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  1. I get the impression that Defy still has some serious quirks to work out with their G5.  Which is too bad - as a yank myself, I'd like to root for them to succeed, and keep my money here in the US.  But the ONE video they've put out so far (over a month ago) has some very troubling shake going on at several points (as MTheory mentions above). They ignore every question posed to them about that (as well as questions about the 1% post stabilization).    The G5 is open for pre-orders, but based on what?  A spec list, a CG render of how it'll look and ONE demo video.  Anyone who preorders it at this point is nuts IMHO.   Of course, they keep releasing more videos around the G2... most with it sporting a BMPCC, a camera which isn't even out yet (at least to general public).  On what planet does that make sense, if you're trying to also tap into the DSLR crowd with a larger model?  Either the G5 isn't performing well, so additional demo footage would only make them look bad - or they need to fire whoever is in charge of marketing, because frankly BeSteady is KILLING THEM as far as marketing communication.
  2. to be brutally honest, I could care less about exact ship dates or how close they match up to promises... i'd just like to see them actually release a 4K RAW s35 global shutter camera at this price point, at some point, sooner slightly better than later, because it will put that much pressure on all the other major manufacturers to stop f****ng around and come up with an answer... with similar features at similar price point.  win win
  3.   Agreed!  My only complaint was that it was partly cloudy, and in that portion of the sky there was no sexy "blue" visible... was plain old white to the naked eye, and white to the sensor.  heh.  Oh well
  4. We thought the DR challenges presented by her studio was a great excuse to live dangerously, and use the ML RAW hack for a real shoot (for a paying client).  Couldn't have been happier with the results.  It's not high art, or enthralling story... it's a very simple quick corporate video intro for use on their website... But it's a corporate video that looks a WHOLE lot better than it would have, had we shot in .H264   https://vimeo.com/69602554  
  5. Hmm.  I wonder why he didn't shake the camera more.  Needs more cowbell   If I had to pick a list of my top 10 favorite movies of all time, at least five of them would be Lynch films.  Had a long conversation with Sean Young about Dune when I worked with her on a low budget b-flick several years ago.  That said, he's an acquired taste.  Is it really a shock to hear, in a time when people like Lucas and Spielberg are moaning about difficulties in funding, that Lynch would be singing the same tune? Don't cry David, I'll send you a love letter.  Straight from my heart, #$%#&!   This brave new world feels so foreign to filmmakers, but the theatre scene has been feeling it for decades now.  Times change, audiences change, things evolve.  Welcome to Earth
  6. Joyce, go to magiclantern.fm FYI:  Andrew Reid is not a Magic Lantern developer
  7.   Is it possible the problem here (I've heard several people describe similar issues) is that they're attempting this using the free version?  I was under the impression that the free version does not include RAW output
  8.   You first need to "Load Modules" in the last tab.  (you can also check "Always Load Modules on startup" (or something to that effect, don't remember exact wording - camera not with me)  After you Load Modules, the RAW Video option will be there
  9. I'll add to the chorus asking about Cineform RAW clips to experiment with.  Would be lovely.   I'm most interested in the statement "can be edited directly in Adobe Premiere".   Are you saying you can modify the RAW settings of a clip directly from Premiere?  (does it give an ACR-like interface?)  I'm not a Davinci user, and most of the discussions I'm finding about Cineform seem to revolve around how it behaves in Resolve. 
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