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  1. @Finn Schäuble, no need to be rude to people who try to be helpful. Nobody here can read your mind, although the thought seems appaling. If you are all on the nex route, then instead of being impolite rather be "not lazy" and read the forums which compare your sony cameras. if you ask for opinions you get them served as they are.
  2. I think it looks quite alright. Its terrible when people just judge a movie by its technical setup and shortcomings. Actors and compositions looked interesting, not my kind of movie (not too much into this guy ritchie thing. lock stocks was ok, but after that it got pretty much redundant) but pretty decent. still i wonder why they chose a gh2. if you can afford more than 3 average actors, you can afford to rent something decent. perhaps production fell into the pre ml 5dmkiii, bmpcc or bmcc period.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I suppose those Nikkors would also fit on my precious gh2 with an adapter? I am also still keeping my left eye on the bmcpc...
  4. Lol each week a new cow is chased through the village. just like people were all freakin out when the bmcc was announced, just to find out it wont be available for ages, jello etc. and then everybody jumps on the next bandwaggon. the mkiii doing raw sounds superb, but lets wait till a big crowd uses this in real life conditions and checks this for flaws intensively. if it passes that, then i will get all excited.
  5. Getting away from technical obsessions is a good thing! Sometimes i read specs aswell like its a bloody novel by Tolstoi or Dostojevsky and then i ask myself for what? Recently i have been studying the c-mount solutions for the new bmpcc like a nutcrack. Luckily i manage to pull myself away from that and just go out and shoot, creative time is 90% of all cases better spend out in the field, getting things going with what you got already...
  6. Can only recommend the canon fds aswell. very good and cheap. the minolta mds are not bad either.   my starter kit contained the canon fd 20,35,50,85 and the lumix 14mm f2.5 and that was already more than enough for everything i needed.   a fabulous lens for the price is the vivitar 28-200mm f3.5-5.3 with macro, its a very good run and gun lens during the day. the best cheap low light solution is the canon fd 50mm 1.4.   And yes, dont fall into the trap of buying too much right away. i expanded too eary and too fast, now i got plenty of stuff i hardly use.    I
  7. @Jason: you should get the canon and listen to your guts. Its not the look that "we" grave for. everybody has his own aesthetics. I dont like the canon dslr look for example. It looks like a more expensive porn magazine in my opinion. and people have overdone the superduper shallow depth of field already 1-2 years ago. Go to Berlin etc, there are so many 3rd wave canon dslr hipsters. while the pioneers have already moved on, as the market is saturated with that look. it was nice at the beginning, wow, we can shoot like this with what is basically a photocamera. but now, when i see something sh
  8. Amen Chrad. I find myself sometimes becoming a shopping bitch and worrying more about which glass to buy or what gear to get next instead of what i shoot next. Gear is only there to support the content. If there is no good content, all gear is useless.   if you got good content, need a certain gear to make a certain shot possible and you can afford it, go for it by all means. Always use the best gear you can get and then forget about it and just see it as a tool.   the gh2 is the best in its priceclass but also has its of limitations (banding, DR, rolling shutter like all dslrs,
  9. If you dont intend to do a lot of photography, i would not go for a 8bit camera anymore. i would rather go for one of the blackmagic ones. true, extra storage costs and you need a decent pc, still, it appeals a lot more to my eye.   if you want to go the 8bit route, i think the gh2 is still a fine camera for the price, it has its limitations, but if you dont need it for paid jobs, its absolutely a decent camera. there is a tendency these days to just live the postcard-syndrome, as Robert Bresson put it. People should think less of their gear and more about their ideas and concepts and w
  10. @pulp writer and cantsin:cheers a ton for your tests, you helped me a lot as i was looking on some of those schneiders on ebay. now i know a lot more! thanks!
  11. one more thing that was mentioned elsewhere about the pocket camera: with the cropfactor of the sensor a 7mm full frame equals roughly 21mm on this baby. so it wont be easy to get really wide on that camera. still for that price and package i am all sold!
  12. i would go for the gh2 aswell. the 14-140mm is a very good allround lens. not very fast, but still. you can still sell it later on without problems if you dont like it. another route is to buy the body only, and get old prime lenses, like the canon fds or by minolta. you will need an adapter, but they are worth it by all means. excellent picture quality. old zoom lenses are sometimes so so, its said the newer ones utilize technical improvements.   the 14-140mm also offers you OIS, so you can shoot handheld.
  13. Just tatooed blackmagic on my forehead!   Holy cow. I might be going for both of them. The pocket camera for sure. This is just what i have been waiting for all the time: something small with a stealth factor, good for run and gun and no 8bit crap, no 420 color space. This just sounds way too good to be true. Please dont fool my passionately beating heart!   Thats what the world needs, companies that kick the lazy big players, who just see us as cash cows, rightly in the bum. Oh well, would not surprise me though if canon fan boys kept buying their crippled down stuff just too fe
  14. There is also another way. Driftwood made a new setting called slipstream 3 which works with the gh3 matrix. Very good setting and made to match the 2 cameras.also the Valkyrie 3 gop settings are overall quite an edge ahead of flowmotion imho.
  15. Conurus, would you be so kind to tell Andy and me, where we have possibly mixed up the two? We were always writing "and".
  16. I read that you have an offer for those 3 cameras. Still i agree with Andy Lee. You will be a lot happier with a hacked gh2. Overall its the better camera plus you can put all kind of old legacy glass (cheap and very good) with an adapter to it. So on the long run you even save money.   The Nikon d5200 seems to be a decent camera aswell although you are restricted to nikon glass unlike with the gh2.   The Canon would not really be my choice. Canon is very popular, but it lives more of its name than anything else.
  17. Thanks for your reply Andy! I live in europe and we have a free customs agreement with south korea, thats why i am looking at that lens. I would actually be more interested to get the slr magic 25mm, but that is shipped from hong kong and will cost me 19% taxes plus up to 40% customs fee.    But your reply is very valid, as customs and taxes are always an issue and the reason why i dont buy in hong kong. I am just curious whether its a cheaper built or if there is any catch why the lens is relatively cheap. For example if you buy a Mercedes Benz in the States its built in a lower q
  18. i have just found the mentioned lens for that price in south korea. Its quite a bit cheaper than elsewhere. Has anybody experience with ordering in south korea? Is there any catch? Cheers
  19. True. I dont be local at all anymore. Just small things where its not worth to pay for delivery. In Hong Kong you get a lot of stuff way cheaper, my only concern is VAT and customs, who are a pain in the ass here in europe.
  20. Thanks. Just read a review that the lens has quite some vignetting. I dont mind soft corners, but what is your experience on the vignetting? Thanks m8!
  21. Thanks for all your replies.   Andy, what do i need besides the lens? an adapter cmount to m43? Any rings or other stuff in between? Thank you, i will keep that lens in mind and look for it.
  22. I am curious to collect some real life experience on the lenses above. I read several tests on both lenses but would also like to hear what users say.   I am planning to buy one of the lenses above. The panny is certainly not on the same level, just costs half as much though. If you dont mind the plastic built and the software image correction, i guess that might be a good lens. Although perhaps a bit too clean.   Some said the slr would be a lot sharper wide open, while focusing would be smoother on the voigtländer.   Anyone? :)
  23. I am very happy with the rode video mic pro for run and gun stuff. If you have the time to set up your audio stuff, then i would recommend the zoom 4n recorder, best thing you can get for that money to my knowledge...
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