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  2. You don't have to understand it really, just obey it.
  3. A zeppelin would be the best solution. After this comes the dead cat. I also use a Rycote softie (just check the mic's diameter and lenght since they make different models with different diameters but with the same name). The foam screen is almost useless outdoor. I will also consider the old and now discontinued Rycote S serie, basically a cheap and detachable zeppelin. They are quite cheap on ebay but are hard to find. I am still looking for mine. You remove the foam windscreen and put the dead cat on.
  4. Well, it depends : ) All batteries will prone to die without regular suitable use and charge. As well, everyone are subject to further complaints, OEM's included. The price varies according to the capacity. For example, in this case, Patona doubles the VHBW price for identical power capacity. Perhaps because of their tiptop marketing, I guess. RAVPower has the best quality/price ratio out there going along their pack of two + USB dual charger. Even more affordable than the VHBW offer where only from three units on takes any advantage for bulk purchase. Without mention they can't be compared at all to the cheap white label product. I mean all of them above-mentioned. : -)
  5. I only use third party batteries from Patona, never had a problem and they have a general good reputation on the internet. They cost about a little more than the cheapest brands, but we are talking about a 4 euro difference, not so important after all.
  6. I had 2 Wasabi for use with my Edelkrones and they are dead! This is so annoying..very expensive and barely had any use. Does anyone know a way to jumpstart them or anything?!! I bought a Duracell now. They seem ok..
  7. Personally, I think the best quality in the around 2000 euro/dollars/pounds range is a match among X-T3, S1 and BMPC4K
  8. Today
  9. I only played Australian rules as a kid and wasn't any good at it. I was not much better at Union or league either but was more suited to league. I was a very ordinary player in some pretty good teams but way to slow for any (especially Australian football). Union is the hardest because all players are pretty much always moving. Some of the players in Australian rules are as well but not all. League at least has regular stops between plays. I was still playing (poorly) into my thirties- sometimes Union on Saturday and League on Sunday (to make up numbers). Someone really fit could play any of them but that was never me. The old saying is pretty right. "League is a game for animals, played by gentlemen while Union is a game for gentlemen played by animals".
  10. Here's another power solution as much mobile as possible. In conclusion, better than 1300mAh and less expensive than the Patona Premium route, my odds settle down to the usual suspect of nowadays, that is, the renown RAVPower brand with their identical 2000mAh pack offer for 30 pounds to include 2x batteries and the USB dual charger.
  11. Keep going that discussion up there in that other thread... Once their dual USB chargers look like twin brothers, I would even dare to say it is quite possible they're manufactured in the same place...
  12. yes, i have used sandisk 95mb/s and up to 4k50p 150 mb all resolution work Some shots i have made in rush( i was with my son and you must allways look him and not the cam) standard profil with light correction in post. 1 shot i slowed down from 25p so is stuttering
  13. Wasabi Power as first choice: VHBW as 2nd option route mainly in Europe where you won't easily find Wasabi:
  14. oh yeah, she is now, but her owner is a breeder and she knows what shes doing 😎 Hannah is 14 weeks old at the moment, she'll be ready to have puppies during her second heat at about a year and a half or so 😁
  15. Not even close. You don't need a hotshot mic, and they produce bad audio. This because the camera records in AGC via the hot shoe, which crushes dynamics and is the opposite of audiophile sound. You cannot manually set audio levels if you use the hot shoe for audio.
  16. Ah the eternal debate! Union or League? Don't have anywhere near your playing experience, so just commentating as a spectator of league, but it does seem to be the more physical sport. I found this quote funny/accurate about Aussie Rules (vs Union vs League): Isn't she too young for him?
  17. i kno rite, we measure time differently in southern california 😂
  18. jpfilmz

    Race to the bottom

    Like I care. At least Im getting work vs woe-is-me'ing about hypothetical theoreticals.
  19. I'm actually really good Kaylee as I have been studying in biology textbook.
  20. Or one of us is living in the past! (it is usually me but not this time!).
  21. Could you understand Anything she said lol?
  22. im good Zach, how are you? this is a great idea, we should have an Off Topic sticky!! im actually in a SUPER good mood bc JASPER (my doggee) HAS A NEW GIRLFRIEND AND THEYRE GONNA HAVE PUPPIES THEY JUST MET IRL YESTERDAY FOR THE FIRST TIME OMG. the pups name is Hannah i already love her so yeah im doing great lol lol im in the present you live in the future 😂
  23. Thanks (even though that was yesterday!). You too!
  24. happy 4/20 everyone!!!!
  25. Yesterday
  26. A camera so hot it was gone in a flash.
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