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  1. Using a achromat and not just a diopter may cleanup some of the chromatic ass the LA7200 is full of, not sure. My understanding is the limitation is quality of the optics in the LA7200.
  2. I might see if Bernie can do the close focus mod for me then. VD is not an option unless I hear from someone who got there lens back in <90 days. Thanks for the info
  3. Tony, I meant I've heard of one person ever getting their isco back, not necessarily in a timely manner though. I was referring to andrew wonder. http://www.eoshd.com/content/9179/filmmaker-andrew-wonder-on-anamorphic-and-modding-his-iscorama-36 Are you in the business of re-housing iscos ?
  4. I've actually only heard of one person who has gotten their isco back. I really want it done and could deal with 60 days, but a year is madness. Hopefully as they get more requests they will improve their workflow and turn around time though. As far as I know they are the only game in town re-housing them though so....
  5. If you guys are interested, rob posted some pics of the close focus with the new stopper in this thread.   http://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/2559-iscorama-1968-tight-focus/page-2#entry38873
  6. Awesome thanks Rob! Hopefully Rich will chime in on how he secured that stopper. This would be a great temp alternative to the vandeimen mod to tide me over.
  7. Rob, please do post a photo, there are several of us currently under the impression that there is no way to add a new stopper after the mod!
  8. Hey, Rob bannister sent his off to rich and he apparently re-lubed, close focused and added a new stopper.   "I got mine relubed by by the guys at DSO, it was fast and their rate is fine but I got raped at customs for import they wouldnt recognize it was just being repaired....but its silky smooth and they did the close focus mod ith a new stopper while they had it too!"
  9. Anyone have any tips for getting the front ring off to do this mod? I cant seem to get mine loose even with rubber gloves.   Also Rich, if you are out there, could you elaborate on how you add a new stopper once the mod is complete?     Thanks!
  10. I'd do it if it was local. I tried to do the close focus mod myself, but couldn't get the ring off, even with rubber gloves!   I'd like to hear about the new stopper, in the close focus mod thread someone was saying a new stopper wouldn't be possible.
  11. Even 6 months would be too long for me. No point having the lens if I cant use it.
  12. shit now I'm tempted. If I get the right project to justify the investment, and you get yours back in a timely manner, I'm gonna pull the trigger.   Where do u work in LA? I'm over at DW in Glendale.
  13. Great job! what flavour did you request on the trump in regards to tint and contrast?
  14. It's bs there is nowhere in LA to get this done!   Did vandeimen give you a quote on turn around time?  
  15. Cool, how did u do the force full screen thing with vimeo?
  16. Rob, to answer your question, my isco 36 focus doesn't feel particularly tight, it probably requires less effort than my kowa to turn. I'd have sent mine off for van-deimen cine mod by now but the turn around time sounds to unpredictable. Their site says 90 days but others have reported much longer.   Still holding out hope a reliable company will start doing it in the US.
  17. Yeah, hacked GH2 is really not limiting creatively. Much more interested in finding the perfect concept or writing the perfect script to film!
  18. I believe the M43 speedbooster is supposed to bring the sensor up to the equivalent of asp-c.   I know I'm kind of late to the party with on this, but it seems pretty ground breaking to be able to turn a 2.8 lens into a 1.8, you pay ALOT of money for that distinction in a lens. Not to mention bumping up your sensor size. I guess it does cost as much as a GH2 camera though.   Will the increased aperture range work with old manual lenses like helios etc?
  19. Has anyone used the speedbooster with an anamorphic rig?   The m43 metabones speedbooster is due out later this year and i'm wondering if there are any "gotchas" using it with older russian lenses (helios etc) and anamorphic adapters. I assume since it bumps up the width of the lens we can expect vignetting earlier....
  20. Isnt the meta bones speed booster for m43 due out later this year?
  21. Awesome thanks for posting. I actually saw Roger sitting in the kitchen here at work a couple of days ago!
  22. Interesting discussion, thanks to all who uploaded footage. I shoot with a hacked gh2 but I may have to move up to the GH3 next time i have an important shoot.
  23. I emailed about 3 months ago and never heard back.
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