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  2. The IQ of the GH5 in 'open gate' mode is IMO better than in the UHD/4k modes. It's got cleaner detail with none of the obvious sharpening that some users complain about in UHD/4k and the shadows are slightly less noisy and have cleaner blacks. More importantly it's got no aliasing artefacts in fine detail (when suitably downsampled in your NLE) which is the major flaw with BM cameras using 1:1 sampling sensors. Just curious but why are you not a fan of h.265?
  3. That was a good deal and I think I may have bid that one up for you. As I’ve stated ad nauseum, I love my 5D3, so I’m in no rush. My goal is to build a similar kit as you for $750 or less... anything more and I may as well get a Z Cam E2C or a GH5 as a second camera. How is the IQ of the 6K mode different? I’m not a fan of h.265 so it sounds a bit less appealing.
  4. 'Without artefacts' - please explain what reality this is?
  5. https://www.xda-developers.com/google-revoke-huawei-android-ban-blacklist/ https://s3.amazonaws.com/public-inspection.federalregister.gov/2019-10829.pdf
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  7. You have no more a clue what is going to happen than me. So we will see what comes out of it. We will both probably be wrong. And the PK4 is just about as capable of shooting anything you can throw at it. Cine cameras are just a sensor in a box. They have no bells and whistles to talk about. Only the skill it takes to use them. Nobody shooting a BMW commercial is going to use AF. And they can afford V Mount batteries. So it is an even playing field. Hell there is no reason you can't use a Z6 to do it. It can get the job done with skill. Might be harder but. Nobody is going to laugh anyone off any set in this day and age. Output is what counts now. It's a whole new world now from when I was in the industry. Money is not the only factor now.
  8. Hmm, but you could if you had too. And thats my point. Take away the elitism and their isn’t a problem. Except that you aren’t using a 10K camera to charge your client to use.
  9. Hell I have had several company's. I worked 15 to 18 hours a day, 7 days a week. Being at the top you deserve a hell of a lot more money. Cleaning toilets and running the whole damn company is a hell of a lot different trust me. They don't pay you a lot of money to sit there and play with your balls on the shitter. And sure, people with no money are going to shop at cheap ass places. You think they are all running down to Macy's to buy $250.00 a piece shirts and pants?
  10. The most funny is to see America to behave like was born USSR... Kolkhozes would end to be a good western set anyway ; -)
  11. Tell that to American consumers that are shopping in those Walmart’s filler with Chinese manufactured goods. Or the company CEOs with that take huge bonuses but pay their employees peanuts.
  12. Seems so. Disgusting premise though. I guess a good principle is when we accept our neighbor's wife can end to be prettier than ours. To live with that. It happens.
  13. You responded to no-one. I think the majority agree the press conference is not goin to be the EVA to L mount. You always go against the grain for some odd grumpy reason. As @webrunner5 would say " you can't shoot it on your ass with your iPhone and no one would care". On set the P4K will get laughed off the set. No one is shooting the next BMW commercial on the P4K.
  14. Paying more is a hell of a lot better than having no job to pay for Anything, and your country going belly up. That is the main concern here. This stuff is out of hand now, what the hell you think it will be in 10 years from now.
  15. And yet you can shoot a professional film or short or Indy film with a P4K and no one will notice while watching that it wasn’t shot on a “professional” camera. They won’t even care if the story is good.
  16. This is very bad. 15 years ago I obtain from a US educational entity, a presentation about intelligence of China people vs US people. On short, due to its immense population, China had / has more intellectual genies than all US population. This new "type" of Chinese wall now built by the United States (Trump administration) is creating an immense economic war that will have its short-term consequences. Chinese were already building one for the internet, so the "data exchange" is already affected, starting from personal level (also very important) all the way up. But since Chinese labor is cheaper, this is also part of the intellectual forces, and I suppose the United States may not accept that millions of Chinese can come to US "to realize themselves" (for the same "security" reasons). So in the long run (5+ years), China may come out more successful and will dominate the IP of the whole world... Am I missing something ???
  17. People tend to look for the neighbor's dish, envy it. Without wonder about the route to precede the arrival there. Let alone the cost.
  18. Then you better be willing to pay higher prices for your goods. Trump wants everything made in America because it sounds good and wins him votes because people think it will create jobs. Yet, almost no one is willing to pay higher prices because they want a “decent” wage too. You can’t have both. China has cheap labor. China is also looking at Africa for its cheap labor. This is when you realize most things in this world have been built off the down trodden and less fortunate.
  19. Fair play oblige. Not cheating. Not this nonsense from irresponsible and silly boys used to easy pussies paid (but) not with hard work. That is, in some other words, 'Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat'... some people become used to not have idea what it is. Without mention, the world has changed. Nationalities are a damn of a bloody fiction, an autocratic speech from one side (populism not people) trying to rule over the other, when everything else failed. 5G is only the corollary of this. E : -)
  20. I don't think you have a clue how Patents work.
  21. No it doesn't. What P4K does the echo system work with? And NO again on professional productions. If it's professional and matters and has a budget no way will the client be ok with the P4K as the A camera. You'll get laughed off the set by your hired guns on your crew. Because you provide an adapter for the EVA to L. No way is this press conference for the EVA to L mount.
  22. It is because Panasonic can sell more L lenses, why would they just keep the EVA1 as a EF mount when they now have their own lenses to sell.
  23. The Input color space is the camera color space : Rec.2020 (Scene) for F-log Rec.709 Gamma 2.4 for film simulations Rec.2020 ARIB STD-B67 for HLG
  24. I think the whole world needs to wake up and understand depending pretty much on China to make their stuff is a huge mistake. I am not talking as a personal insult to China. I respect what they have done. But the whole damn world is putting their eggs in one basket here. Nations are loosing their national identity, people out of work. This is leading to a F ing total disaster. You can't have one country making everything and the rest just going belly up, and not abide by the rules. That is the trouble with this crap. Trump is just a small ass piece of all of this. Britain is just about to be a nobody country soon. Other European countries are nearly in a worse shape. This is all some serious shit. South America is going to shit also. It Ain't going to get better keeping it the way it is. This has no good end without some big ass change. A hell of a lot of countries are to blame for letting this crap happen.
  25. Yes he did use dramatic weathers conditions to his advantage, where as most people would pack it up and go home lol. Impressive use of what was available.
  26. What rules? New (state) terrorism rule over free market they learned Chinese to make it, better than anyone else in the world?? Shame on these bureaucrats! They deserve a fine kick in their ass instead. This is not free world nor democracy. This is anything but a corporate declaration of war, moreover, pretending to be on people's defense is really worse, just a totalitarian act in disguise. To play very low and dirty. PS: " (...) the P30 Pro won't be available to US buyers for political reasons" https://www.cnet.com/news/reasons-buy-huawei-p30-pro-vs-galaxy-s10-plus/ Yup, 5G. This reminds me Warsaw Pact period or more recently DPRK (for some reason, that orange baby started to praise the rocket man...) People gave their own lives to change all that political crap which contaminated the planet for decades... Restraining Economy and cut lives of hundreds of millions of people for several generations without clue what yogurt was, go figure diversity of different types, limited to milk and bread produced by the usual suspects when not famine. Sustained and redefined now by actual morons! This is a very serious attack against progress, development, equity and finally the humankind itself as a whole. E : -)
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