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  1. The a7III has enough resolution for 4K in APSC crop though. The big question is how well will it work on the a7s where there isn’t enough and it’s resampling slightly? I have yet to see a good test of this for the viability of S35 glass.
  2. Please also ask them why they decided it was necessary in the 1DX II to put a heatpipe/heatsink in but they are doing less than the bare minimum in the R5 where the camera is marketed with professional video features, in a market segment with competition delivering reliable professional video features (S1H and A7sIII). This quote from canon themselves is damning - why did they not feel the same need they did then, instead opting to release two pages of overheating documentation and ship a crippled product with clear-as-day poorly designed hardware?
  3. I'm stoked for it, but I think it could sink still based on as-yet-unreleased specs. How bad will the rolling shutter be, and how much will it cost? We've had to endure 8 bit and 1080p60 on Sony for all this time, the S1H is very close these days and now we're just starting to see the tech finally arrive for the next level of this class of camera. I'd love to live the 5DII innovation wave again - got my fingers crossed for this.
  4. The million dollar question - how’s the rolling shutter seem? No worse than an A7SII or A7RIII? I shoot a lot of documentary on a pretty purpose built A7SII(more recently I throw my A7RIII in for the better slog2 / sgamut3 color science and the APSC punch) rig running off V-mount batteries and recording ProRes to a Shogun. Directors I work with love my old Leica M and MS Optics lenses and the only camera I can provide the full image circle of this glass is a full frame offering like what I’m using. They’d rather take the 8bit 4:2:0 with the fun lenses over cropping them on an S35
  5. Hmm, you're right with the C5D dudes being a little all over the place with the testing. I don't typically trust their DR measurements but I haven't really seen much of their rolling shutter tests or method to know either way. I'm not sure I'll have an XT3 right on launch but I'm super curious what you and others measure it at (and DR vs A7sII). I find that with the GH5 and GH5S it's as good as gone even handheld with IBIS off. All those years of shooting 5DII (the good old days) and A7sI and II have helped, though.
  6. Don't forget the 9ms rolling shutter! Better than almost any midrange pro cine cam and better even than the GH5. I'm probably gonna get one too, I own Fuji's 18 f2, 23 f1.4, 35 f1.4, and 56 f1.2 with an XPro2 and I feel like with specs like this it'd be dumb for me not to swap out the XPro for an X-T3. Edit: looking for where I read someone had it nailed at 9ms for 4k 24p, but I think the response time is different in each mode. Still, it seems to lead the pack in sensor readout. Regarding H265 being taxing on hardware, who cares. If it's a heavy edit, transcode it to ProRes or so
  7. Regarding LCD dimming, it doesn't let you change the LCD brightness while set to 4K recording. The option is literally grayed out - kinda strange. Is it a heat or power consumption issue? Also, how's everyone feeling with overheating? I used my A6300 exclusively on a 5-camera (All others were A7s I and II) live studio shoot with a top 40s pop artist and was overheating all day. Our workflow was to capture a 10-song live album, so we'd roll cameras, run one ~4 minute song, take a 30-45 second break, and then run another 4 minute song. The camera started overheating on the th
  8. I picked up my A6300 this morning at Samy's in LA on the way to a shoot at an auto body shop and have been shooting with it (in Slog2 PP7) in place of my A7s. I did a quick and dirty sharpness test between 4K 24p, 4K 30p, 1080 24p, and 1080 60p. I also threw in a 1080p Slog2 frame from the A7s version 1. All images are on a speed booster (non ultra) using a Canon 24-105 F4L IS (wide open at reported f2.8) through a "Fader ND Mark II" brand variable ND. This is my doc-style work setup and now that I'm seeing the results I'll definitely be redoing this test stopped down a little on a
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