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  1. I find going from stills to video is like you discovered in your fun time with the A73. What I did for myself to make it easy to do both is to set C1 as base set of video settings and then the same to C2 for a base set of photo settings. If I am going to do video I turn the mode dial to C1 and then adjust from there. If I am going to shoot some quick images then I turn the dial to C2 and fine tune whatever I want to do with the images. The only catch, or "gotchya" is after you turn from C1 to C2 you MUST hit the SET button to register all the changes. Same when going back to C1. What I sh
  2. LOL - you ain't kidding. I am amazed at the keyboard and it's lack of usefulness. I didn't get the extended one and I am glad for that choice. I was going to get a 3rd party backlit one because I do a lot of all-nighters. But I am still surprised at how nice the computer is, and how poor the keyboard is. It looks like it was designed mostly for art and not for functionality. Peter
  3. I agree with many of your statements. One of the statements that you made that I don't agree with is not from this article. First, I am not talking in an adversarial way, so don't raise your shields You made a statement that Canon listens to their customers or photographers or something to that effect. I find from the D30/D60 on forward that isn't true at all. i chuckle when I read Denis Reggie or Jeff Ascough say to me that Canon is listening to them. In my opinion Canon listens to their internal minds, their own game plan, and in a very small very unique window of opportunity, I saw Canon v
  4. In my research on the 5D4 I have come across the program Convert-V3 that will convert the MJPEG files to ProRes at original size at 422 or to half size (2K) at 444. The best time I can achieve on the Windows side so far is 3:1 with an RX-480. Reid says the Mac side on a 2012 iMac will do the time in 1:1 which sounds VERY appealing. He also says a new iMac does worse. I can attest to that, a spanking brand new iMac does not beat the 3:1 time ratio, and neither does a friends "trash can" Mac. I am working with the owner of the software to try and bring the speed down hopefully to less than
  5. I like the comment the the camera is like a mirrorless camera when in LiveView with the mirror up. I would like to know if the camera can shoot a totally silent still image in this (or any) mode with no shutter sound? Peter
  6. You mentioned DSLR, so I am guessing you have a decent understanding of the process to take pictures. You can shoot either a jpg image or a RAW image. With video though, you can only shoot what amounts to a jpg image in video mode. The jpg system in the camera "bakes in" the settings that you set the camera to work with, and in the process it clobbers the file making it much harder to "processes later in your computer. Video people have their own language and they don't call it processing the video, they call it "grading" the video. You know, like teenagers have their own language, video peopl
  7. I have both, actually all 3. It is hard to tell someone what to buy. The quality of the image and video from the LX100 is very good to excellent. Is it as good as the GH4? I would say if you are a pro and looking for the equal of the GH4 then the answer is no. But if you are an enthusiast and can cut the camera some slack, you would be hard pressed to tell the difference. Remember, I have only had the LX100 here for about 5 hours now, so as time goes on my opinion may change. The disappointing thing about the LX100 is it is certainly not a baby GH4. The camera is 80 percent a p
  8. Nicely done :) Glad to see the beginning of the end of the GH4 will take a while lol. Peter
  9. I think my statement is purposely being misinterpreted. I don't think most people make their purchases based on any one person's opinion so why would anyone make an argument based on that ridiculous point of view? It sounds more like chumming the waters to me. There are people who hold a position of influence though, who you can trust to interpret what you cannot hold in your own hands for yourself. They have developed a track record and may likely be trusted over any Tom, Dick, or Harry (no offense to any Tom, Dicks or Harrys :) Based on this I think Andrew's opinions may just carry s
  10. I think your exuberance with the A7s needs to be a little more balanced between personal preferences and real facts. Not because I deny anyone personal preference choices, but because there are people who follow your writings and respect your expertise and sometimes depend on your personal interpretations as vital information. Knocking off a camera from your personal likes doesn't make the guy who put his hard earned dime on the camera feeling very well. That same thing can be done using just results without deflating the follower of your site. Saying you want the Sony A7s because you have
  11. I found the answer for me. My computer is new and did not ever have Quicktime installed. Apparently Sony Vegas needs Quicktime to function the 4K files while Premire Pro CS6 does not. I installed the newest version of Quicktime on my Windows 8.1 computer and both Sony Vegas Platinum 13 and Sony Vegas Pro 13 now will run and edit the 4K files like normal. The Sony Vegas Platinum does one extra step though, and it costs time. It will build a low res file to work off of, and it seems to be about the same amount of time it would take to do a full render to do it. Sony Vegas Pro did not do that
  12. I tried to download any of Andrew's files but all I get is an empty Copy.com box. I downloaded a video from Vimeo that is a mov file. It will open in Priemier Pro but not Vegas 13 Platinum (probably the same as your Studio 12). I have the GH4 coming, so I am trying to work out how to operate with the files in my computer. I don't think the GH4 does the Prores out of camera, but think it delivers mov files at 4K. I guess the question is how did you grab the prores files, did you have any trouble? And also, you think I can get the output from the GH4 into Vegas 13 (not Pro)? Peter
  13. I have a working workflow that i don't want to change if i don't have to. I use Sony Vegas Platinum 13 and want to play with one of the new GH4 4K files in it. I ordered the GH4 so I want to work on th workflow to see it work. The output after I do the editing will be 1080. Peter
  14. I have a GH4 on order and will sell the GH3. I am planning on moving totally from Nikon for my professional work to a combination of the GH4 and the EM1. That will give me the combination I would like to work with. I am more a stills photographer with video growing into the mix and the GH4 is the first camera to step into the flagship class of Nikon and Canon's 1DX and D4. While everyone is paying attention to the. Video side of the GH4, and rightly so, the stills side has some very impressive steps forward for my wedding and portrait photography.
  15. I would like to see a "Top Dog" page on this web site. It is hard to keep track of what is the best buy out there. Last year the 5D3 with ML was pronounced to be Top Dog by Andrew. Then there was a list (that I cannot find again) showing the best cameras ranked in 3 or 4 different catagories. A permenant Top Dog page would be a nice addition and probably an attraction to this web site. Peter
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