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  1. [quote author=eosjames link=topic=770.msg5594#msg5594 date=1337806447]
    I really like the idea of the anamorphic cinemascope mode! I hope this is something we'll see in all future dSLRs.

    I wondered the same thing when I first saw it last month.  It would be something for an option or something like it in 1920x800... Super 35 style.  Wouldn't that be something.

    Also, they (Samsung) are coming out with their compact version of the NX series -- I think NX200/NX210...
  2. [quote]
    Yes you can use a ND filter. The filter goes on the anamorphic lens. I have used a variable ND filter (77mm) on 2 of my anamorphic lenses with the use of step up ring.

    Thank you for the response.  I'll make a note of that as I need to get one for my canon as the adapters I use for my micro 4/3 doesn't have an aperture ring.

    Cool beans.
  3. UPDATE: I decided to post the YouTube vid as a redux without the music cue.

    Like timnh's post, I decided to post my attempt on using the Sankor on my Panasonic GF2, using the hack and EOSHD's anamorphic patch on MJPEG.  I like the effects so far.  Focusing has been trial and error, ust getting the hang of it for a first time DSLR video user. 

    Question: Is it possible to put a ND filter in the anamorphic or the taking lens?  I shot after sunset.  Thanks for looking.  Q&A is welcomed.


    Thanks, Andrew for the wonderful work you did on the patch.

    P.S.: I got the video embedding figured out.  Thanks a bunch
  4. You are not alone in focusing both lens.  I had a heck of a time trying it, 'til I using the focal lens of the anamorphic with the focal of the taking lens - lucky for me I got VidAtlantic's clamp, you should check them out. 

    I might post a YT vid here on EOSHD.

    I love the lens flares at the end.

  5. [quote author=fugue_state1 link=topic=545.msg3848#msg3848 date=1334262673]
    Great footage!  I bought your Anamorphic Shooter's guide and found it very helpful.  I've been using a Iscorama Cinegon with some Super-Takumar primes.  These produce very nice images, but the Takumars aren't really sturdy enough to support the Iscorama.  I've also been trying some EF Canon primes, (50mm and 85mm) which are much sturdier, but lack the charm of the Takumars.  Do you recommend the Nikkors are a superior taking lens on both build and optical quality (with the anamorphic)?  Are there any other options? 


    I, too, am wondering the same thing.  I got a Sankor 16F and a Canon EF 50mm.  Are the Nikkors any good in ginving good focal points or does one need a good diaptor?  I been contemplating on either the Nikon E series or the Helios M42 lenses.  Some suggestions?
  6. Hello.

    I got my Panasonic GF2 today (yay!), and I'm liking it so far.

    While trying the patch myself, I'm wondering if I'm hacking the right version.  I noticed it says Firmware version 1.1 (it don't spell out version 1.11 or 1.12 e.g. 

    Following what unconsenting said in this thread[url=http://www.eoshd.com/comments/index.php/topic,345.15.html]http://www.eoshd.com/comments/index.php/topic,345.15.html[/url]

    I tried twice to apply the new firmware into said camera, everything's fine like it is, but what I don't get is is it really the new firmware I'm applying.  I used a PNY 8gb, Class 10 card.

    Anyone stumped as I am?

    I'm so new at this... all in all, I like my new toy.

    Replies are welcome.
  7. Hello AReid, I hope you can answer this.  I'm quite new at this, but referring to your article on lenses and the GF2...
    "2. Use a lens with a manual aperture ring, that the camera cannot control electronically"[/i]

    Knowing that I would need a mount adapter, but would a legacy lens [b]Canon EOS F 50mm[/b] work on it?
  8. This is my first post, and I'm a newbie at DSLR -- former camcorder user.

    I've been hearing so much about Panasonic, Sony, Olympus and Canon DSLR cameras that I can think about; yet I've been curious to getting a GF2 and I'm intrigued by the pricing of them that, according to your article, I been contemplating on a better-get-it-while-it's-hot state.

    I'm also interested in the PTool hacks.

    I don't know what to get, should I get the refurbished or the real deal (be it GF2 or GH2)?

    I have bought refurbished in the past, and had no qualms with them.

    I just add that to my bying list -- I'll make a decision tomorrow.


    Thank you so much for the info, I will wait to try out the patch until it becomes solid -- don't wanna mess up a good thing.
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