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  1. Probably! Yesterday I heard that Fujifilm was saved by Sony, Nikon, Canon on the condition to not produce DSLR. True?? Who knows!!
  2. For the external shots, remember to have something to fight wind. Put that in your budget! The Rode mics are great. I have a NTG3 and is great!
  3. Resolve is a great program! I want to use it because it's PC/Mac. If I get tired of paying twice for Apple products, I can buy a powerful PC and use it with Resolve.
  4. Here I am! I wanted to make two points. 1) On blind tests little people partecipate and everyone is very cautious about the words they use. 2) Thank Science/God technology advances! A: Is the Aputure Led Ring light, which declares 95CRI. 42€ B: Is a Yongnuo 300. 90€ C: Is an old Litepanels Micro that I payed a lot of money for, but a long time ago. I have a pair of Yongnuo that I would like to change for Aputures 95CRI. But the improvement is not that day/night!!! ;-DD
  5. One is an Aputure, a Yongnuo and a Litepanels
  6. Because you prefer B and think it should be more expensive??
  7. I shooted my hand with an LX100 and an X-Rite Passport color-checker. I used the auto-match of Resolve to color the clips. Three different Led lights, one costed me 300€, one nealy 100€ and one less than 50€. Which is A, B and C??
  8. Any camcorder with a big SD can work out. If you just have the GoPro, place it as near to the stage as possible
  9. I would also recommend to buy the cheapest Phantom you find and practice practice practice. Once you are good at flying the cheap Phantom, you can decide better what to buy. The Inspire is great, but it's not a first drone buy, imho. Your first crash with it you loose 5K$. Crash a cheaper drone first! ;-D
  10. What Gregormannschaft said. I prefer the non "Watchover" parts and you did great with people!!! With my Canon 7D it took me a couple of months to take nail focus with the rear LCD. But now with the LX100 and 4K, I lose a few clips to slighty unfocused clips, that don't show well on the rear LCD. I want an Atomos or something! 4K and FF are much worse, so you really need a monitor and manual focus to do what you want.
  11. I am FCP X and El Capitan, but I am studying Resolve, to do everything there.
  12. I would make the SSD internal, but without a GPU, you'd better use proxys. Macs are expensive in general, and Macbooks even more, but you need the GPU, and even more with Resolve.
  13. We probably have developed an optical memory. It's like a shot with a Tilt-Shift lens that looks like a miniature.
  14. Check your levels. Clipped whites on a big screen are not pretty!!!
  15. This weekend I followed a two-day course on Resolve. When you work with RAW or good ProRes files, you can't appreciate h264 the same! ;-)
  16. From the GH-4R specs: "4:2:2 8-bit / 4:2:2 10-bit (When 4:2:2 10-bit mode is selected, it is not possible to record motion picture or still picture on the SD memory card in the camera unit.)/Auto / C4K / 4K / 1080p/Information display ON/OFF (selectable)/Automatic down-conversion (4K --> 1080p only)" So paired with a BM VA 7" it should work?? 4K 4:2:2 10bit??
  17. BM has all the right ingredients but the cake never cames right!!! ;-)
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