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  2. I'm thinking this will be something completely new. Not a S or EVA line camera. The rumor said it's using a completely new full frame sensor. They also went on to state it's a "cine dream". So I'm expecting to be blown away. If you're gonna dream while you're at it you might as well dream big. 1. The organic sensor with pixel level sensitivity... no ND needed... and its global shutter to boot. 2. Canon XC15 form-factor. 3. Timecode support with jam sync. 4. Rotating screen. 5. Usable AF. 6. AI effects... film simulations etc... 7. Hyper smooth electronic image stabilization in S35 mode. 8. Usable ISO 12800. 9. Robust codecs. 10. Bit rates of 10 or 12 bits. Did I miss anything?
  3. So basically Huawei is the leader in 5g but without american components that tech just can't be used. How is this not a good thing for the americans? 5g is the future of tech. I don't think the short-term loss for these chip makers matters compared to the advantages of being no 1 in 5g. And if you think the americans aren't playing fair then the same can be said about the chinese. Just consider how they got to this point.
  4. The EVA-1 never was a Lumix or Varicam branded camera. Its also a single revenue stream product with body only sales. Panny makes zero money off that Canon EF mount. An EVA-2 with L Mount will be a two stream money maker with bodies and now lenses. Could Panasonic be moving the EVA-2 into the Lumix branded consumer/prosumer catagory? This same leaker said it was a cine "dream" camera and that it was built "like a tank". Does this sound like an S1 body?
  5. Super bummed to hear it's L-Mount. I could care less for full frame, Micro 4/3 is spectacular especially for the small form factor. Super 35 is perfect for bigger productions. Full frame doesnt hold a place in my book.
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  7. Here is my wish list: - phase detect autofocus - internal nd like fs5 - Internal Raw Recording - Under $4000 Has Panasonic ever done phase detect autofocus on their cameras for video? Next camera I get will have really good video autofocus.
  8. What does Arm holdings have that is US origin though? Europe needs to step up and stop this nonsense.
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  10. Add this app up to 200Mbps and you're there: Last but not least:
  11. eh, it's a bad situation with "free trade" and "fair trade". I was going to look into a Huawei cellphone and compare it with the One Plus 7. Then this trade issue came up. It's not that a cellphone is a "must have" with me. It certainly would be great to have a better one. The one I have I received for free for signing up to a carriers phone plan two years ago. So it's cheap with not much or a processor, little memory and a camera that usually blows out highlights easily. Surely these new cellphones have very, very good cameras. These newer cellphones, I'm sure, have been eating up mirrorless camera sales. So, my thoughts are a mirrorless camera with better picture quality and wifi or Bluetooth capabilities teamed up with a rather average cellphone with a decent processor and memory capacity. Any suggestions? One Plus 7 starts at $700, right? So I'm ambivalent about the cellphone/trade issue. Overall the issue affects many other industries in the states, especially agriculture. Yeah, it's nice to have a top notch cellphone, but it's not a big deal if it's not-so-top shelf as far as I'm concerned. Back in the day that would be called "keeping up with the Jones"". And rather have a bridge or mirrorless camera that takes better picture quality and matched with a cellphone that can upload the media to wherever. Any suggestions for that better mirrorless or bridge camera?
  12. wish list: - internal NDs - punch in & out DURING recording - no step ISO - useable HDMI output during opengate recording, for focusing, etc.
  13. Had another gig where it saved the day. Fast paced interviews in a cafe, followed by B-roll in a kitchen. Tight, cramped, not much time to shoot. They only wanted 1080p, so I could easily bounce between a few primes with regular and ETC mode, all 10bit V-log. Steady handheld even with a 60mm sigma in ETC.
  14. I don't have a storage of Nikon glass but Nikon was the first to the table with 10bit 4K with no crop and the IBIS was great so it worked for me. Nikon said the Z6 or Z series would not have cine features or go towards that market. But we know the Atomos take on the additional features to some degree. The Lumix Cine looks promising to bridge the gap and change old school cine ways. Why would they need a press conference if they were just moving the EVA to L mount?
  15. Trump has behaved in a racist way for a very long time. Remember the Central Park 5? As for his general opinions, those are no surprise either. He was sprouting the same kind of nonsense in the 80s.
  16. kye

    Sports videography

    It could be the music, I'm very musically oriented so that's definitely a factor. I guess the other aspect is that your video had contrast between fast action and slow-motion, whereas the NFL one was all slow-motion. I'm not surprised about the degree discrimination - that's a class thing - they want someone who is "one of them" and screw talent or ability. Hiring incompetent people you went to school with is practically the theme song for the worlds elite. On the GH5 I only have HLG on the 25p mode (and the 1080p50 10-bit mode IIRC), so the 4k50 and 1080p120 are Cine-D. I'll have to play around with those profiles to see what latitude they give, and if doing things like reducing contrast will help. More homework!
  17. UK based, Japanese owned chip-designer ARM this week announced it is severing business ties with Huawei and others are following suite. Panasonic too, have announced a complete cut in the supply of unspecified components to the Chinese company. According to Nikkei Asian Review, even German chipmaker Infineon confirmed on Monday it needed to "halt American-origin shipments to Huawei to comply with U.S. law". What hope for Huawei supplier Leica? Huawei said in a statement to reporters that it valued the close relationships with partners, but recognised the intense pressure they are under as a result of 'politically motivated decisions'. Read the full article
  18. There isn't a lot of love for the GH5 when compared to the older BM cameras as the 4K modes have that new/modern/digital look about them, which people often counter with vintage lenses, but the 6K modes are a different beast. I wonder how much the 6K 10-bit h265 mode improves it in the eyes of the classic BM camera fans? I'm not suggesting that it makes it Alexa territory, but my impression was that it takes it a good step in that direction?
  19. Mako Sports

    Sports videography

    @kye Definitely appreciate it! I'm just a hungry 22 year old kid. Its possibly the hyped of music. Sorta the new age going forward with sports videography vs the traditional NFL films chill slow motion edit. Most people that want to work in sports have a degree so I have to work harder to stand out. A lot of pro teams and colleges teams would rather hire someone with a college degree and an average reel than someone with an excellent reel and no degree. I've found shooting HLG is fantastic for harsh mid day game lighting. (I try to avoid LOG as much as possible).
  20. kye

    Sports videography

    Finally got around to watching the NFL highlights video and while I appreciate the level of skill of the camera operators, for some reason I enjoyed your reel better. I have no idea why, but just thought I'd share my impressions. You inspired me with the slow-motion shots and I shot my last couple of games in 4K50 8-bit as well as a bunch of random shots in 1080p50 10-bit and 1080p100. The Australian sun has been out in full force the last few weeks (despite it being only weeks from winter here) and those games were around midday so the light was harsh, so I'm curious about if the 10-bit will give me extra latitude in post to really push and pull the grade around. If the new Speed Warp slow-motion feature works sufficiently well I might be able to get away with 1080p50 10-bit and slowing it down to 25% so that it's simulated 100p where every second frame is AI generated. I modified my new monopod and my cheap and cheerful Sun 70-210/3.8 zoom arrived, so in combination with my new hat-compatible microphone setup I'll have an almost entirely new shooting setup this weekend. I've also been editing the footage from the Bull Ride event and discovering that I don't know what I'm doing when editing epic-action-with-slow-motion stuff, but I'm learning. Fun stuff!
  21. Since Alicia is a EVA1 user, I'm guessing they are just moving that line to l-mount instead. Seems like the most logical thing they would do. So much interesting cameras in the pipeline right now with the z-cam ff series, a7s iii and now this. This one I think will be way out of my ballpark sadly, but one can hope!
  22. Is there a new full-frame sensor available yet that will do FF 4k60/8k/anything else new?
  23. of course! *facepalm* What an amusing series of events it would be if Panasonic were the ones to release the ILC XC-15 style camera that so many were interested in! However it goes, I expect that it will be a solid product that will be put to work immediately by many working pros.
  24. kye

    Davinci Resolve 16

    I'm re-evaluating what my priorities are. The 6K 10-bit h265 200Mbps mode is basically unusable without proxies, but the 4K 10-bit h264 150Mbps mode is quite useable, so I'm wondering if the extra IQ benefits are worth it for what I'm trying to do. Yes, there is sharpening, but I normally output in 1080, and even if I uploaded in 4K I could just put a DLPF across it. I'm tempted to do an A/B between modes, then put them both through their paces with how I edit and see how hard it is to match the h264 image to the h265 and how much I care about the differences.
  25. If they would simply bring it like a mere add-on as predicted, no one would complain now. Wrong move. That's the whole point.
  26. From all the tests I've seen online (and I've seen a fair bit as I'm in the market and looking at both), the quality is comparable (of course the S1 has HLG etc. but ignoring that). The S1 does however really pulls ahead at high ISOs. It looks almost 2 stops better at the top end in the comparisons I've seen. I'd love to know why this is since they're using similar sensors. Perhaps it's just better/different noise reduction on the S1 but I feel there's more to it than that. Still don't know what I'm buying!
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