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  1. Asus PA32UCX msrp $3K There is a PA27UCX model as well. Asus PA22 OLED msrp $4K
  2. @androidlad does global reset mean global shutter?
  3. Aputure's Ted says their new 300D II is approximately equivalent in output to 575W HMI at 2:20 mark of this video: HIVE LEDs have same diameter chassis as Profoto.
  4. good to have more options: https://www.adorama.com/clilmax300sl.html and I expect HIVE to make an announcement
  5. Comparison between Ronin-S and SteadyCross: https://youtu.be/nRxtAnCHDeE
  6. just noticed this new option: https://www.adorama.com/clilmax300sl.html
  7. Upcoming 4/3 sensor from Fairchild: https://www.fairchildimaging.com/products/scmos-sensors/mst4323
  8. Was the rendering/saturation of red color addressed?
  9. Crane 3 Lab demonstrated by Rah Sharma
  10. Kamlam replied: 50ii will kickstarter in 2019 21mm 1.8 available 1st Qtr. 2019 online retail
  11. Hopefully our choices will not be limited by this:
  12. Is this Moza Air X an alternative to Edelkrone HeadPlus?
  13. Notice that Pilotfly and Tilta gimbals have motor at side next to ports, where the distance to tripod screw of BMPCC4k is shorter. This way no need for offset plate or upside down camera. Even Zhiyun has listened as per recent video of Weebill Lab.
  14. Specs here. EF mount 5" screen 4000mah battery etc.....could be nice option.
  15. Great discussion....wish there were stabilized lenses for BMPCC4K users.
  16. Would you know if the Canon version works this way as well?
  17. https://***URL not allowed***/8sinn-releases-blackmagic-pocket-cinema-camera-4k-cage/ $179 for half cage is reasonable....just noticed it'll be available from BH
  18. @IronFilm I posted same video on Aug. 3 came across his battery listing for BMP4K
  19. Wish Blackmagic would surprise us with high nit 5.5" monitor recorder, and speedbooster.
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