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  2. It counts as a life experience thats for sure. Even we locals acknowledge they can be somewhat demanding.
  3. This thread does indeed attract a certain type of people. I'm also 34 and I've got a PhD in algorithms. (I am hardly as knowledgable about wedding photography, as my username suggests). Maybe we should band together to make an end of manual wedding photography and create Skynet
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  5. @gwan, that was really, really nice. I was in London a few weeks ago and, unfortunately, it wasn't so sunny then. ) : Welcome to the forum, by the way!
  6. Dated a Scouser girl for some time, does it count?
  7. Gonna add that to a listen to later playlist
  8. Hmm that music sounds a lot like what I used to write when I had all my Synthesizers. And to the Patriots, Yikes I HATE those Bastards lol. And dumbass Robert Kraft done F ed up Big Time. I love it. ☺️
  9. In my state there are two college football teams that go head to head with each other. They are Auburn and Alabama. I am also a fan of the Patriots and would like to start watching the Patriots more often. Anyway, this is some of the music I am listening to:
  10. I always knew you were a sensible lad.
  11. Really? Sure, Aussie Rules is not all peace loving like soccer which is a game for pansies. But I'd give the nod to Rugby League over Aussie Rules as being the more violent game. And I haven't even mentioned in this thread yet my nation's national game.... Plus there are surely a dozen more versions of "footy" around the global I am sure! (Gaelic Football / Canadian Football / Touch / Beach / Tag / Nines / Arena Football / Futsal / etc etc etc etc)
  12. Every type of "Football" is dangerous, but Australian Rules Football is a Death Wish I think lol. Not if I had a son over there you would want him to make a career of it. 😲
  13. Yeah I had the "Bulging Battery" Thingy on my Note 7. Next phase is Holy Shit I am on fire or worse. A real confidence builder in your Pocket, right next to your Johnson lol. 😡
  14. Liiiii ver poooool!! (It is amazing than on such a small planet we can't even agree on what "football" is!)
  15. By footie you mean Aussie Rules right? Yeah I don't mind watching a bit of that.
  16. IronFilm

    Race to the bottom

    Weddings of the future:
  17. If you are talking about American Football I NEVER watch it as of the last few years. This kneeling crap to a Vet is a total slap in the face. Sure you have the right to do it, but is it disreputable of the Flag, in my mind, Hell yes. They can kiss my ass lol. When you have seen people die, a lot of them, and you have been involved in making that happen, you have a Whole different view of the Flag. Off with their F ing heads is my desire. 😜
  18. Sort of a toss up. I guess it depends on your lens lineup.
  19. Better (?) selection for the "organic" topic at hand... test_color grade_s1b on Vimeo: :)
  20. Art is a fine balance of technical skills and pure imagination. I would have taken this film as the work of a seasoned artist. In other words, very nice work! I had thought the grain was intentional. Just shared on my facebook.
  21. https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/support-software/DaVinci-Resolve-15---Performance-loss-with-NVIDIA-418-419-driver-FIXED-1376/?fbclid=IwAR2n1CWWfxQa71Pxl6luh8c4C0M7qSoPeg5r03ItqPrjLW9x-o-f2e--WHk i noticed that you have two kinds of nvidia drivers. gamers and creators.
  22. Now the only thing is to make a killer band. It might speed things. I'm in. πŸ€ͺ
  23. webrunner5


    I Totally agree. Like Apple or not, the CS on a newer iPhone is just amazing OOC. You are going to have one hell of a time using a "Real" camera to match one. And the iPhone happily just goes on banging them out left and right, nearly perfect every time. It is maddening to try and top one. And the AF is just crazy good also. And the XS, Max have Stereo recording in them to boot. Of all the pictures I took with mine to Florida I don't think one of them was the cameras fault if bad. On paper if I composed right, and didn't have my finger in the way of the lens lol, they were All Keepers on paper. Amazing to be honest, and frustrating to boot. If they just had a Zoom, and were a bit better in low light, but my XS is surprisingly pretty good in low light for a phone, I am not sure I would take a 100mp Phase One over a iPhone if it had those features.. I know I was kidding Ironfilm about his boom operating, but if they get Cine cameras as good as a damn iPhone is now there is going to be a hell of a lot of people out of a job.😲
  24. I think in a lot of it, especially in the beginning, can be attributed to the super shallow DoF it has. That is something in bright conditions you really have to be aware of as it draws your eyes away from the main subject. Doing that over emphasizes the bright parts and appears overexposed, which in parts I am sure it is. I am not a big fan of super fast lenses, it just makes overall shooting a Lot easier to make mistakes, Not counting expensive. That is Not what a person needs lol, especially on the Video side. Now it might have been shot on a long Telephoto lens from a distance, who knows. But the danger still exists doing that. Ahh info said it was shot on a Canon Pancake EF-M 22mm lens. You can bet your Buttocks it was set to f2 a Lot lol. But I thought the hair on the woman was beautifully exposed and had a ton of detail. Perfect exposure through and through, no, but pretty damn impressive CS and resolution for a camera that cost just peanuts to buy.
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