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  1. 4K crop is 1.74x according to http://www.newsshooter.com/2016/08/25/hands-on-preview-canon-5d-mkiv-has-4k-internal-recording-with-a-1-74x-crop/
  2. I didn't realize the Zhiyun Crane is available from B&H....I thought it had to be ordered from China.
  3. http://www.kesslercrane.com/kwik-release/
  4. perhaps this? https://***URL not allowed***/aputure-amaran-m9-pocket-friendly/
  5. http://photorumors.com/2016/07/26/deal-of-the-day-canon-eos-1d-c-camera-is-now-3000-off/ I hope this somehow translates to the 1Dx-II getting Canon Log, or 1Dc-II being announced at IBC.
  6. $4,999 today http://photorumors.com/2016/07/26/deal-of-the-day-canon-eos-1d-c-camera-is-now-3000-off/
  7. Young Ebrahim commented recently at Philip Bloom 1Dx2 post:
  8. Elder Ebrahim was active recently at Reduser forum: http://www.reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?136609-lenses-for-red-raven&p=1643250&viewfull=1#post1643250
  9. Info is strewn about in this thread: http://www.reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?147028-July-Update&p=1643162&viewfull=1#post1643162
  10. http://www.canonwatch.com/canon-eos-c100-mark-ii-replacement-coming-with-4k-video-cw3/
  11. light quality database: http://indiecinemaacademy.com/complete-led-color-database-cri-tlci-cqs-tm30-15/
  12. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1134579-REG
  13. https://***URL not allowed***/dji-osmo-raw-review-zenmuse-x5r-first-footage/
  14. I'm very tempted by 1DxII, but am keeping an open mind as Photokina approaches. Anyone know how Sony (A7sII, A7rII) autofocus compares to Canon's dual pixel in speed and accuracy?
  15. https://***URL not allowed***/canon-1d-x-mark-ii-vs-canon-1d-c-which-one-shoots-better-video/
  16. Ebrahim, would you ask your contact at Canon if they're considering offering CLog on the 1DxII as a paid option?
  17. What I would do: • wait a couple weeks....IF Apple announces new laptops at their WWDC, hopefully recharging will be via USB-C (then there should be many more battery options than currently with MagSafe) • get a 12.9" iPad Pro and connect via TwoMonUSB (four speakers are built into iPad Pro 12.9" or 9.7", but only 9.7" has DCI-P3 gamut)
  18. Hoping more Nano USM lenses are available soon: http://www.the-digital-picture.com/News/News-Post.aspx?News=17726
  19. What's the likelihood of CLog coming to 1DxII in a [paid] firmware update?
  20. I learned a few things today attending local Canon 1DxII event: • confirmed that 1Dc is still in production • face detection locks on closest face when there's multiple faces • touchscreen is usually disabled when cable is plugged into hdmi port, but setting in hdmi menu allows touchscreen and hdmi monitor to both be active
  21. How is the AF of A7sII and A7rII compared to 1DxII below:
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