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  1. I should add, color accuracy was not really why I posted, its the things like banding, noise/grain, compression artifacts, luminance levels, gamma, motion artifacts, motion cadence, scaling, aliasing, etc...In relation to making an image comparison between cameras....... HDR with its many competing gamma curves and extremely large color space is only going to compound the matter.
  2. 100 percent agree with your advice. Broadcast standards are a little different from theatrical release, no? Care to share your setup since you are here?
  3. Ha! Funny! This thread was started before any posts where the F35 was mentioned. I do own one, but it needs no defense. I will be be the first to say that for typical commercial work there are far better cameras, including dslr's etc...than the F35. But, for digital 35mm film emulation I certainly think its image characteristics come closest, and I have no problem purchasing a new Alexa or Red. What motivated me to start this thread was all the talk about cameras being "good enough" now and how no one can even tell the difference between film, cheap cams and high end digital. Anyways..... Thanks for reviving this thread. I am truly curious what others are using to make comparisons.
  4. I went to the house they used in E.T. two weeks ago and shot a quick clip with a 1Dc as its what I had with me. Did it just to play back to back next to the film. 1dc honestly looks like an iphone in comparison. I'm with ya! But again, you've only tested like 2 cameras, with minimal time and expense, so what do you know:)
  5. No. People just love that little Frenchie! Also, for those who cant see the difference between 16mm film and video in his "guess the camera" comparison from a couple years ago, just know that even his dog can tell the difference, but unlike Mattias seems to prefer video.
  6. But what do you know? You've only tested like 3 cameras ( 2 if you dont count your iphone)! I was referring to "I think film feels like video games too much already, and I see the two media diverging in the future" Since you are here, and have a moment, maybe you could kindly share your viewing setup?
  7. Love this post. It echoes my sentiment exactly. Hope the divergence comes quickly! If not, at the very least, maybe Steve Yedlin could share his supposed proprietary scientific techniques for turning 1's and 0's into film! So far, all thats been accomplished is the exact opposite.
  8. Well when your delivery format calls for the very large color space of rec. 2020 when combined with pq or hlg EOTF's, this could certainly limit the look and style of a piece by image manipulation, especially when compounded by compression during aquisition and a camera with inadequate dynamic range. Will this hold you back? Nope. People contently listen to highly compressed streaming music and mp3's on cheap speakers and even cheaper headphones generally without realizing what they are missing. Ignorance is bliss!
  9. Nah....Hi8 or minidv. I'm still testing. Leaning towards the Hi8 though. It has a nice vintage feel with very filmic noise vs the minidv cam. Been having issues with the jog dial on my editing deck, so testing has been taking longer than expected.
  10. When should I book my flight to Brooklyn? By the way, you happen to know anyone in town who has a F35? I wanna swap my new F65 for it and some cash.
  11. By that logic, how long before products like Unity can compete "pretty well" with todays productions and commercial advertising $$$ gives current means of image aquisition a slow painful death like it did with film? Appreciate your insight!
  12. If you cant tell, I'll take your F65. Who wants that heavy, expensive old thing anyway. In trade, I'll take you out to Walmart and let ya pick out whatever camera ya want and then I'll buy ya dinner at Applebees.
  13. No one making visual comparisons for themselves? Just using their old eyes and minds to read spec sheets and the opinions of others?
  14. They dont make em like they used to....'78 for me.....anyways I'd be happy to jonpais! I use a fairly well regarded Nec pa27 series and a 55" panny vt plasma for rec709 viewing. A 65" lg 4k10bit oled for rec.2020. I send a 10bit signal from a bmd deckink in Resolve studio. (calibrated using lightspace recommended probe).
  15. that you credit the F35 as 5 percent better is interesting....But....the F35'smotion cadence and noise pattern, no jello(sorry Bill), user selectable gamma from linear to cineon based or create your own, up to 12 bit 444 uncompressed files, customization of the F35's image in almost any conceivable way including gamut all pre 14bit ad converter, easy control through a web browser, muliple simultaneous use monitor, viewfinder, and test outputs, cooke and arri lens communication, storage of endless camera setup files including Nd filter corrections at the press of a button, is closer to 95 percent better than the other cams. Maybe if you compare video files on youtube, the f35 is only 5 percent better. Watch a bluray or 4k hdr disc on a 65"+ 10bit 4k oled or better of "Real Steel" or "Once upon a time in anatolia" or "Tron legacy" back to back with current mainstream Alexa, F65 or Red films. These F35 is easily on par. Id love to see something from the cams you mention that compare?
  16. So.... Everyone is embarrassed to admit they have no business judging images on their #!$@& viewing setups or ? What do you use Mr. Andrew Reid?
  17. Please list brand of display and model, screen size, as well as the devices and/or apps used to send the media to the display. (Such as Gtx 1080 to 24" 1920 x 1080 Dell using Premiere....or Youtube on Samsung galaxy 6s....or bmd minimonitor to Eizo cg277 27" through Resolve studio 2.5.....or Fcp on 27" 5k iMac...etc.. be as specific as possible.
  18. You sure came out swinging:-) So follow your own advice and explain why your method is better for the op and what qualifies you. Also whats your grading/viewing setup? Op might like this http://liftgammagain.com/forum/index.php?threads/the-correct-way-of-normalizing-sgamut.8189/
  19. Maybe a film out? I believe this was done with Birdman....or on lower budget films maybe a subtle simulated gateweave with a touch of motionblur applied pre grain might help?
  20. Ive had the hot pixel issue on the 1dc and unfortunately, none of the regular tricks work. The only way to fix it is to send it to Canon. I havent had any further hot pixels since it was serviced, but, after comparing image quality to my F35, I only use it when the F35 wont fit! Test the 1dxii by recording for around 20 minutes in a warmish room with the lens cap on and then with a minute to go, record through multiple iso settings. Upscale footage slightly and check for discolored pixels.
  21. For a quick job, Film convert is what I too prefer for the 1dc after exploring many other paid/free options. Otherwise, just create your own look.
  22. Yeah, EF-S lenses can be used. I have put the 17-55 on the 1dc. Super35 mode has very faint vignetting on the wide end, but I would imagine the vignetting varies from unnoticeable to acceptable, depending on the user. In 4k, your looking out a port hole until about 50mm. Image stabilizing works fine, as does every other electronic feature. To mount, simply remove the plastic surrounding the lens on its mount.
  23. sam

    TRUMP +1DC + F35

    pm'd you Eric.
  24. Overclocked? My old i72600 would also shutdown on renders until I returned to a stock clock speed.
  25. Phil, thanks for all the knowledge you costantly share. Hope you have a good time in Miami!
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