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  1. Do you know James Gunn in person? Just wondering because we should probably never take sides if we are not fully understanding the whole situation
  2. The Mark VI is a very unique camera It's very close to a mini RX10II without the mic input and better slow motions features. The lens is also sharper than RX10II that can take better stills. I think a reasonable price would probably be $850-900. The look of having 240fps @ 200 mm is quite interesting, very similar to FS700 which cost $9000 back in 2013:
  3. the cheapest setup is probably iPhone SE and Spark biggest bang for the buck for slow motion + aerial + some 4k footages
  4. I think its way too early to say youtube is over In the future, I believe youtube will evolve into educational / paid channels It's still the early stage of Youtube full functionality
  5. This is the global trend, whether you like it or not If you dont like it, just unsub from the website and go for the text based ones There are also some amazing youtubers or reviewers out there like Max Yurvey / Christopher Frost , unfortunately Max no longer makes a lot of videos because youtube screwing him. Just pick the things that work for you, we should be happy we got free information (+minor ads) from the internet.
  6. The quality of it is about 360-480p, it's for fun. Almost certain to stick with 120fps/240fps if you need better resolutions
  7. very good news more competitions are always better cant wait to see 4k 120fps/240fps 10bit from Samsung
  8. the fact that it looks like a toy makes the best for travel, and of course legally
  9. I do not think Vloggers need to shoot 4k at the moment, just like what most people do with G7xII. one minute here and there are good for b-rolls. The 120fps/240fps are very good quality as well. However, it is a bit of surprise Sony still not fixing it after several years This is an interesting shot, especially last 30 seconds In the past it could only be shot with very expensive slow mo cameras or RX10 series (my guess it's 150-200mm), the quality is very potato though with a 10-15% increase of quality over previous RX10/RX100 cameras.
  10. probably not target for professional videographers the bigger problem is using in summer it may shutdown consistently due to overheat
  11. I would just buy the 28mm F2 and 85mm F1.8 (optically almost perfect for the price) I do not see too many reasons why to use 28-70 except for OSS performance
  12. Am I the only one that looking forward to Spark II? Something less than 250 grams would just be perfect for travel
  13. interestingly most smartphone main camera is 28mm FF equivalent, right in the middle of 21 and 35 I am not sure why you said AF sucks for the Samyang 24mm F2.8 it is a brand new lens and most of the people cannot even get accessed to this lens yet the only guy who got this early on is Christopher Frost and he did a test and confirmed the AF works perfectly:
  14. there's an option for wider shot 24mm f2.8 by Samyang it's quite incredible it only weighs 93 grams with autofocus for A7III
  15. Some of the shots taken with telephoto end (100-200mm) seems pretty impressive It could be F4/F4.5 with ISO 3200/6400, quite usable? wish it doesn't overheat after 5 mins though
  16. As for price point M50 does give a lot of value to customers, especially for vloggers. I doubt they need 4k in the next couple of years. The specs of these new Canons are ok and not mindblowing. The low light and high frame rates are always the issues of their cameras
  17. if that's the case it's even worse..not sure a firmware will be helpful for those bad copies
  18. When it comes to video, it can shoot upto ISO 12800 and currently the only smartphone that can do that. The main camera has a large 19 MP 1/2.3” Exmor RS sensor, f/1.8 lens, and 1.22μm pixel size. The secondary snapper is a 12 MP 1/2.3” monochrome unit to boost low-light performance. The lens is f/1.6, while the pixel size is 1.55μm. The secondary camera works together with the main camera to improve image quality. This is a very unique feature and requires a much faster AUBE fusion engine to do the whole process The performances are shown below (in a very dark indoor environment): as compared to Huawei P20pro and S9+: So far it looks like the low light shots are pretty good. Finally Sony does something unique in their smartphone lineup, it also comes with a 4K HDR display and High Frame Options upto 960fps. The downsides are the size, weight and some may find the design looks a bit old fashion.
  19. except the autofocus issues not being solved at the moment
  20. Stills: A9/A7RIII depending if you need more resolutions Video: GH5/GH5s, Low light video: A7sII or A7III
  21. Casual videos, definitely However, even some companies making one with a much bigger 1 inch sensor (I think it's a disaster), the size of the lens is still so small that will not be used for film making. The poor low light performances and control of depth of field are not going to improve dramatically in the next few years like full frames. That being said, for just recording memories and some casual B rolls, I do see many benefits using your smartphone as primary camera.
  22. Pretty much agree with Andrew except for the last sentence There are still tens of thousands or even more of vloggers using RX100 or G7X as their main vlogging cameras. Having a much faster lens makes it a lot useful in low light environments. There are couple of shots already in dpreview samples showing how high the ISO (1000-2500) goes in a very well lit studio situation. The decision of having no ND filter and losing one stop of light is quite a bad call in my opinion and should be renamed the camera as RX50 and continue to develop a better lens on RX100 like you said 24-100mm F1.8-2.8 or even 24-100 F2.
  23. For someone who wants better low light @ the wide, just buy the RX100V. For someone who wants to take some wildlife/concerts and travel shots, it's almost a no brainer to pick RX100VI.
  24. the 200mm sharpness is pretty decent and the bokeh is not bad for 200mm f4.5, a clear better choice over Panasonic if budget is not that tight
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