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  1. Do you have a monitor 4K, 24-27", that cost less than 1000€?? I buy my monitor once every 10 years, I would love something wide-gamut.
  2. I have these at home and give them no love! I will send everywhere if the buyers pays for it. 500€ for the anamorphic, 250€ for the diopter. 700€ both.
  3. Blackmagic strategy is ridiculous. They keep selling vaporware, when they could perfectly sell their products, which are very nice. They could have come with a Pocket 2.0 or mkII with a better LCD and little else and keep it at $1000 or stay with the first version and put the price at $750. Nobody would have complained. Instead they announce something that never gets out.
  4. That's why I am delaying and delaying the first bite! ;-DD The first DDD CDs sounded awful, engineers where using all the tricks to compensate the tape loosing high frequencies, in a digital format that do not attenuate high frequencies. You wonder if sound engineers have any hearing capacity left sometimes. Same goes for 4K production. You need a 4K monitor, two eyes and a BRAIN. From "it seems to be there" to "wow look that wig on that actor" the step is short!
  5. It depends on the vibrations and the rolling-shutter of your camera!
  6. Try to get them "spot" only. A piece of paper will turn them wide if needed! I got a softbox with E27 lamps inside. Cheap and gives a lot of satisfaction! ;-D
  7. Wow, thanks a lot! I heard some of your music and it's pretty nice! I posted your website in an italian forum!!! Good luck!!!!!
  8. Aside mad scientists (ala Rich) or fanboys (ala Mattias), the history of Kodak will be studied as how to go from heaven to hell with bad business choices. We complain about Canon, Nikon and Samsung, but Kodak is the worsest!!!!!!! ;-DD BTW, well shot Super 8 is great, it's just the cost and workflow that doesn't make sense for most videomakers in 2016.
  9. It's my faulty english or this guy mixes max clip duration with final video duration?? http://www.provideocoalition.com/first-4k-uhd-videos-shot-with-the-nikon-d5-and-d500-dslrs
  10. I wish you luck and a working NX1 for a long time! Samsung doesn't understand how the video/photo world functions and they showed it all along. For years they made shitty cameras. When they make a good system, they kill it young. Who can trust Samsung??
  11. IMHO, that makes sense. Adobe programmed the h264 part a long time ago. The h265 more recently. Computer-intensive is everything video related. Responsiveness depends more on well programmed software/fast storage, than on CPU/GPU brute force potential.
  12. You either are a one man band and get the Beholder DS1 with a Panasonic LX100 (light + OIS good lens) and work on autofocus. You are a two man band and get a GH4 with the Ronin and you remote the focus that someone must pull.
  13. Hey, I'm spanish, but I must confess that you are mostly right!!! The whole cinema scene in Spain is based on dick-sucking. There are 3-4 producers which can make money producing 2-3 films per year even if nobody watch them. They get public money whether they have a gem or a shit. In the "best" times 200 movies were produced of which only 10 more or less had theatre time. The others went to film deposits. At most some pass on TV in the middle of the night!!! Spanish cinema counts on Almodovar and another pair of directors to get some traction. In Italy where I live now is more or less the sa
  14. Imho, Adobe keeps adding features to their programs, without really building a new version from scratch. I remember a lot of years ago, I was on a PC and Premiere gave me an error in a window that was from two versions of Windows before!!! I now use a 1920x1200 external monitor and I am thinking about getting a 4K one, but I have one doubt, will my setup be faster or slower??
  15. What is a must for good audio is to have the mic as near as possible to the sound source you want to capture. If you must be further than 1 meter, it's better to use a mic with directional response. So if you must be at 3-4 meters, a shotgun like the Rode you mention is great! Of course, if the background is noisy, divide the distances by three!!! ;-DD
  16. I don't know in your countries how broadcast tv looks. I bought a new 4K 55" panasonic tv here in Italy. I dedicated 10 minutes to cancel any "improvement" to the image from the tv set. But the problem is broadcast, it looks like shit. SD is a seminar on compression artefacts. HD is somehow better (only 5 channels on national TV in Italy and not all the time!). SKY satellite is horrible too. Then I watched one of my videos on YouTube (with the tv app) and it looked wonderful! It's pretty sad that broadcasting is destroying the work of thousand of professionals. I still remember when broadcast
  17. Apple could also employ someone with a nice background in other apps to better FCP X (read copy features!) FCP X works great!
  18. At 60p you can have problems with lights!
  19. To me it's like someone has planned to tour the world on bike and after 20 miles the bike tire punctures and s/he quits the idea of touring the world... Samsung it's a gigantic company, producing the NX1 has been a huge investment, they can't stop it now, because it didn't sell in the first year. It's either brain-less direction or marketing...
  20. Let the conspirer in me get out: how can they have made such a great camera as the NX1 (and the lenses, which have always had good reviews) and now they are leaving that market?? It's not like a marketing move?? They are making us pray them to make a NX2??
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