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  1. i'm gonna predict it will outperform FZ200 or LX7 big time
  2. i owned both RX100m2 and Galaxy Note 3. I would rather have videos shooting with my Note 3 in most situations because they are definitely a lot sharper in 4k, except for low light. i can imagine a new sales record for both LX8 and FZ1000, and especially FZ1000. I viewed some of the samples the bokehs are awesome
  3. not a big fan of RX100M3 and RX10 how can we all stay 1080p while almost every smartphones coming up can shoot 4k now? this is a huge meltdown of RX series and a big thumb up to Panny
  4. just watched some of the samples, i think overall performance is okay but not as good as LX7 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GH3nt-EGB2c http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MgdOnc7GRI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcuV8maXcNw
  5. Footages of Note 3 4k samples:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZQFbOZ93Jw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpumOlijBjk
  6. I'm still a bit surprised that Sony banned the 4k recording feature on Z1 (which apparently supported by S800), it seems like Sony doesn't want to affect other product lines such as 4k Camcorders or upcoming 4k Consumer Cameras or so.   In contrast, since Samsung and Acer don't have much impact in cameras or camcorders, they are freely to do whatever formats they want like 4k30fps, 1080p60fps.   def looking forward to see how 4k30fps perform on the Note 3 and i won't be surprised there are some ways to crack the Z1 into 4k recording mode via some apps
  7. 5T is a terrible addition to 5R I see no much difference except the NFC
  8. I am not going to recommend NEX 6 for videography because the moire control is terrible and relatively soft compared to G6/RX100   If you want a real pocket camera, go with RX100, otherwise G6
  9. Hey Andrew, they are in fact Chinese saying: The Next Generation of Sony Xperia - Honami smartphone equips with a 20MPs Exmor R camera (plus a 2.2MP front facing camera) and it's going to support 4K video recording @ 4000x2000 resolution.   There is also another additional leaked photo showing that the rear camera is in fact "20.7MP, 1/2.3 inch sensor with a big G indicating that it's a G lens".
  10. There's already rumour back in the early of July stating Sony i1 Smartphone gonna support 4k recording for the first time. It seems like it's probably true now there's another leaked photo showing the specifications of the smartphone and its capabilities of shooting 4K video @ 4000x2000 resolution. Unfortunately, there's no more info about how many fps it's going to be.  
  11. very impressive they should make Android apps Now!!
  12. lol I actually liked that Canon commercial a lot when it was released and thought it was refreshing with great night scenes
  13. Cons: Sensor-shift image stabilisation not effective in video mode confirmed by ePhotozine
  14. there are already indications showing that Apple 5s/6 will perform 120fps video my guess it's prolly 1080p 120fps and pretty sure this dude can make 4k 30fps on that   unfortunately i do not own an iphone myself  please do share some videos after using this app, thanks
  15. I hate the camera straps mount on this camera if this is the final product it is exactly the same design as Nex-6/7 and they are not ideal for moving the camera without taping it
  16. WOW the amount of details captured by the V1 blew away any 1080p video I've ever watched, even the hacked GH2 of course insanely sharp :blink:
  17. sorry guys i mixed up with the link before here is the new one: http://img1.focus-numerique.com/focus/articles/1713/sony-rx100m2-exemple17.jpg http://img1.focus-numerique.com/focus/articles/1713/sony-rx100m2-exemple18.jpg
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