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  1. 8 hours ago, IronFilm said:

    Don't wait. Just buy the F4

    Many of the improvements of the F8 to F8n are things the F4 had already improved over the F8!

    And as for the rest, the OG F8 got that via a firmware update, which the F4 has got now as well. 

    The F4 as it is today in 2019 is very much like what I'd have predicted a F4n would be like prior to the F8n shipping. 


    Appreciate that they've been good with firmware updates but the F4 still has the inexplicable consumer-level line output from the XLR outputs and that (to me) pretty crappy screen. Aside from those things I think it's really good.

  2. 28 minutes ago, Kisaha said:

    Interesting. It is a completely different concept it seems. It should have a completely different naming. It is like Zoom raw.

    Yeah it is. I was waiting for an F4n since I'd figured that if they'd made the same improvements to the F4 as they'd done with F8 -> F8n that would likely be good for me. 

    As for this F6: personally I'd rather they hadn't taken the backwards step of dispensing with the XLR outputs and the dual SD slots as 4 XLR inputs were ok for me. That said, this 32-bit float "raw" style of sound recording is potentially a game changer.

  3. 22 minutes ago, webrunner5 said:

    I don't think Metabones sells Any Dumb Speedboosters. They sell dumb adapters but they have no glass in them that I can see. But I guess there is always a chance they change their product  lineup.

    They do but perhaps not for Canon EF, so you may be 1/2 right.

  4. On 10/14/2018 at 10:34 PM, androidlad said:

    I'm thrilled to say that Metabones just confirmed in an email that they are working on EF-X Speedbooster and some other new products!

    Hi - did they state whether this will be a 'dumb' or electronic mount? I ask because I have a bunch of C/Y mount Zeiss lenses, most of which have been adapted to Canon EF mount but aren't electronic but I've found that most of the lens mount adapters are electronic which is a feature for which I'd be paying but not deriving any benefit (unless I used normal Canon EF glass of course).

  5. Well I suppose the argument against the type of camera I have proposed would be that it would potentially cannibalise sales of the URSA Mini but I'd argue that it wouldn't because it would be for people that wouldn't/couldn't justify/afford an URSA Mini Pro to begin with.

    Steve Jobs once said something like "If you don't cannibalise yourself, someone else will" but that seems to be the mindset with many of these companies now.

  6. Firstly: apologies if this has been discussed here before (if so I've never read anything) but a thought just occurred to me....

    At the moment Blackmagic has the Pocket Cinema Camera 4k at £1055 +VAT and the URSA Mini Pro at £4845+VAT with nothing in-between. What are the odds of them coming up with something in-between i.e. something a bit bigger than the Pocket with an APS-C/Super35 sensor but about £2500-£3000? Surely there are loads of people that want something a bit more than the pocket (ie a bigger sensor) and able to spend more but unable/unwilling to go for the URSA Mini: it would be a winner, no?

  7. 5 minutes ago, Ingerson said:

    Anyone got a recent Macbook Pro and tried editing or transcoding HEVC from the camera? My late 2013 doesn't cut it anymore.

    And with all respect, please don't tell me to just buy a PC. I've been in the Apple eco system for half my life and got all my photo, design and music production built around it.

    Build a Hackintosh?

  8. 15 hours ago, eleison said:


    Well, he did say he was going to ban Muslims from coming in.  He did say he was going to start building a wall... He did say he was going to tax companies moving production outside of the united states.. etc., etc......

    Donald Trump has been pretty transparent as to what he is going to do and what he isn't...  These were his campaign promises.  It's not like he's hiding these ideas behind some sort of rhetoric.  Just today, he said he was going to fix the H1b1 visa program (where US companies lay off employees in order to hire cheap labor) and it seems like his team is getting an execute order ready that will hopefully fix this issue.

    Perhaps it's time to believe what is coming out of DT's mouth.  He's the president and, he likes to keep his promises.  How refreshing people who promises something, and actually deliver.


    I think it's the things that are happening behind the scenes that you should be worried about....

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