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  1. Big sensor and a lot of resolution makes pulling focus hard!!!
  2. Use your FZ1000 to the max and then if you are limited in some way, get another camera to fill the void. But I think it's better to buy in steps!
  3. El corto está bastante bien y las actuaciones son muy buenas. En español se entiende perfectamente!!! Y si encima lo tuviste que montar deprisa y corriendo, enhorabuena! ;-D
  4. Why don't you make your movie so good that you can shoot it with an smartphone?? Using money to rent gear you have never used, it's a really nice way to loose money. If you need serious photography, find a low-budget DOP. Cinema is a sports team!
  5. Making a camera is not easy at all! Let's hope DJi surprises are. Specs are nice, but results is what counts!
  6. It's great to see some companies are trying to make cars, instead of making cheaper or faster horses!
  7. Of course the focus-aid just work with electronic lenses??
  8. You are mostly forced to wide-angles and large DOF, or you need a focus-puller. What we need is a good wide-angle prime with optical stabilization! And learn to walk without bouncing! ;-D The more weight you add, the worse it works and the more power it needs. Even the Osmo X3 seems like a valid option. It cost's the same of a GoPro with gimbal. I love the compactness.
  9. DJI is the BMD of flying cameras! ;-D I wasn't very convinced about the remote focus (perfect for the Ronin, not for drones), but this is really interesting. And their cameras seems to be improving all the time. As fuzzynormal says their first cameras were much worse than GoPros, but they are surpassing them now.....
  10. BM in capable hands produce awesome results! It's a pity they harm themselves with this stupid way of presenting products when they are not ready!
  11. Our work and reputation depends on this little plastic cards.......
  12. I have a MiniSturdy Flight since the beginning of September. Jacopo, the owner/crazy inventor lives at 8Km/5miles from me, so it was great just going there, talking with him and having the gimbal set up for my Panasonic LX100. Took it on holidays with and didn't treat it exactly nice, it was on a too little bag but it survived well! The gimbal is very well built, the battery last forever (with the LX100). For my use, it's very nice. It takes out the roughness of hand held. You probably can use the start, the movement and the end of your shooting. I could use it even zoomed out (75mm equivalent) if not walking. The nice thing about an electronic gimbal it's that even if it's not perfectly balanced, the motors compensate. It gives some weight and "look" to the LX100. The not so nice things, when you turn it on, it must be still, you can't turn it on while in a car, for example. And if you use weird angles (mostly too tilted up/down) it sometimes goes crazy, you must stop it with your hand. Those are probably common to all other gimbals. Jacopo is a serious&honest people. He can probably pre-calibrate it for your NX1. Ask him!!! Edited to add: I love that I can see the LCD of the LX100. No need to use an external monitor with the MiniSturdy Flight!!!
  13. It's funny those conversations of "film high quality" when most of what film offers are defects. Lovely defects though!!! It looks great, your actors are very good and it brought memories of my own childhood!!! Now a new thread is necessary: what do you have in your fridge?? ;-DD
  14. The other day my Panasonic LX100 told there was no SD, my heart stopped for several seconds! I was in the middle of nowhere and didn't have a proper SD backup. The SD was inside, I restarted the camera and it found it and I formatted it. Memory cards are important!
  15. It has worked for me a lot of times!!! Those are good prices for commercial work. Inazuma told us that he is helping a friend who is working on a long term documentary...
  16. On the Ronin yes, of course. It's on the drone which is useless!
  17. DJI has created a follow focus for drones. Only problem, you will probably fly further from objects than hyperfocal distance, so it's probably the piece of gear nobody will use.
  18. He lifts 300 times a 1 pound weight! ;-DD It won't be your first and last job, so ask what you would like to get. If they ask for a discount accept it. The better you get, the more you can charge!
  19. +1 It's nice to check it on a smartphone or tablet, but it can't be your only monitor! Nick thanks a lot for the link!!!!!!
  20. I know, most boring topic ever. Not all hope is lost, I give you another chance tidy guys! ;-DD
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