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  1. 19 minutes ago, Federico Res said:

    Hi! Here are some good quality screenshots from a clip that was posted in a BMPCC4k Facebook group. I have the footage in my HDD (12 GB for about 4 minutes), I may re-upload it (original link is gone), but I already feel like a thief writing this post ^^

    The footage looks clean and beautiful. No visible noise, just a fine grain. It is not really representative of the final output of the camera but it looks very promising.

    I graded it with FilmConvert and the BMPCC video preset. No sharpening, no noise reduction



    Thanks for sharing. 

  2. 4 hours ago, mercer said:

    Yeah, but I'm unsure why they believe it needs to be 4K? 2.5k in 24 as 60p would be a fine upgrade for the Pocket and would quench most people's needs for the next couple of years. 

    Even the Micro Cinema Camera has 60p in 1080p form, and that was unveiled, what, 2 years ago.  I agree with the others, impossible for a 4K Pocket to out in the woodwork, but one can dream ::wink, wink::

  3. 7 hours ago, tugela said:

    CorelDraw. IMO it is better than Illustrator.

    I second that motion.  An CorelDraw user, 20 years - never looked back.  The PhotoPaint could be better, but I love the easy way to do graphics.

    14 hours ago, jcs said:

    Check out Affinity Designer to replace Illustrator: https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/designer/

    Which use to be Serif... as in Serif Draw?  Interesting, I may look into their photo/graphics package.

    10 hours ago, Don Kotlos said:

    Well AVID just released a free version of their popular NLE:


    These free solutions are very good news for this community!

    Well finally!  After being told that it would launch the final part of 2015 or beginning 2016.  Nevertheless, I look forward to it.

    Lots of great things popping up.

  4. I've been interested in that too, and wanted to know what lens that could take the adapter be it that said adapter thread is 37mm.  And this isn't only Moondog Labs, there's another one called VM Lens (in Anamorphics, too).

  5. I concur with everyone here.  It's not worth quitting over it.  I don't post much here, but I enjoy coming here and other sites dedicated to indy and enthusiasts in video/filmmaking.  The Panny GHx years intrigued me in the early 2010s and it was you that made it possible for me to try out videography.  Opinions are just that... opinions; everybody has them.  Creativity trumps all of that.

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