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    G6 vs. Forza 18k

    Go with the G6. It has focus peaking :D
  2. I'm sure youre mistaken there somehow Axel. The only reason there's a DOF difference is because when using the same lens on different sensor sizes, you have to stand closer or further back to get the same frame. And of course when your distance changes, so does the amount of background blur. If at 4k the GH4 with BMCC Speed booster has a 1.4x crop, then does that mean it could still possibly work with the Sigma 18-35mm? That would be sweet.
  3. Fascinating. I'd also like to know the laws regarding shooting people and places of businesses and putting them on film to the masses like that
  4. Can anyone tell me whether or not I can use Nikon lenses which have aperture rings on lens turbos that have aperture control?
  5. Hi, could you post some sample photos/videos so I can see how this lens performs? Also could you tell me how its ergonomics are?
  6. Inazuma

    BMPCC vs GM1

    The 550d was my first camera. When I look back at footage I shot using that camera, I can see a clear difference in quality between it and my subsequent cameras (Sony NEX 6, Nikon d5200, Panasonic GX7). It is clearly inferior in detail, aliasing/moire and noise. The stills were good, but not better than those others cameras. DXOMark's ratings are a bit faulty. For example, the Nikon d800 and Sony A7 are tooted as having amazing high ISO performance. But when I look at dpreview.com's comparison gallery, I can see the Canon 6d and 5dMk3 are clearly better in high ISO. Thanks for your post maxotics :) The BMPCC is for sure a nice little camera, but for the most part I don't see why you wouldnt be able to get the look of it using your GM1 and some grading.
  7. Inazuma

    Rigs for DSLR's?

    I dont have a setup myself, but have been pondering about it for quite some time now. I found this "Capa R1" http://www.amazon.co.uk/Compact-Camera-Video-Shoulder-Support/dp/B00H3LN4HA Essentially a pistol grip with chest support and rails so you can mount a follow focus or some other stuff.
  8. Why does the BMPCC have such an incredible amount of moire?
  9. Can someone clarify something about aperture equivalence for me. The focal reducer will increase light gathering by one stop, but how will it affect the DOF shallowness? So 35 f2 lens on mft would become 25mm f1.4, and then multiply again by the mft crop factor, it becomes a 50mm f2.8?
  10. Either camera will do, but in both cases youll want to use an external recorder- otherwise youll have this really long, awkward wire dangling from the interviewee to the camera. Also as others have said, youll want a prime lens. Kit lens' aperture is too small and will force you to use noisier ISO levels. The Sony E 50mm f1.8 is a superb lens apart from its focus ring has an extremely long throw, which makes manual focus a real pain. Both cameras have great autofocus systems. The Sony will track movement much better though.
  11. If you can afford another G6, why wouldn't you? Keep using the same workflow, same lenses. The cameras will have the same colour renditions, etc.
  12. Its not just about being able to move around the focus point. You can also "look around" the image kind of like a 3D image - but much more realistic. It's actually quite amazing and I think it could have interesting applications. Think Harry Potter where the images have dimension.
  13. Price is on par with the 5dmk3 but with better IQ and lens flexibility. Sounds reasonable.
  14. Is the sharpnesss of 1080p on the GH4 on par with previous models or better/worse?
  15. Yes, when I had the lens I found it flared a lot (which I personally didn't mind). The Olympus 17mm f1.8 flares a bit too. By comparison the kit lens on the a6000 doesn't flare at all.
  16. There is already a bigger thread with more personal experiences :) '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> I will say I knew there was something wrong with the peaking, but wasn't sure what it was. You probably nailed it. I also found the peaking to become less intense whilst shooting video.
  17. It's funny how you guys are still debating when I posted pictures and videos clearly showing the differences in dynamic range, detail, moire/aliasing and noise - all of which are superior on the Panasonic.
  18. First order of business should be to create a sticky defining "misbehaviour"
  19. Funny thing to say, but whilst watching the video, I inadvertently learnt a few new things about cooking :p Cool stuff, well done. Impressed by the 5S footage too. To me, the Canon stuff looked like typical Canon DSLR footage. The Sony had more character, although maybe graded too harshly.
  20. I only have the Olympus 17mm f1.8. But I have used quite a few different lenses on other systems when I had them. This focal length has proven to be my most liked. 50mm is too flat and has no charm. 75mm is too close for general purpose. 24mm is nice but only for landscapes. 35mm is perfect. The fast focusing and ability to snap back the ring to manually focus makes this lens a joy to use. You could also check out the Voigtlander 17.5mm f0.95, though it's 3-4 times the cost and very heavy for a m43 prime. I've also owned the Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8. But I feel the zoom range is too limited to be very useful. I'm thinking of adding the 35-100mm to my collection though.
  21. This is really the complete opposite of my findings. A6000 bakes in more sharpening (especially noticeable around edges such as around the tree I posted earlier) whilst the GX7 shows nothing but organic detail. I also did another test last night and whilst the Sony again proved incredibly capable at AF-C in low light, the performance was worse. Bigger and more chromatic grain with more detail smudging.
  22. I'm kind of considering getting a BMPC or BMCC in the future. My main reservations has always been about the file sizes. Could you guys tell me how much space each minute of footage takes?
  23. Is say the a6000 is definitely worth the extra money over the NEX 6. The better EVF and menu system make it a lot more usable (i actually ended up selling the nex 6 partly due the poor EVF and handling). Video quality I can confirm what people said above in that you can recover some highlights. However the detail in video is subpar compared to my Panasonic GX7. To be honest, in the end I would make your choice based on lenses. RAW image quality wise I would say they're pretty much even.
  24. Has there ever been anything filmed with medium format?
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