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  1. 7 hours ago, MrSMW said:

    Gerald didn’t mention any of this in his recent video? He’s clearly well out of the loop.

    I reckon they all also got those secret flying cars but just can’t talk about it under NDA and don’t get to ‘keep them’, but can use them for the duration of their life to fly backwards and forwards to Japan for every new camera launch.

    I’m seriously considering switching my status from working photographer to industry shill…

    Calm down, looks like that the hooker thing is not used anymore. 😄

  2. 12 hours ago, IronFilm said:

    Would be wild if Panasonic delivers raw in the GH7 via "an external unit"

    But the external unit is merely a battery grip with an extra card slot. 

    Or a card slot in the XLR unit?

  3. On 5/31/2024 at 2:25 AM, Davide DB said:


    Good catch indeed!

    What about from the standpoint of pure image? Is the C70 comparable to the K-X? I didn't want to use the word cinematic 😉

    Yes, when run&gun meets cinematography 



    "Chimp Empires" should be a documentary about Fujifilm X-Pro 3 users - the ones that raved about the stupid back LCD that brought back "real photography" and after made a class action suit against Fujifilm for the LCD ribbon cables being broken (because, of course, in real life, not making online dick measuring, the open the fking LCD all the time to chimp the photos).

  4. On 6/1/2024 at 8:49 AM, ac6000cw said:

    Compared to D-Lux 7/LX100 ii, it's got OLED EVF and higher res rear screen, plus USB-C charging. See https://m.dpreview.com/news/3471020867/leica-continues-compacts-with-d-lux-8-featuring-four-thirds-type-sensor

    Yep, it is OLED, finally the field sequential one is gone. Never had problem with tearing, but with resolution and, specially, magnification - it was a 16:9 panel, in still modes is kinda small.

    But looks like that the new camera will be the GH7.

  5. Another hint that it is really the GH7 (albeit the discontinuation of the GH6 is the stonger signal): Petapixel review of the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 was filmed in a "redacted" camera. If someone wants a first look of the GH7 footage, there it is.

    GH6 reminds me of the GX8 - both good cameras, but with some flaws that made them look bad.

    GX8 was somewhat big (not a problem for me, but for a lot of people), its IBIS does not work for video, and had a massive shutter shock problem. And was the GH4 color science era, not the best also.

    GH6 was the last bastion of the Panasonic's DFD stubbornness (like the were for ages with IBIS, "OIS is better"), and was the first GH camera (remembering that the "H" was for "hybrid") that had worse stills quality than the previous generation. Both problem were solved with the G9 II.

  6. 41 minutes ago, BTM_Pix said:

    The “new” Leica camera, internally at least, is their version of the Panasonic LX100ii.

    It is wearing a different jacket so is far more like a mini Q than an LX100ii and it has the very elegant Leica interface and the RAWs are DNG.

    Those differences make it a very nice little camera to be fair but the price….

    Well, obviously.


    Yep, I know - I have the OG LX100 and looking for a reasonable priced LX100 for years...

    But after seeing that Leica really ported their interface to the camera, I've raised some doubts - because the Leica interface works better with that new buttom layout (the camera have fewer buttons than the LX100, which already could have 1 or 2 more...), which make it harder to work with Pansonic menus.

    Somebody mentioned that the EVF is new, a OLED one now - a good move, becasue almost everyone hated that field sequential one. But no confirmation until now.

    It is kinda cute - hope that drive the LX100 II / D-Lux 7 down.


  7. The discover that Pansonic used stock photos (even one from a Nikon Ambassador) in the S9 brochures is not helping either.

    Tie this PR disaster with the Asahi reports that Panasonic camera division could be axed...

  8. 4 hours ago, kye said:

    Here's my manifesto for the humble zoom lens.

    In my tests the expensive lenses looked vibrant and clean and sharp, which is to be expected.  The Helios looked high-resolution but not sharp, and had a softer rendering which people love, and the 14-42mm kit lens looked somewhere in the middle...  

    From my post:

    "Then, the mighty 14-42 kit lens.  It has some of that vintage look going on.  It's kind of like somewhere between the Helios and the other two.  It raises the shadows a bit, but isn't uncontrollable in direct sun, and the edges are a little softer.  A happy medium perhaps?  It's also a zoom, has OIS, and if you break it you can just go get another one from a friend or on eBay or for $5 at a market somewhere with a GF2 with a dead battery."

    ... and yet, the expensive lenses and the Helios are ultra desirable, but I'm probably the only person to ever live that thinks the kit zoom might offer the best of both worlds.

    Had the two 14-42 kits from Panasonic - the first and bigger one, that was the kit zoom on the GH2, and the second smaller one. The older was not grat, but the smaller was very ok. Using in f/5.6 (where I used all my m43 lenses when travelling with sun), plenty good indeed.

    In the last trip with m43), used the "little gem", the pancake 12-32. Was one of the m43 lenses that I did not sold, very good, sharper than the 14-42. Is exactly what Panasonic should do in FF.

    I asked for a small f/4.5 zoom lens for FF because in terms of DOF, is like a "f/2.9ish" in APS-C - and I'm using the Sigma 18-50 f/2.8 and in most cases the DOF is ok for general use.

    The manufacturer that makes a FF small body with a small 24-60 or 24-70 f/4.5 (collapsible, if possible) with good (don't need to be very top) image quality, probably will get me in the future.

  9. Just saw the Gerald piece. Some good points. About his rant to Lumix, his 1st point is very strong (being put out just for use STRANGE in a title) but the 2nd one...not invinting he because it was not a camera for him could be or not a bad point.

    They could honestly thought that is like (in a exaggeration) invite a smartphone shooter to a Arri Alexa launch. The S9 is for smaller creators / travel camera, not long run videos. But...they invited some people that are even farther from this crowd like Hugh Browstone and he made very good points about the use cases for the camera. For me was an error, intentional or not.

    The Lumix message for the camera was all over the place, their marketing team is probably on drugs (even using stock photos - don't go to Shutterstock when high 🙂). First the rumors sites (that, of course, are feeded by internal "leaks" - irony alert) cemented the idea that it was a X100VI competitor, and is VERY far from that. It is a ZV-E10 / ZV-E1 competitor that is much better for stills than both - which, for me, is a interesting proposition. But their screwed it up all over the place.

    And grab a buckle of popcorn and read the comment section of the Gerald post. 🙂 There are a lot of people much more pissed than Panasonic there. 

  10. 3 hours ago, ac6000cw said:

    This is S9 versus some similar size MILC alternatives that you can buy new (from the left, ZV-E1, A7C ii, S9, OM-5, X-S20). Paired with what I think are the most compact mid-range zooms currently available from each camera manufacturer.



    The small size of the 28-60mm f4-5.6 lens on the ZV-E1 and A7C ii does rather make the point that the S9 really needs the upcoming 18-40mm lens (and maybe a compact 28-70mm or 35-100mm). 

    Yep, lens size is what prevents me to go FF - a collapsible zoom shoud be mandatory to all FF cameras.

    But with good quality. The compact Sony zooms have bad rep (as, for some degree, the Fuji 15-45 and the Olympus). Or (this is my dream that no manufacturer will ever do) a small good quality f/4.5 zoom.

  11. 20 hours ago, John Matthews said:

    I think the Olympus E-PL9 did something similar as well as having the ability to download at your discretion when the camera's OFF. Honestly, it's probably not for me. I've always hated phone and never really put much money in them, but that's just me.

    In the videos, I saw some reviews looking through thumbnails on their phone and that's the situation I least like.

    Since you might know, can you configure the S5ii to upload directly to creative cloud via frame.io and after to your mobile lightroom? I think that would be even more preferable. I'm not sure the S9 can do that but I asked the question on B&H.

    Don't know, never had a Lumix FF on hands. About the S9 I've just mentioned because I saw it on one of the reviews, and because Fuji have for some time this option to make the stills go directly to the phone - but is not for me either, I've got the photo manually on the phone if I need it. (never tried the new Frame.io integration on Fujis because I'm out of the Adobe ecosystem)

  12. On 5/25/2024 at 6:03 PM, gt3rs said:

    Can you control the gimbal with the phone gyro (like the Ronin) or only with the virtual joystick?

    As far as I know, not. I guess that in the Ronins you need the transmission unit attached to it to get that functionality?

  13. On 5/25/2024 at 1:12 PM, John Matthews said:

    Here's a top-down view of the S9 with the Sigma 45mm f/2.8. It looks like a really good size but still not pancake. BTW, this is how Panasonic really envisions you using this camera- phone in one hand and camera in the other. I can't do that as would rather be looking at the scene in front of me, not fiddling around on a phone that's way to big to operate with one hand anyway.


    Nope, I think that it is not the intended use - probably is another reviewer who don't read the manual.

    If the user wants to post the image / video ASAP, it should put the app on the mode that it automatically downloads from the camera every still /video that was taken. It is not a novelty, my X-S20 have this option, and I think that other manufacturers have this option in their apps to.

    Panasonic just thought a bit more about the process - hence a optimized use of 5ghz wifi (the download times looks faster than usual) and the new 50mbps codec for a fast transfer to the phone.

    You leave the phone on your pocket, take you shots, and when you finish the pcitures / video are already on you phone (on almost completed), you upload it to social media in the app, applying (or not) some of the luts with an optimized editor. I'm not this kind of user, but looks like a much better workflow than usual.

  14. My two cents:

    Sitll not saw the Gerald's video, but it not surprised me. The writing was on the wall that he was kinda pivoting - much less gear reviews, trying to make a talk show vibe, and making a series going to Youtuber's studios and talking about their locations and processes. Looks like he wants to be kind of the Rick Beato of video recording (in fact, he even gone to Rick's studio 🙂)

    All this state of Youtube reviewers was clear for everyone that have a little bit of intelligence (looks like a minority, unfortunately). The signs were mounting each year. 

    First, now all the reviews are "with a pre-production unit", hence "you can't go in deeper detail, but we will review it when a full production unit is available". In 70% of the cases, the full prouction unit test never appears, and the deeper test never occurs. In fact, a lot of reviewers never test the camera again after huge firmware updates - baffles my that camera companies did not see that as a problem, since most of the reviews stayed shown forever with problems that were solved after the release...

    The secons sign that I noted was in the X-S20 launch (a camera that I own and like, that it is not anti-Fuji fanboy here) - some of the most noted Fuji reviewers had not received loan units, and a LOT of smaller channels that I've never heard before received it. When a Fuji channel it 170k subscribers do not got an unit, but a channel with 1k got it (yes, this was the case), you know that something is strange.

    Same feeling was with the S9 - was the 1st camera that EVERY channel that I follow was invited, with no exceptions, even some very small ones that I like that were NEVER invited for anything. And for these (as I suspect also in the X-S20) the desire to stay on the loop probably makes them to do not be much critical. And I kinda understand - people trying to make a living on Youtube (not a much good choice nowadays) got a chance and wants to grab it.

    This is the state now, and everyone is entitled to an opinon. Could be much worse - a lot of big Youtubers raves about that piece of scam that is Luminar, for instance.

  15. I've got one for me (personal use, remember).

    I'm not travelling (and probably stay on this way for a long time), but I'm in a quest for years on how to quickly change my camera from "stills, in a neck strap" to "in a gimbal for movies with an ND" in the shortest amount of time during a trip.

    The last solution was:
    - Using the Falcam magnetic anchor links on the strap (much faster than the Peak Degin ones);
    - Put the ND filter on the lens from a belt pouch using magnetic rings;
    - Get the gimbal (since I use the X-S20 + Sigma 18-50 f/2.8, both very light, now is a Scorp Mini ginmal), which already have a quick release, all already calibrated for the combo;
    - Mount and shoot.

    All very quick, except getting the gimbal from the back and unlocking it. But much better than previous attempts.

    Then I saw that 80% of the shots that I use the gimbal during trips are wide-angle ones. And then the Pocket came to mind.

    Never was interested before because of the smaller sensors (albeit when researching the 3, saw a lot of examples from the 2 and the image quality was better than I expected), but with the 1 inch sensor of the 3, I was interested.

    Got one, and will sell my gimbal. Wide shots, will use it - tighter shots, will use the X-S20 handeld, with IBIS and maybe extra stab in Resolve. Much less fussy, much faster to change "modes".

    Did not use the Pocket 3 a lot, but already impressed. Yes, the image of the X-S20 is better, but the difference is much closer than expected. And in a concert that I went recently, the image was good enough (just using D-Log with a Rec709 lut appllied 50%), and the internal mics TROUNCED the Andycine little shotgun that was using on the X-S20.

    (my play was to get the Creative combo to use the DJI Mic 2 as a standalone 32bit recorder on the X-S20 hotshoe, but the comb was sold out).

    This guy have a series of videos about the Pocket 3 - and use it in a very interesting ways:


  16. 3 hours ago, John Matthews said:

    I would say yes, but it'll take time I'm sure.

    Dream on. Won't happen.

    I shoot with the electronic shutter all the time. It really doesn't bother me either. The problem is that if that were the only thing they stripped out, it would be ok. Unfortunately, the list is very long and the price is only $300 less. I plan on getting this camera too as a travel camera (if nothing else comes out for M43), but it won't be for $1500! Also, this camera is only as good as the lenses and panasonic is in desperate need of some very small AF f/2.8 primes (like Canon and Nikon).

    Yes, the lenses are the problem. I can live with the audio though. The MF fixed F8 "lens" for $200 (for beginners?) looks so great on the camera, but EVERYONE was wishing for different specs. You're right, it's laughable! Panasonic is going to get hit pretty hard in the teeth over this one. There will be blood. 🙂

    Sigma have a set of small Contemporary primes - the 35mm f/2 have almost the same size of a Fuji 23mm f/2...


    But yeah, the pancake is a joke. If Fuji could do a 27mm f/2.7 APS-C pancake, Panasonic could easily do a 35mm f/4.5 one.

  17. The major problem is that a lot of people thinks that ths is a X100VI contender. It is not. It is a competitor to ZV-E10 / ZV-E1.

    A very video-vlogger centric camera, that could also take photos, where the user wants the content to be online ASAP. Never intended for serious stills or video work - hence the absence of more controles or even a grip.

    We are all crappy old dudes / cinema-quality crazy people here, the opposite of the targeted group of this camera. There is some style / nostalgia think ocurring with (some) young people, the X100V / VI mania was just a part of it.

    Saw a post from a photographer in Tokyo that noted another parts of this trend - he was looking around in streets and subways and saw a lot (and he meant, A LOT) of young people carrying point&shoots. Old Powershots and Cybershots everywhere, and very few taking photos with phones. Hetalked to some of them and they said that is a new stylish trend between them, that they are tired of the same pictures that every phone take, and that the P&S photos have more character. Prices of used P&S CCD cameras are skyrocketing.

    And I guess that this was the targeted crowd of the S9. They made a P&Sish full frame camera. With a stylish exterior, few controls, geared towards video - but MUCH more stills capable than a ZV-E10 / ZV-E1 (the latter have only 12mp, remember). And for the "character", there is the LUT ecosystem.

    Which, for me, is BRILLIANT. They made what I was telling Fuji to do - embrace custom film simulations, instead of making it hard to work. Using "film recipes" in Fuji is a pain in the ass - you have to assign it to a custom setting position, but if you want to use the shooting parameters of the custom position (like a Portrait setting, with shutter speed, of setting, etc) and want to change the film recipe - no way. 

    Yes, there will be some WB balance problems with the LUTs in the S9 - and a lot of confusion when people put a V-Log lut and the ISO don't go down from 640. But the easy of use, and the promise from the newer Lumix Lab app, makes kind of a interesting ecosystem.

    They made a new MP4 codec with a 50mb/s bitrate. Looks crap? In a computer, is not bad, but the quality drop is visible. In a smartphone screen? Looks almost the same a pro codec - but since the file is much lighter, you could take a short clip, that the new app is already transferring on the background (yes, the new app could do it), when you end and store the camera the video is already on the app, you could apply the LUT if is already not applied (even with tranparency % of the LUT!) and send the file (which is lighter since the beginning) to social media. Still not perfect, but looks (and some reviewers, as Manny Ortiz said) that is the best camera->app->social media implementation to date.

    Will not buy it, but looking how I use my X-S20 nowadays (remembering, I'm an amateur), almost only the EVF and two more buttons would be dealbreakers. 

  18. On 3/28/2024 at 6:42 AM, MrSMW said:

    Yup. Had my fingers (wallet) burned over a revolutionary tripod I backed. I can't remember how long the saga went on for, but it was at least 3 years and painful for all involved. Never again!

    But in regard to this product, maybe I am just not the market, but nah, I'd rather go with any number of alternative existing options or my phone. Surely this kind of thing these days is so niche it's near pointless? But what do I know...

    Me too - supported the LabBox film developer, even with bigger shipping tax to Brazil, and...nothing. They started to sold it in retail, and...nothing.
    After almost two years, they emailed me saying that the shipping to Brazil was too expensive, and refunded me. With no interest correction.
    Never more.

    About the Yashica - considering the absolute junk that was the last "Yashica" camera, and that the lenses looks made of plastic, in no way I will get one.

  19. On 3/23/2024 at 4:36 PM, Eric Calabros said:

    RED stays RED, for now.


    Shame, was expecting the change for "Yellow".

    (cue Coldplay in the background of the announcement)

  20. On 2/27/2024 at 5:55 AM, Chrille said:

    Yeah, it's the size mainly. For fotos it's mainly kids and family, the idea for video is to shoot stuff that i can use later on in music videos, video essays or short films. So many things going on in the city that want to be archived for the future.



    The biggest problem of the camera was not tackled yet - specially for video. 

    Since all the previews are on the "is pre-production, wait for the final review" mantra, battery life was not really mentioned much. 

    They made a newer IBIS, kinda smaller than the previous, hence the power consumption might be lower. But...I had tha X-S10, with the same smaller battery, and it had the worst battery life that I've known. On one instance, I've shot around 45 stills, then recorded around 18 minutes of 4k...one battery gone. For semi-pro use, 4 batteries in a day was almost certain.

    There is another factor to consider (and it connects to the overheating video from Undone): there are two 4k modes on this camera, as in the X-T5. The "regular" 4k mode is not oversampled - it have some kind of line skipping / pixel binning. The image quality is worse (not VERY worse, but noticeable for trained eyes), but it requires less processing (and probably generetes less heat). The 4k HQ mode is oversampled, and uses a mild crop.

    All the battery tests for video that I saw used non-HQ 4k video, in this case the battery life does not look so bad. But I could bet that with 4k HQ mode, camera in Boost mode and with IBIS, the battery would be chewed.

    For the main targeted users, probably will not be a huge issue. But if the intended use for vídeo is a bit more than short takes, probably will be.

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