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  1. Spreading false prophecies amongst the gh5 sheep, dooming them to digital darkness forvever. Just wait till the return of the one true film.
  2. Ed, for my own selfish reference, any custom paint settings on the f35 or straight cine ei? Light source? Will the prodigal ccd disciple from the east ever see the gloriously rolled off light and repent of his lust for ever more pixels or has the digital demise blinded him forever into the cmos abyss?
  3. https://www.mysterybox.us/blog/2016/10/18/hdr-video-part-1-what-is-hdr-video Sorry for going somewhat off topic.
  4. Thanks! I had hoped you found a workaround or new firmware . Xbox1s YT app doesn't seem to support hdr on the b6 but plays 4khdr blurays fine for me. Does the small hdr pop up window show in the upper right of your screen when streaming hdr files from YT as it does for amazon and netflix? Anways, the gh5 video you mentioned does look nice but curiosous why they had the hlg file professionally graded when it's meant for Sooc.
  5. Are you using Chromecast ultra to view this in hdr? If not, whats your work around for viewing in hdr? The native YouTube app on the Lg bp6 doesn't currently support Hdr. Netflix and Amazon apps do, but not YouTube.
  6. One thing I found helpful for shooting in water is a small bottle of antifog. With the heat from the camera inside the housing and the coolness of the water outside the housing, the lenses fog quite easily. I know you want to pack light so maybe a gorrilapod and a suction mount could be used in place of multiple other tools such as a tripod, clamps, magic arm etc...if you are in or near salt water and or sand be prepared. For example, a high quality Avenger suction mount I used in the ocean for less than a week was corroded beyond repair 3 months later even after a thorough warm soapy washdown before storage. For yourself, a light weight wetsuit made for the temps you will encounter, or at the very least a rash guard or two of various thicknesses to keep you comfy and the sun off your skin, which will be important over a 3 week trip. One last thing to mention is the Ewa marine housing. I have used one for my 1dc for the past couple years. The 1dc has large well placed buttons with plenty of space between them, and still it was a challenge to change basic settings. I can't imagine the gh5 being any easier. Which may mean multiple times a day of opening up the housing on the water to change settings, and once open, one splash of the paddle might be all it takes. If it were me, I would recommend a hard case, even if it means using a different camera, especially since you have zero ways to mount that particular housing.
  7. Also just saw your other thread where you mention overclocking. Have you tried 14 with stock settings? Pushing your overclock can also result in the symptoms you are experiencing.
  8. Did you mention if you were on 14.6 ? I have windows 10 and 14 studio. I had random crashes in every previous beta until 14.6, which has been perfect so far.
  9. Hey John, I have installed every beta up to 14.6 and always check upgrade db. All my previous projects have always shownup with no issue, but you might check Liftgammagain for an answer. Plenty of Resolve users there.
  10. My experience is similar to HockeyFan12. I have a 65" 4k lg oled that I view from 6ft, which from what I've read is the max distance that the resolution bump over hd is perceivable. It's really more about the dynamic range and gamut of the display coupled with media desiged to take advantage of those capabilities. (Like dolby vision)that make a dramatic difference. There is already a ton of streaming 4k content on both Netflix and Amazon, but actual resolution seems equivalent to hd bluray. Even with uhd bluray one might not see a real advantage. I watched the newish film "Arrival"on uhd bluray and the resolution was worse than many regular blurays. So, imho, the 4k can be noticeable especially as you intend by showing your own content. If anything though, I find the 4k files from my 1dc and raw fs700 to look somewhat worse on the oled compared to viewing them on a 1080 panny plasma (2nd to the kuro?). It should be fairly easy to find scientific info(or at least reasonably informed perspective) regarding 4k hdr displays vs alternatives on the various avforums.
  11. sam

    Is 8K too much?

    I also grew up before cd's. To be clear, in no way am I dismissing your opinion. I am only interested in how it was formed if you care to share? Film is shown/ projected digitally but it's characteristics are clearly perceptible. Likewise with vinyl no? I recently helped my 68 year old father in law select a new turntable for his Sansui amp and Wharfdale speakers that he purchased 50 years ago. Needless to say, there is yet another vinyl convert. Anyways, like you said, nothing like a live performance! Agreed. But who's arguing? Our perception of 1's and 0's vs Analog is a topic I'm genuinely intrigued with.
  12. sam

    Is 8K too much?

    I'm curious to hear what experience/knowledge lead you to form that conclusion? I have played the same track(s) in blind a/b tests in multiple formats (33.3rpm vinyl, DSD 2.8MHz,Tidals 16 bit 44.1, and Pandora streaming to guests both young and old, rich, poor, educated and not. So far, everyone has picked vinyl as sounding best. And that is with a lowly entry level $12k system. Digital may be more accurate, but..........
  13. Sorry I dont have any links as this was from January 2015. Not that this helps, but a thorough video web search for the specific filters you are trying to compare might be useful? Or cml has some helpful discussions regarding filters, if my memory is correct.
  14. Really? I just tried a 24p true 4k timeline with 4k 1dc, 4k fs700 , and f35 clips scaled to 4k on the fly. All real time. Windows, single gpu with 8gb vram, 16gb ram, i7 5820. Very...mediocre..... But pcie raid card with a couple ssd's in raid 0 might explain? From what I remember your system should walk circles around mine. Or is it just the files from Geoff Boyles favorite camera?
  15. I installed v14 studio beta and after having a quick play with DR's implementation of Aces 1.03 cct I am in love. And with a list of new features and updates so long, it will take months just to explore them vs 12.5 studio. And thats not even counting the Fairlight tab. Wow. As for price, how long before Adobe pays us a monthly fee to install their apps?
  16. A sad but true parody film on the usa. There is a scene where your words are acted out almost verbatim. Anyways...
  17. I take it you have seen "Idiocracy"?
  18. This same mantra has been reiterated countless times for years on every moving image forum by the typical propagators. The gh5, while it is a progression in the gh line, does not "take us all to the next level". As for Netflix etc... One can use just about any camera they like, unless its an actual Netflix production. In that case the Gh5 won't qualify for use, as material must be both 4k+ and "raw" originated according to the white paper and forum posters who have experience in the matter.
  19. sam

    Sony A7S/R and HDR

    There is a discussion on cml about monitoring for hdr. You may be able to glean some insight there. From what I have read so far, and my own forray into hdr, 12 bit aquisition seems to be the recommended minimum prerequisite. Also, I cannot remember if the mysterybox articles mention that if you would like hdr scopes and controls, the paid version of Resolve is also necessary. As an aside, its unforunate that hdr display tech shares the same name as a photographic technique which only simulates greater dynamic range.
  20. Look forward to seeing whatever you two concoct. Although now you have me wondering. Old school Red or maybe that stuff that makes balloons float.
  21. Shooting your wife's film on the Ursa mini or ?
  22. I watched the 70mm analog projection as you did, as well as the digital version of Hateful 8, which is why I find your opinion interesting. When you mention the words "inferior" and "technically" what notions are you trying to ascert?
  23. Yeah was it 2007 or 2008 when eoshd started? Anyways, I think I've been here a decade, and jcs still hasn't convinced tupp!
  24. Looks as if you've unleashed your own "viewing setups" thread. :-)
  25. I mean one would think so..... calibration of a display will give you the best image it is capable of... but obviously that depends on the quality of the display to begin with, as well as the entire imaging pipline. But I do hope folks will continue sharing their setups. What are you using?
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