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  1. Hi andrew, what you think about getting a fz1000 or rx10 ii they have very similar specs. Which one do you prefer and why?
  2. pretty certain that 4k will not be popular til 2016, we gonna stick to 1080p for a couple of years
  3. you should also really consider Samsung NX1 - great color - 15fps 8k - fantastic autofocus - best slow mo next to fs700
  4. the perfect camera is yet to come probably A7s mark 2 with 5axis IS and internal 4k
  5. pretty pointless graph the only downside of having higher resolution is the data amount transferred via 4k/8k is enormous, making it kinda difficult to broadcast or edit.
  6. how is LX100 compared to FZ1000 in general beside size and range differences?
  7. it's one of the most interesting phone this year however, it seems like Panasonic was just trying to test the water, this phone does not even have a front facing camera! Lumix 1020 failed big time because it's a Windows Phone, fortunately Panasonic does Android the major factor is the thickness of the phone almost all smartphones nowadays range from 6mm to 10mm if panasonic somehow managed to make it like 10mm or so it will get a lot of attention, until then it will probably fade out like 808 Pureview
  8. no 120fps/240fps no touchscreen, tilting and ND filters otherwise, it's a real winner
  9. not a bad deal considered LX100 costs $899
  10. i have seen the footage of 240fps a few hours ago published by Apple but they deleted it for some reasons i think it's because of the quality of it is really bad it's running @ 480p and tons of aliasing
  11. I like the Final Fantasy background music FF for FF camera :wub:
  12. one word- WOW incredible performances who needs a steadicam now with this technology?
  13. based on the clip above showing e-p5 shooting 120fps/240fps, i am not shocked that there will be 4k on E-M1 but the quality obviously will not be as good as GH4
  14. a6000 like others said will not have any updates it's sony style
  15. The yellow cast actually appears in almost 95% of cameras in low light conditions Interestingly, Samsung camera NX300 appears to do a great job in white balance
  16. New side by side comparison:
  17. no 4k internal recording is very annoying
  18. really would like to see how slow motion video perform 1080p 120fps 720p 240fps
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