc but the bench/swing and inf all visible in the frame is a good indication of depth of field.   I'm glad i grabbed a cinelux for this.  edge to edge niceness.  if anything I'd like more breathing!    
    edit.  just seen this is on the nikon v1 at f2.8.  could do with seeing some larger formats to decide just how usable the focus optics are.  
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    Cosimo murgolo reacted to andy lee in Anamorphic 1.5   
    well that does the job doesn't ! very nice I want one
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    Cosimo murgolo reacted to QuickHitRecord in Anamorphic 1.5   
    I am not discrediting you, John. I am trying to remind you that it was not all take and no give from me. 
    If you want to get into semantics, I did not discover the 16mm B&H. In fact, I would not be surprised if some of the people who designed the lens are still alive today. Certainly some of the old-school projectionists and collectors of such things are aware of its properties as well. I merely followed up on a one-off comment from a casual poster (in my book, an unreliable source), confirmed his findings, and then developed it into something that works for me. To my knowledge, mine is the first of its kind and I was excited to share it with the community. If you remember, >I gave credit to the original poster. 
    Why "Top Secret"? Because it was not a widely-known fact to the anamorphic community, and I thought that with the right planning I could manufacture a rack-focusable 2x anamorphic and offer it for less than the price of a Kowa, but I needed a head start to make it happen. I shared it with forum members that I respected, and you were one of them. Turns out that I couldn't get my manufacturer on board in a way that was agreeable to me, so that dream died on the vine.
    Look, I really don't care if any information that I shared with you influenced your design. Private messages are private for a reason. And I don't appreciate having my wrist slapped for being curious about a competing product. That's all that I have to say.
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    Cosimo murgolo reacted to QuickHitRecord in Anamorphic 1.5   
    It's true. You did make a great discovery (based upon my lesser but prior discovery, it would seem), and I appreciated your sharing it with me. You have created a marketable product which is more than I can say. Now, it seems that we were not the only people charting these waters. But while I applaud the Anamorphic Shop offerings and look forward to trying them out, you seem eager to "take him down a notch", which is exactly what I have experienced in my dealings with you -- and why you haven't been getting any emails from me lately.
    If you read back on this thread, you have now had several people express concern about your conduct. You can either write us all off as outliers, or you can take a look in the mirror and ask yourself some questions. I know what I would do.
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    Cosimo murgolo reacted to andy lee in Anamorphic 1.5   
    this new Focus Module looks very interesting if it does work well with a Schneider then Im very interested , as I like Schneider Anamorphics the best ,
    The engineering and finish on this module look very impressive , just wonder what the price is!!
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    Cosimo murgolo reacted to QuickHitRecord in Anamorphic 1.5   

    I don't appreciate content from our private offline conversations being referenced here, and I feel the need to state that I am in no way affiliated with John's Rectilux. We were merely comparing exploratory notes.

    Respectfully, I suggest that the moderation of this forum be handled by a neutral party who has no commercial aspirations.

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    Cosimo murgolo reacted to richg101 in Anamorphic 1.5   
    Nope.  I'm Dog Schidt Optiks in my day job, and Richard Gale on the EosHD forums.  I wish I'd gone ahead with a similar thing about a year ago when myself and Hans_Punk were talking about putting together a DSO Iscorama copy very similar to what FM have done and what you have tried.  I myself don't feel patent infringement is a good way to create products (if this is infact the case).  
     I'm not in the anamorphic business (Yet)  But i will be, and I don't intend to be repurposing projection optics since they present far to many problems to pro's wanting wide (f-35mm anamorphic).  In any case I dont think the bloke behind FM (I love the way you know his full name) needs anyone talking on his behalf since his footage and product is showing great promise - personally all i know him as is 'MK' when i messaged him asking to be put on the waiting list for his unit.  
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    Cosimo murgolo reacted to richg101 in Anamorphic 1.5   
    ?  You;re nuts man.  really mad.  This is a forum, not a pace of work, so stop taking things so seriously.
    You talk down rudely about this FM focuser, making ill informed suggestions that the optic is possibly some $4 off the shelf pieces of glass.  You also seem to be giving Nick (Quick hit record) and redstan (Tony Wilson) public tellings off....  I for one was speaking to Nick with regard to his own hard work on his little bell and howell project and it seems funny you had been talking to him (since it now turns out what he was planning would have affected your own plans).
    A quote from your previous post:-
    QuickHitRecord, on 03 Sept 2014 - 7:16 PM, said:

    How the heck is he doing this? I can't wait to learn more.
    Hey Nick, if you don't mind I will have a stab at answering your question  :)   Remember the discount voucher I sent over to you to get those $4 lenses from Surplus Shed back in January when we were discussing these things? Well, completely out of the blue Tony Wilson contacted me last week suggesting I was using the exact same focal lengths as those $4 dollar optics that we bought, amazing coincidence for sure  :)   Rectilux is very very different from a $4 optic.     When the information about the focus throw in millimeters from near to far of this FM lens gets out, then we will know for sure what focal lengths are being used.   Perhaps when or if anamorphicshopcom (Mr Mindaugas Komskis) decides to make a personal appearance here, then he will fill in the blanks. I am looking forward to that.    I am also looking forward to seeing the footage with all the scopes it is claimed to work with."  
    Don;t for one second tell us that your post was anything other than an attack on the unit we're discussing and getting excited about here (positively as forum members - not business men).  You on other other hand used the thread to bring up your own unit.  From day one it has seemed you've only been here for business reasons.  
    Come on man.  We've all seen your repeated condescending remarks towards others here - including myself.  I distinctly remember the time of your arrival here when we were discussing use of a tokina +0.4 as a sharpening aid for optics such as the century and despite not having any practical experience with such items you were very quick to disregard experiences of others (including myself).  But worse, people like Redstan, Andrew Reid and others who I and many other consider some of the most well informed anamorphic enthusiasts in the world.  If i recall you said something along the lines of "You have no idea who you are talking to do you?"  to myself when i brought up my findings from using the century and the tokina.  As a result I have been eagerly awaiting the 'marvel' you have been repeatedly bringing up over the last years.  Finally you announce this marvel and it's not really anything worth getting excited about.  Footage tells a million words and unfortunately I have yet to see anything from you to back up your very powerful talk.  And as such you;ve compelled me to come in now and then and promote some discussion and critique - my back up of the iscorama you disregard in your own thread - I've shot the tests you suggested, proving my theory.  God knows why.  maybe it was just to re cement my own experiences in my head.  edited it too, but can;t even be bothered to upload it and waste vimeo bandwidth.       
    Walk the walk as well as talking the talk and maybe you won't have to see people talking the truth in a maybe rather negative way.  
    Nothing in my previous post was particularly unfair when considering how you behave here.  the focus mechanics you've shown look like you've taken a £60 helicoid and lathe turned the notches off to disguise it.  If there wasn't such big talk here I'd have let that one slip.
    The talk, the price, the attitude...  it's all wrong man.   
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    Cosimo murgolo reacted to tony wilson in Anamorphic 1.5   
    all of these are variations of an isco theme.
    unless one notices a patent pending logo that is.
    nothing new under the sun. this isco jacket sure looks nice very nice.
    john the recipe i gave you was from one of my destroyed iscoramas  i cannot see why you mentioned me here mentioning  a private email.
    not good no sir.
    anyway you are a mod staff here so i am sure you know and understand the ethics and rules better than me. whoever this guy is he looks like he done a sweet job yes sir and i bet it will be a good price yes sir.
    i am not an engineer but i sure likes pretty looking metal
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    Cosimo murgolo reacted to premini in Baby Hypergonar + Switar 50mm   
    Here's some family footage i recorded some time ago with the BMPCC, the Kern Paillard Switar 50mm and the "Baby" Hypergonar.
    I love the Switar-Baby combination, i wish there would be a wider alternative with the same characteristics as the Switar.
    Images are out of focus in half of the shots sorry about that, it was very dark.
    For the "bokeh shots" i used 2 stacked tokinas 0.4.
    What do you guys think of it?
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    Cosimo murgolo reacted to bootsie in The FM lounge (Discussion of anything not related to FM price and discount)   
    ​I saved the article as a PDF. You can read it here:
    boydhobbs.com-Legend of CE Woolman for Delta.pdf
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    Cosimo murgolo got a reaction from Rudolf in The FM lounge (Discussion of anything not related to FM price and discount)   
    ​Made with the FM
    Delta Airlines commissioned this piece to help celebrate the spirit of aviation, all the details here:
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    Cosimo murgolo got a reaction from Rudolf in The FM lounge (Discussion of anything not related to FM price and discount)   
    This is the answer Andrew,  a customer feedback.
    Let's move on man, I do apologize to you again, really sorry!!!
    I bow to the man with all the power. Thanks for having me on your forum, what else you want me to do.
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    Cosimo murgolo reacted to dahlfors in Dog Schidt Optiks Flare Factory 58 (PL Mount) Review   
    ​Yes. Be patient, it's a one person company, not a big Nikon/Canon/Zeiss type of company.
    To answer the question: I mainly had contact with him over email when I ordered mine, through the same mail address as listed on the site, http://dogschidtoptiks.co.uk/contact.html.
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    Cosimo murgolo reacted to Teemu in Dog Schidt Optiks Flare Factory 58 (PL Mount) Review   
    Oh... Okay. It was in 3th of January that I contacted Rich first time... But well, if he is busy he is busy. that's how it is. I just have to wait then.
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    Cosimo murgolo got a reaction from 1tkman in Dog Schidt Optiks Flare Factory 58 (PL Mount) Review   
    I love this, thanks Rich!!!!
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    Cosimo murgolo reacted to Christina Ava in Dog Schidt Optiks Flare Factory 58 (PL Mount) Review   
    hey guys i have my beautiful DSO and i love the brand, and its unique style lenses.
    i also love the fact that the lens is made by people that love the art themselves and not by some big corp.
     i used it in weddings i used it to take pics of my family both for photography and video.
    very distinct style. if i had money i would buy one of each tint and style.
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    Cosimo murgolo got a reaction from dwijip in The FM lounge (Discussion of anything not related to FM price and discount)   
    ​Made with the FM
    Delta Airlines commissioned this piece to help celebrate the spirit of aviation, all the details here:
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    Cosimo murgolo reacted to BrooklynDan in The FM lounge (Discussion of anything not related to FM price and discount)   
    The quality is superb. Maybe even better than when using the FM + Cinelux with regular primes. Employing the actual backing projector lenses just makes everything gel together beautifully. The look is more than a match for any vintage anamorphic prime lens. You'd be hard-pressed to get better sharpness with a Lomo or Cineovision, especially at T2.
    I wish that FM would actually go and make an anamorphic element specifically for the module, as well as a line of backing lenses. Make a complete system.
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