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    sudopera reacted to Davey in Panasonic G85 review - is there any need to get an Olympus E-M1 Mark II for video?   
    The a6500 smokes them both for autofocus, with the Olly performing terribly at times. Just a shame that the Sony makes Max's brother look like the Hulk.
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    sudopera reacted to Fritz Pierre in Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!   
    Not a big fan of moving a camera, but if you must, see below for inspiration! Just because you can, does not mean you should...unless you can do this!!
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    sudopera reacted to BTM_Pix in Spammed!!!!!   
    My eye was particularly taken by his post about promising to cure relationship problems using black magic.
    On the basis of that, I've ordered an Ursa Mini Pro. 
    I'll keep you posted on whether it does indeed stop the missus nagging me about doing more around the house.
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    sudopera reacted to Phil A in Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!   
    Next part of the Slashcam review, testing 8bit vs 10bit and V-Log L.
    They say there is some issues how NLEs interpret the white point and black point of the footage
    In Premiere Pro CC neither 8bit nor 10bit fit to the whitepaper from Panasonic.
    In Media Player Classic - Home Cinema the files look exactly the same
    In Davinci Resolve under OSX the files are different again, even in comparison to Premiere Pro on Windows
    In FinalCut X the files are practically identical but they can't really judge the white and black point because it gives % instead of values Latitude for grading with V Log is, as expected, better with the 10bit material than the 8bit. A lot less posterization when bending the image. They think both Adobe and Blackmagic have to fix compatibility within their software to really make the most out of the footage and be able to actually judge the 10bit V Log of the GH5
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    sudopera reacted to RobertoSF in Cinema5D slates the Panasonic GH5, calls V-LOG and 10bit "unusable" - They're wrong   
    Commander Reid, following your dispatches all these years has been like visiting the front lines of the DSLR community where shooting truly magical cinematic images is within our grasp. You were the first one to show it was possible to mount vintage LOMO anamorphic lenses on a GH2 and how to hack the camera. That changed my world. I quit my day job, bought a GH2 from Andrew via Japan, and went out and made a feature film with LOMOs that is now coming out worldwide on March 20. Yep, that's a plug for the film, but it's also a testament to what Andrew has started and achieved here. You'll find him thanked in the credits. Can't wait to get my GH5 and get on with the next film.

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    sudopera reacted to fuzzynormal in Cinema5D slates the Panasonic GH5, calls V-LOG and 10bit "unusable" - They're wrong   
    "Like I say, I have loved my time writing EOSHD but I am thinking I might soon stop. What has tainted it has been the sheer snobbery of some of that pro-video industry. The poor attitude so many pro videographers in particular seem to have towards newcomers and enthusiasts and artists."
    For what it's worth, yours is the only website that feels authentic.  We all know the internet is now just a brown stream of corporate content, so to have a place where things are real is welcome.  Enthusiast used to have places to go in the past untainted by monied nonsense.  
    Through a confluence of timing, ambition, and opportunity, and attitude, yours is a place that's remained "clean" from all of the corporate PR clutter.  No small feat in this modern life.
    I'd suggest that if you decide to bow out as a guy writing content, maybe become the creative director --and then bring on board a select like-minded-few that might be willing to provide the same ethos that makes this place so special.  Or curate the more interesting organic bubblings that arise from the forum and turn those into front-page blog entries featuring input from the main players of the thread.
    As for crusty snobby "pros" that bitch about people with "toys" that "don't know the first thing about making a film"... well, that sort of curmudgeon is a scared little snowflake because they rest their ego on the tech, which is always getting easier to use and better.  Not exactly the best foundation in the digital world.  There's enough of them to make a blizzard sometimes, but ultimately snow melts, doesn't it?
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    sudopera reacted to John Brawley in New Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro looks great, but where's the new Pocket Cinema Camera?   
    The camera's face barriers to higher end acceptance because a lot of camera rental companies don't even stock them.
    You can't rent them from Panavision.  They're just too cheap to be worthwhile to rent out.  They're cheaper to buy for a production than to rent. 
    I haven't bought a camera for a show for a long long time.  I only rent.  I own two of my UM4.6K bodies because the production bought them for the show I was shooting and "gave" them to me at the end because they'd written off the costs, which were, in the scheme of things very small for camera.
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    sudopera reacted to Mattias Burling in My thoughts on the Kipon Medium Format "Speedbooster"   
    To bad.
    I saw Hateful Eight shot and projected on 70mm film last year.
    It was awesome.
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    sudopera reacted to Fritz Pierre in Cinema5D slates the Panasonic GH5, calls V-LOG and 10bit "unusable" - They're wrong   
    Just looked at Martin Walgren's footage of his short Film Winters grip...this footage looks as good as anything I see from top cinema  cameras...thought I'd just toss in my totally subjective little "review" of a properly filmed Gh5... my review also maybe has a place in this thread, as it seems it' easily as subjective, as the one Cinema5D did. I did not blow anything up to 400 percent, as I will not be using the camera in the way, cine5D  seems to be intent on. The images  I wanted to see were right in front of me and in normal aspect completely satisfied my needs...amazing stabilization...flawless functioning, in obviously freezing temperatures, and I hope the clip I watched was shot on Leica 12-69....just confirmed in the comment section....so my conclusion...if you want a stunning image that grades well...shoots well, under trying conditions and a system that's extremly robust, the GH5 is the right camera for you!....if you want to use a camera the way cine5D does....perhaps I'd recommend the Canon C700...it little bit more expensive!!!...but when you blow it up 400 percent, the C700 really come into it's own!!!
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    sudopera reacted to johnnymossville in Cinema5D slates the Panasonic GH5, calls V-LOG and 10bit "unusable" - They're wrong   
    I noticed something else as well.  What's with this DR graphic.
    In this picture they try to paint the Panasonic as having lower DR than the Fuji,  but when you put them side by side that are almost exactly the same.  I find this lame at best. 

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    sudopera reacted to Mattias Burling in My thoughts on the Kipon Medium Format "Speedbooster"   
    Since I can't edit my original post the images etc get split up here and there and mixed with the disussions (which are great, thats why I post here).
    But if one wants to view it in one single go there is pretty much identical content in an article on my site www.gunpowdervideo.com.
    An Update - Is it sharp enough?
    Im still early in the process of reviewing and I haven’t had as much time as I would have wanted to.
    But I have made some sharpness tests
    In my opinion, sharpness comes pretty far down the list on what makes a particular lens great.
    All Im interested in is if its “sharp enough” when using the old lenses and adapter in front of my 20mp Sony sensor.
    The short answer is “yes”.
    The Test
    The test isn’t the most scientific in the world. I just shot pictures of a book, hand held, using three different lenses.
    I decided to fill the frame more or less equal even though that made the two competitors able to get much closer to the subject.
    Even still, its sharp enough to my eye.

    The lenses where:
    The Mamiya 80mm f4 Macro + Kipon Baveyes Adapter The Minolta Rokkor 50mm f1.7 (also vintage) The Zeiss FE 35mm f2.8 (as modern as it gets) All where shot using the same settings at f8. The focus may drift a little but Im sure you can work it out by clicking and peeping the pictures.
    Here are the results!
    First we have the Mamiya 80mm f4 + Baveyes Adapter @ f8. Camera profile is "standard".

    Next we have the good old Minolta Rokkor 50mm f1.7 with a dumb adapter.

    Lastly we have my brand new FE 35mm f2.8 Zeiss lens. Its a very nice lens to have if you have a Sony A7. Great for street with its small size and workable focus scale on the display. It can have loads of aberration but other than that its great. And razor sharp.

    I don’t know what you think but I think it looks ok. There is a tiny bit of aberration around the square on right page from the modern Zeiss. Other than that I can’t really pick out any major fault in any of them.
    I think its safe to say that the Kipon Baveyes doesn’t have any major impact on sharpness.
    Which is nice and lets us instead focus on the good things, like for example the bokeh.
    These are from this mornings walk with Gunpowder.

    This one is straight from camera.

    This one is a bit graded.

    Here we see a tendency of another divider between people, swirly bokeh. Which I always like.

    I havent noticed any weird flaring so far. This was without a hood.

    Even at f4 the dof is pretty thin. Cant wait to test my 80mm f1.9! Luckily the Red peaking shows up nicely.

    Then Gunpowder got bored so we will leave it at that for now. Plenty more to come, more lenses and of course video.
    My lenses btw are 80mm f4 Macro, 80mm f1.9, 150mm f3.5, 45mm f2.8 and waiting on a Zeiss 80mm f2.8 + Penatcon 6 to M645 adapter.

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    sudopera reacted to Mattias Burling in My thoughts on the Kipon Medium Format "Speedbooster"   
    Though question since I don't agree with your assessment of the advantages of Medium Format.
    I still shoot film, both medium format and full frame (small picture). And I definitely don't use medium format to get faster films.
    If anything I use the opposite. Thats why I kickstarter backed the modified Kodak Vison 50D from Cinestill.
    A 56mm is till going to be a 56mm and nothing else. And if one likes the look of a 100mm one needs to use a 100mm. 
    The DOF is identical on all formats but on the medium format you get more in the frame.

    A good example is when I use a 17mm on APS-C. Its great for street photography with the deep DOF of a 17mm (on any format).
    But I can fill the frame with a person without going as close as I would have had to do with FF. More like the distance of a 35mm on FF.
    The problem is if I try to shoot a closeup of someone, then I dont get a look of a 35mm at all.
    The person is all distorted with a huge head.
    This is why medium and large format is nice and can't be simulated with equivalent lenses.
    But I will test all this and this discussion is a never ending story so lets leave it for now.

    If one only care about SDOF and firmly believe that a focal length can be changed with different sensor sizes. Then he/she can just settle with a 1" sensor like the RX100. Because with the "equivalent" theory thats just as good as FF, MF or large format. No difference at all.
    But if one can see a difference between for example m4/3 and FF. Then he/she will see the same advantages and disadvantages between FF and MF.
    And of course MF and LF.
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    sudopera reacted to Mattias Burling in My thoughts on the Kipon Medium Format "Speedbooster"   
    When this thing was announced it totally blew my mind.
    And I have been wanting one ever since the first time I read about it.
    If you don’t know what this is all about just think of it as a Speedbooster.
    But instead of turning an APS-C into Full Frame it turns a Full Frame into a Medium Format Camera.
    And as you may know, medium format in digital is pricy to say the least.

    I will have more info and go deeper into this later on, this is just my first impressions.
    Opened the box literally just a few hours ago.

    Its very sturdy and all metal. It balances well after putting on a hefty lens.

    The lens I tested tonight was a 80mm f4 Macro. I have others but wanted to see some closeups to check sharpness.
    Its much sharper than I expected. Sharp enough I guess...
    Also Ive seen no excessive vignette. Any vignette in the samples are added in post.
    I also added grain.
    Portrait of GP



    Closest Focus

    With vignette and grain.

    Without vignette, still grain.

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    sudopera got a reaction from Davey in Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!   
    Some footage from James Miller.
    Highlight rolloff looks very good when recorded externaly with his baked in LUT.
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    sudopera reacted to Simon Shasha in GH5 Noise Reduction @high ISOs simply sucks...   
    I have a rule. Even with A7S. If you need more than 1600ISO, you probably shouldn't be shooting there in the first place. Either change the scene's location, or use lights. Simple.
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    sudopera reacted to Taranis in The 4K Fuji X-T2 is here   
    I shot some high contrast scenes to test out what's the maximum dynamic range you can achieve without F-Log.
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    sudopera reacted to Don Kotlos in Sell my 1DC for GH5?   
    Well, I would love to hear your thoughts once you have both
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    sudopera reacted to Inazuma in Filmconvert Nikon D750 profile   
    Just had a quick go on some old footage
    Original (shot with Flat with minimum contrast)

    D7000 Flaat11 profile

    D750 Flat profile

    Difference is somewhat subtle as expected but definitely an improvement imo
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    sudopera got a reaction from August McCue in Filmconvert Nikon D750 profile   
    Just to give heads up to some of you that use D750 for video, Filmconvert made the camera profile and its available for download.
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    sudopera reacted to hmcindie in New information regarding H.265 on the Panasonic GH5   
    I find it funny when people complain about All-i codecs being "inefficient". That's the whole point! Those "efficient" ipb codecs destroy motion. One of the best ways of getting around macroblocking from motion is to increase the bitrate and make the frames separately encoded. If that's inefficient then give me more of that.
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    sudopera reacted to Mattias Burling in The Thread for Good Deals and Discounts   
    I often come across deals that I think are really good. Both used and new. Often Im not in the market to buy at the time or its not what Im looking for.
    So, why not a thread where we tip each other about good deals and discounts. 
    Disclaimer: I have no affiliation, connection or any other reason than feeling like it to why I share this.
    Recently I tipped the forum about Cyberphoto who are selling a Samsung NX1 + S Zoom + Battery Grip with warranty for a good price.
    Now its about them again.
    Yesterday they had an  "Evening Deal" for just a few hours. It was 10% off on the E-M1ii. Today its an a6000.
    My guess this will be a reappearing type of deal.
    This is the same store that sent out 20% off on the NX1 and GX80 when they where brand new. The G7 was almost down to€200 at one point.
    So, it could be worth keeping an eye on.
    Both times the Evening Deal has been at the very top. To make it easier to spot in the future just look for the word "Kvällskampanj".
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    sudopera got a reaction from Geoff CB in Filmconvert Nikon D750 profile   
    Just to give heads up to some of you that use D750 for video, Filmconvert made the camera profile and its available for download.
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    sudopera got a reaction from IronFilm in Filmconvert Nikon D750 profile   
    Just to give heads up to some of you that use D750 for video, Filmconvert made the camera profile and its available for download.
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    sudopera reacted to Inazuma in Filmconvert Nikon D750 profile   
    About time Should be useful for d5500 footage too
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    sudopera got a reaction from Orangenz in New information regarding H.265 on the Panasonic GH5   
    I just think that this is a possibility because if I remember correctly, when GH4 came out they advertised beside it their new released SD cards as capable to capture 4K video, but they couldn't guarantee for other manufacturers cards, which happened to be a load of bullshit.
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