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    Based on how they've allowed the situation to be (mis)handled, and by not showing any leadership, I now tend to think they are very disorganized as a business overall. If they were being deceitful I think there would be a more unified method and voice, albeit one based on trickery. Instead, by letting chaos reign and different voices proliferate, they seem to have no idea how to make this happen. I sense goodwill on their part for sure, otherwise why the incredible price point? But, I also sense an odd combination of idealism and youthful ADD spread rampant through the company, so to speak, which is threatening to undermine their whole project in total. The flip side is I'm glad they aren't like Apple yet. I'll take waiting for a well speced affordable product rather than one that is overpriced and underperforms...and that's coming fron an Apple user. Apple has shifted to 'giving us less' as a business model. At least BMD, with their similar appreciation for aesthetics, is trying to give you more for less. Their idealism is their best quality. They are making a mess of things like a child would, but at least there are good intentions. Hopefully, they can release a few good cameras in quantity before their business model gets seduced into the demands of the corporate world a la Apple.
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    I wish olympus would just fix the video mode on the OMD. It could be such a perfect camera for me
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    to be brutally honest, I could care less about exact ship dates or how close they match up to promises... i'd just like to see them actually release a 4K RAW s35 global shutter camera at this price point, at some point, sooner slightly better than later, because it will put that much pressure on all the other major manufacturers to stop f****ng around and come up with an answer... with similar features at similar price point.  win win
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    [quote name="peederj" post="39391" timestamp="1374888939"The Heroic Pro Cinematographer that we're supposed to emulate saying the sensor on the new 4K camera sucks is devastating publicity.  [/quote] If a $4k super 35 global shutter 4k compressed raw/prores camera sucks because it only does 12 stops, I wish more cameras would suck!
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    Not sure if you can describe it as a benefit, it is an aesthetic that you either like or dislike
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    Kays Alatrakchi

    Aligning anamorphic on camera

    One technique that I heard mentioned is to shine a flashlight into the lens and look at the streaks to make sure they are as horizontal as you can muster.
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      Petrol Andrew, always petrol. Aussie's call it petrol mate (and Manc's). BMD being Aussie of course. ;) :lol:  
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    Andrew Reid

    Variety of 2X Anamorphics For Sale

    Thanks for posting, however I take issue at your pricing. It is extortionate.   You can get a Kowa 8Z for $500.   $2200?   I know that includes the Tokina, but I still would encourage all sellers of anamorphic lenses to be reasonable and to not start another price bubble like we have with the Iscorama.   Thanks.
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      I think part of the problem is that Blackmagic keep attempting to put out the fire by adding gasoline.   First they say September would be 'a best case scenario' - then the official statement they raise expectations by saying August. Bit risky no?   Expectations are already too high and there's a good chance that in the final development stages or production stages that a camera might encounter issues that take further work to solve.   It would be better if they just said 'second half 2013' and give themselves some breathing space.   Under promise and over deliver rather than the other way round.
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