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  1. I did some tests with the intelligent digital zoom on the a7s and I'm pretty convinced it's some kind of sensor crop. My theory is that the processor is cropping into the 4k video to get the zoom as opposed to cropping into the 1080p video. So the video quality is actually really good. Here's a video showing some tests I did with it.
  2.   I don't think I'm quite as cynical as you, but just in case that's also why I bought my adapter as soon as  ;)
  3.   Sony NEX 5N and mostly Nikon AIS lenses and some old Russian lenses. Should be a good test to see if they really improve image quality because old Ruskies get mad soap opera wide open. I'll post footy soon.     I looked it up and nobody makes Alpa to anything adapters that I could find. It's such a bizarre choice. I was thinking the same thing too because I really don't need a smart adapter.     Thanks for the link. I knew there were instruction for it I just forgot where they were. Adapted Lens work well although I can't compare them against how they work
  4. Hi all, I pre-ordered the adapter and just got it in today. I am planning to do a thorough review of it soon, but for now I've just been messing around with it. As far as I can tell, there is no loss in sharpness or light blooming or any of the other weird effects that adapters with built optics often have. I'm not sure if it makes lens necessarily better, but I don't think it makes them any worse. It really is like having a full frame camera.   The speed boost really works too. It feels kind of subtle from F1.4 to F2 but it's really obvious at F4 and slower.   There is one cavea
  5. I don't have a Hackintosh or have edited raw but I do have some comments on using Geforce cards in Premiere CS5.5. Definitely get the 6 series over the 5. Even though there isn't a huge performance boost, the 6 series cards allow for 4 monitors per card which is huge for editing. I use a gtx 560 ti and whenever I incorporate large picture files into my videos it crashes. From what I hear it's because it only has 1 gig of ram (although it could be something else.) most of the 6 series cards have 2 gigs and up while the 5 series are almost all around 1-1.5 gigs.
  6. I think this obsession with 4k for the masses is a little premature. There are barely any non pro cameras that can even deliver legit 1080p. I think one of the big obstacles in Nikon's way is the fact their lenses rotate backwards. It may not sound like a huge thing but from what I hear that drives a lot of focus pullers nuts.  They need to make a line of video lens that rotate the other way.
  7. Do you know of any video tests being done with the D800E? Do you think it would have similar image quality to the regular D800? This is somewhat important to me because while I primarily use my cameras for video I'm also a painter and I do need a camera to take the highest resolution pictures of my work for prints and it would be nice to have the extra resolution of the D800E if it does not add a significant amount of moire and aliasing on the video side.
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