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  1. Also, apparently full control of the camera through Bluetooth (I was hoping for a regular remote control port like on other Blackmagic cameras, but that's ok). From the BM site: (since same OS as Ursa, it should work) "You can even enter the slate information wirelessly via Bluetooth from an iPad using the Blackmagic Camera Control application!"
  2. I saw a demo of the trailer processed in HDR from the source material, on a 4k Sony hdr compatible TV. Quite a show case for the technology. The landscape and skies looked great. I just hope they don't push the tech too far with some horrible tone-mapping.
  3. Very nice video. It looks good on a 4K display. Downloaded the 1GB MP4 file from Vimeo (just need a free login account). Quicktime struggles a bit with it (it might be the 50Mbps bitrate), but VLC plays is smoothly. Can't wait to have a GH4 at the office.
  4. I think it didn't work for me at first, then I trashed the preferences ("Reset All" I believe) and then it worked. No scrubbing though.
  5. I think the key element that people are missing is the 'retina rendering mode' (basically supersampling the UI and text elements, and native resolution for content). Maybe they haven't experienced it. Actual resolution of computer screen will become irrelevant, you just chose the quality of the rendering you want (or can achieve). I think on the Mac, it's nicely done. On windows, the UI scaling is always kind of clunky (at least when I tried it on a yoga levono tablet or a desktop with a 4K panel attached).
  6. I do, for 11months and it's great. Till someone hasn't sat in front of a 4K panel, take their opinion with a grain of salt. 39" 4K on a desktop is great, driven in 'retina rendering mode' it's even better: i.e. text and UI scaled to the size HD and retina enabled applications rendering their content in native resolution: editing HD video in FCPX, it means your HD video is in native resolution in a quarter of the screen, and the UI elements are rendered beautifully at correct size. The same for Adobe softwares: editing D800 pictures in Lightroom and PS CC in retina mode is great. And the new generation of displays available now are making it easy to drive them at 60p (see Dell, Samsung, ...).
  7. Blackmagic has been mostly a production company, providing gear for broadcast people for a long time (way before any camera or buying other companies to provide a complete worflow). You can't blame them too much for providing to their original user base. See they even bought Cintel for their film scanner, sold now at $30K.
  8. HDMI 1.3: Deep Color: HDMI 1.3 supports 10-bit, 12-bit and 16-bit (RGB or YCbCr) color depths, up from the 8-bit depths in previous versions of the HDMI specification, for stunning rendering of over one billion colors in unprecedented detail.
  9.   Exactly ! That annoys me too.   It's an approach they've done before. They disrupted the market where people are making insane margins. They bought Davinci, and made it affordable. They bought Teranex  and made their products affordable. They regularly decrease the price of their SDI switches. They regularly decrease the price of their capture cards and adapt to their customers with new models. You get video production equipment for half or a third of their competitors.   They are just building a whole ecosystem for movie and broadcast production...
  10. Today, in the BM forums, from their spoke person:   "The team tells me that we are still on track to start shipping before the end of July. I'm not sure if there will be more of an official update than that within the next week, but for anyone in the LA area, we will have cameras at our event on Thursday if you want to check them out"
  11.   BM's CEO has done that several times over the last year in blackmagic's forums, with great details on why the delays exists and how they try to solve them.   Luc
  12. I love BM products and use them for a long time (capture card, converters, sdi switchers, ...), but the delay on their first camera is in no way their first ! Ask people who waited on the H264 encoder or the 4K capture/playback card. People have been waiting over a year for these too.   Also, they have been buying out small companies, and realeasing their products for much cheaper, to complete their offering (Teranex, DaVinci, ...).   It's really an engineering company trying to shake things down, and they are learning along the way. Really wish the small camera comes this summer, and might even get one !   Luc
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