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  1. http://img1.focus-numerique.com/focus/articles/1713/sony-rx100m2-exemple17.jpg http://img1.focus-numerique.com/focus/articles/1713/sony-rx100m2-exemple18.jpg one is from the original and the other one is the MarkII
  2. I'm a bit surprised that you didn't find any improvements in low light image quality so far I've seen quite a number of live tests showing an improvement in this area and capturing more details in low light situations
  3. If Clive Owen become Bond i would not even watch any Bond movies for the whole series
  4. the significant change of mkii to me is that it provides an opportunity for mic in which is a huge plus for video, i would wait for some more advanced testing before buying it. ;)  
  5. I am sorry to say I also had high hope like you before. And I was so pleased about the spec but there are many reports concerning IQ even from Japan users.   Based on the softness of this RX100II lens, it may even affect the Video quality which apparently we liked a lot about the original RX100.
  6.   RX100II: http://www.magezinepublishing.com/equipment/images/equipment/Cybershot-DSCRX100-II-5201/highres/Sony-Cybershot-RX100-II-AWB-Tungsten-DSC00108_1373293702.jpg   RX100: http://www.magezinepublishing.com/equipment/images/equipment/Cybershot-DSCRX100-4158/highres/sony-cybershot-rx100-awb-tungsten-DSC01112_1343909806.jpg   Look at the grey chart and the films boxes.   I suspect it's prolly caused by the new backlit technology and the drop in quality of lenses, plus the newer version is Made in China instead of Made in Japan.
  7. Pacific Rim will be a disaster, according to big data stats people like Grown Up 2 a lot more. There are no big stars and Del Toro's record is just silly in BO. The trailer looks really boring to be honest.    In Japan, the anime of Eva in 2012 made 60million which was a pretty great score. However, since Del Toro's so stupid not to use same gender character in this film and indicate that it's based on Eva, I can see a flop in Japan too. The marketing is just ridiculously stupid.
  8. Don't be too happy about MK2 yet There are already samples showing a significant drop in terms of IQ (softness and colour).
  9. White House Down also stucked a lot in this summer, even worse than After Earth Pacific Rim will be a huge disaster in USA, however the Japan BO may save them which apparently it looks exactly like evangelion.
  10. i am also excited about this if it can record unto 30fps@4k i expect more consumer cameras will follow as well
  11. Ironically, both of the directors you just mentioned are also Nolan's favourites.   Personally, I like Michael Bay and Zack Snyder films a lot. Still remember the first time I watched the first 7,8 minutes clip of Dawn of the Dead remake 10 years ago before it released in theatre. It was extremely exciting and the makeup was fantastic with a rather low budget. It was one of the best moments I had in theatres because the rest of it did not disappoint me.   The same thing actually happened on Michael Bay. I had great time watching both The Rock and Armageddon in theatres. I was also shocked by the first few minutes of Armageddon.I can understand why Nolan said he liked about them that I would rate these opening moments as high as Heat, Jaws, Saving Private Ryan, and Inglorious bastards by QT.   There are so many aspects that are also important about filmmaking besides a well written script. Are the scripts of Dawn of the Dead and Armageddon well-written and considered as world class? Absolutely not. However, the cliches, humour and everything worked so well that I had laughs, tensions and emotions in theatres I felt like no problem to have multiple views.   I am also heavily influenced by the works of Kurosawa, Hitchcock, Lumet, Bergman, Aronofsky, Scorese, Mann, De Palma, Lynch, Kubrick, Fincher, Coens, Scotts, Park, PT Anderson, Boyle, Darabont, JJ Abrams, Jeff Nichols etc. 
  12.   So, are The Dark Knight trilogy and Pixar films absolute garbage?   There are a lot of reasons for mainstream films to dominate the market. It's not only about marketing tbh, the genre, the theme and also happy endings make audience feel good about watching them.   Working for disney/comics/heroes projects generally break-even most of the time, if not a very high ROI. Lynch should at least have some sense about money and business.
  13. First of all, I must say I am a big fan of Lynch's films   However, Hollywood producers are really really tired of David Lynch this type of arrogant directors. In fact, there are a lot of reasons to dislike him, he's arrogant, non-marketable with freaky personality. What's worse, his projects flopped way too often.   If you are so full of yourself and think your movies are greater than most hollywood directors. Just take your shots at those blockbuster scripts and make a fortune of yourself first.    Do you actually think Christopher Nolan likes to direct Batmans that much instead of working for his own written pieces?  The reality is, you need money to run your art forms, sir.   "In this world, you gotta make the money first when you got the money, you got the power  then when you got the power, you got whatever films made"
  14. In CES last week, Panasonic announced the new Travel Zoom series flagship model - TZ40 aka ZS30. According to the spec of its official website, it's going to shoot 720p, 120fps like FZ200. It's going to be the first pocketable ultra zoom camera that can shoot at such high speed.
  15. not a good idea. its HDMI out is just next to the tripod mount.   for better slow motion in good light situations I am pretty sure LX7/FZ200 going to beat RX100.
  16.   I would stay away from shooting VGA resolution, the videos above are all FZ200 - 1280*720 HD resolution at 120fps.   Andrew did mention that he loved his FZ200, just wondering if he had any footages on hands and how he thinks about this subject  :)
  17. It is inevitable that these point and shoot tiny sensor cameras will have noticeable chromatic aberration.   Sony is going to release its Full Frame Nex in the coming year, its definitely going to be huge and epic. However, I am quite certain that such form factor will not be allowed to shoot some 240fps at HD or even 120fps as it would seriously hurt the sales of FS700.
  18. There were all the rumors about GH3 that gonna shoot 720p @ 120 fps like LX7 and FZ200 but unfortunately Panasonic decided to turn it down.   Ever since LX7 became the very first pocketable camera that shoot 720p @ 120fps, CES 2013 panasonic just announced 20x zoom ZS30 that can shoot 720 @ 120fps. YES! which means you can literally get similar high speed quality from FZ200 which can perfectly fit in your POCKET.   samples below to view the quality of FZ200 in high speed recording: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0tL-TC8FGQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8R1tcs-qF8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6V0LJTuhhY   I am quite certain that the camera industry is actually capable of making consumer cameras to film 1080p 120fps NOW but they decided to delay it for marketing purposes. I am so keen to see an incredible pocket camera like RX100 that can shoot at such level if http://www.engadget.com/2012/09/23/aptina-unveils-1-inch-sensor-with-120fps-1080p-video-likely-for-nikon/ is true.   All the cameras I mentioned above cost around $300-600.
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