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  1. Anyone have any ideas for a vertical grip for this camera?
  2. I dont have Final Cut im afraid. Only AE/PP. I can use the CC wire removal effect in After Effects, but id rather have the removal done in Premiere Pro as then I dont have to encode the video out of AE back in to premiere
  3. This is kind of off-topic, but how is the GH3 in low light/high iso compared to Canon aps-c cameras?
  4. I've done some investigation and I am almost certain the dead pixels were caused by strobe lights in a nightclub I was filming in. I have looked at images and videos I've taken before and during the shoot, and it seems the dead pixels appeared whilst filming - though I've yet to find the exact moment it happened. I wonder if there's a filter I can use to stop this from happening? Maybe an expensive UV filter?
  5. Well, as I said it shouldnt be too much of a problem as long as I can find some plugin/effect that can get rid of stuff like that. Similar to what they use to get rid of wires I'd think.
  6. They say its a problem with the sensor itself (dead pixels)
  7. Ok so the swobs didn't work and I sent it in for repairs (out of warranty). They just gave me notice that it would cost £500 to replace parts :( :( I've asked them to just return it to me. (which is still gonna cost me £30!). I guess I'll just have to use software to get rid of the spots in post. What plugin do you guys recommend for this kind of thing in Premiere Pro or After Effects?
  8. When I had this lens for my 550d over a year ago, I thought it was too contrasty and off-colour compared to my Canon lenses and so returned it. It's maddening to think this guy has put it to such good use :D And now im tempted to get a BMCC speed booster which would make the lens into a 38mm f0.90 on the GX7 I think?! Btw Andrew have you tested the Sigma 18-35 with the BM speed boosters on GX7?
  9. This will be THE video camera for doing sex tapes :)
  10. It looks quite colour accurate apart from one thing - Her skin seems to lack its appealing translucency.
  11. That film looks beautiful! And to think I was using that same combination over a year ago (Canon rebel + 30mm)
  12. I do have Colorista, but have yet to learn to use it properly (specifically in regards to Primary and Seconday exposures)
  13. Hi there, I am primarily a stills photographer and so am very comfortable with the Lightroom sliders for changing the hue, saturation and luminance of individual colours (ie. this). I also quite like the Clarity slider. When it comes to video grading in Premiere Pro / After Effects, I am ok with the control I have over highlights, shadows, etc. However I can't find any effect with similar colour controls to Lightroom. Most of it is either sweeping changes to the whole image or individual channels (R/G/B). Can anyone point me to what I'm looking for? :)
  14. So what's the verdict then? Should I be getting the RJ version or something else? (Note ill need one with aperture control)
  15. I find the idea of shooting RAW to be ridiculous. 7 gigs per minute what. Plus the lack of 60p is a killer. The d5300 could be great but I found the d5200 tended to have poor highlight control.
  16. Not this again :rolleyes: If sharp images = videoish, then does that make the things shot with the soft old SD cameras filmic?
  17. @Dom: The stills quality is good but lifting shadows in RAW shows purple colouring. The viewfinder is really nice. You can see more of my findings in a big post I made earlier in the thread. @EOSHD/Andrew: When will your review be published? :)
  18. Has anyone found a way to make this possible yet? Will there ever be a way?
  19. But can it be downscaled to 10bit 4:2:2 1080p? :rolleyes: Also lol:
  20. Inazuma

    BMPCC vs GM1

    The banding issue was present on my NEX 6 too. It only happens for certain types of lights (namely the long thin ones)
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