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    New Nikon D5300 with Expeed 4

    It is good that eoshd did a good review of the RX10 and saw its limits. A camera that he himself has been hipping a lot. For me I have stop believing in any of the Sony dslr camera. Every new model is crippled in one way or the other to protect their high-end camera line. It is so obvious that I can't even understand people who get excited by any Sony dslr camera for video use. One example is the claim that it has full sensor readout. I am 200% sure that is just marketing bull-shit because of the moire/aliasing in the shots. On the other side you have Nikon who release the D5300 camera which gets rid of the only major problem of its predecessor (fix pattern noise) and adds 60fps 1080p and gets a paragraph with a test done in the shop. It might look like minor upgrade but from an already very very strong Nikon D5200 image quality. This camera with its lack of FPN and new expeed 4 could even be better than the 5dmark3 in many area. Some I am sure like Dynamic range and sharpness and others like lowlight will need some test. Hopefully someone else (Cinema 5D Johnnie Behiri said that it was on his list). My guess is that the D5300 will have an image very close in term of sharpness, DR etc to the Canon C100/C300 below ISO 3200. And it will at least have 60 fps for $ 800. Unfortunately for most people and bloggers, what they will remember with their lack of research is that the Nikon DF has no video, and as such Nikon does not care about video and should be crucified for this. Yet Sony just released 3 cameras that all have their dose of moire/aliasing, codec, etc. etc. issues and they get all the headlines.
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    5Dmkiii Raw In Dubai - Eoshd Lut

    My first few shots from my Dubai trip. Used the EOSHD 5D raw LUT in Resolve and it worked like a charm. I love how it lifts shadows without sacrificing black levels. I exported the clips from resolve with the LUT and then did additional grading on top of that in FCP X.
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    New Nikon D5300 with Expeed 4

    I hope that someday he might see the market not only in terms of what looks more innovative but camera that are also ... good enough. In my case for example, I am a Pro Nikon shooter with about $ 15 000 in camera, lens, flashes etc invested in the Nikon system the last 8 years (I don't live in a first world country). In the mean time I have bought a Canon 7D and a Panasonic gh2 for video. If there was no Nikon D5200 and the D7100 that I bought, I would have gone Panasonic gh3 or Blackmagic. But in the end, from what I saw the D7100 is good enough for me and I am so thrilled about the image quality, that is why I am so interested in the d5300. A D7100 image without the Fix pattern noise and 60p is just ideal for me. No need to search for new lens, adapters that might fail etc etc... For sure I would like at least 10 bit, high bitrate internal codec and eventually raw when I can afford the size and resources needed. But until now with my ninja if need be, I get what I always wanted when I had my hacked gh2. Better dynamic range and lowlight with good 1080 resolution without any aliasing and moire... The combo with the ninja is still very small and adds peaking, zebras, false colour and high bitrate codec. If someone cannot do nice pictures with such a combo then he needs to look at himself.
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    camera buying dilemma

    Here's a suggestion & its a cheap one. You've got 2 5D3s & a collection of Canon L glass, yes? Install a stable version of Magic Lantern for the 5D3 - NO, you're not going to use RAW! In the Movie menu, at the top, there's this setting that will increase the Bit Rate of the H264 video. Now because the 5D3 will accept fast CF cards, you should be able to increase the recorded Bit Rate & record sound (you'll have to experiment how far you can push the Bit Rate, but anything over 2 will be good - 3 would be great!). If you use a good PS (VisionColor is v.good), this increase in Bit Rate will give you a lot more room to CC & even sharpen your footage in post. Quite frankly, that's the only/best solution for you - a Nex isn't going to be better than a 5D3, not today, tomorrow, never. Furthermore, for any detailed GVs that you might need, which don't need sound, you could use a short burst of RAW. Other than that, I just don't see what your dilemma is - you've got 2 5D3s, use them Goddamit!
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    Now if only we could get RAW on the G6 :)
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