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  1. 14 hours ago, DBounce said:

    Is this a trick question? Since... FOREVER! As an extreme example... ever shoot with a smartphone? Ever shoot with a 4 x 5 camera? Photography is ALL about capturing light. And Cinema is moving Pictures.

    Talking about sensor size and capturing light. So this is why the huge crop of EOS R in 4K is so stupid. 

  2. In 4K PAL mode, the Sony gives only 25p. If you want to shoot 24p or 30p, you have to switch to NTSC mode, format the SD card and then every time you switch on the camera, an annoying "NTSC" message will appear on the screen for some time.

    All other manufacturers allow you to shoot 24p/25p/30p in PAL mode.

    Have any of you addressed Sony with this matter?   

  3. 5 minutes ago, IronFilm said:

    S1R doesn't interest me. 

    And the S1 is up against some powerful competition of the Nikon Z6 with ProRes RAW for only US$2K

    You need to add the Atomos price to that. The S1 will be also 2K$, we'll see what it offers. I think auto focus will be also a very important factor.

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