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  2. You're right, it has something to do with pixel size. Correction: Another reason is that the older Blackmagic cameras with a no-Sony sensor have better image sharpness (due to the pixel size) than the 4K Sony sensor. There are new picture comparisons between CinemaDNG and BRAW:https://forum.blackmagicdesign.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=91466&start=100#p510511
  3. Full frame mode is not bad, but you get some moire. Crop mode is better, downsampled from around 5K and you can have some great quality.
  4. The only good thing about the global economy, until recently, is that is so interconnected and twisted than noone dared to really challenged anyone. Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #35 Peace is good for business. Now Trump is...seriously, I am not sure what is he trying to do. U.S.A certainly will loose big time on a financial war. Europe is really well established and are consuming far less than Americans, while they are #1 in renewable energy and recycling, so they can manage to produce and not waste as much, while China and India -they already do -can rise their middle class and consume independantly of the western world. Those 2 are very well connected with Africa, which is the next big thing. (Oh, there is also this by the way, https://www.google.com/amp/s/qz.com/africa/1192493/china-spied-on-african-union-headquarters-for-five-years/amp/ ) China is so big right now, and it is getting bigger, especially now that they do not have the 1 kid policy anymore, that they sneeze and we are catching cold.. Here we are not worrying much about Huawei, everyone spies on everyone anyway, but our SOUVLAKI and GYROS is in danger because of the Chinese, and that is a major crisis! https://www.keeptalkinggreece.com/2019/04/20/souvlaki-price-increase-protest-rally/ Oh! And Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #34 War is good for business, also..
  5. That video doesn't show the point you're trying to make. You're comparing cDNG to Braw, but he states in the test that he's shooting ProRes - which if anything will be closer to Braw than to cDNG on any camera. On top of that, before he revealed which image was which camera, the OG BMPCC was my least favourite, with the BMCC coming second and P4K being the best. That said, I wouldn't complain about any of them, and your findings may vary - which is fine.
  6. Personal ? Man, you started accusing me of seeing the sky falling etc. when I was just pointing facts. You say sh*t and I try to answer logically... This post was readable since the beginning : you can even browse back to my several joyful messages of hands-on and first experiences. But you don't care, your blindness only see that I dared to point 1 or 2 minor facts that, in your view, equals to attack your sort of worshiped god camera. Go check them, I got quite some likes by others because I gave my really positive feelings concerning this camera. The rest is in your awful way of translating everybody's post. And then, you came out of nowhere, attacking everybody that dared to argue something and question the camera. Yes, I used an hyperbola and exaggerating concerning the prices, as you probably do in the everyday life, like, when you can't lift something : "oh, it must weighs a ton"... Then I've provided you some links, that you ignore and give me back links on ebay.com to illustrate that ; while explaining that it is just annoying me for my selling... I never pulled a conclusion out of that, saying the sky is collapsing, as you are implying. I live in France, and buy locally. WTF you want me to do with ebay in the USA ? Even with ebay.fr, which can be tough to deal with, when you can use established forum and selling platforms that are used by quite a lot of persons on a daily basis (27 000 000 ads for the second link, right now), like the ones I provided you links. So, I response to you absolutely illogical and disturbing non stop writings. Don't bring the stupid last word argument. Go browse back and check every time you've attacked everybody, defending for whatever ill reasons a camera nobody destroyed. Put that in head : I like Nikon, always had, even if it went through shit situations (D600, D750, D800...). I loved my Z6 too. Have to sell it. Prices are falling here quite quickly with evidences. There is nothing bad in that, just annoyances for sellers. The rest, you pull it out of your imagination. Plus, I provided some sort of hands-on mini reviews, with extra positive feeling. Where are yours ? Can you do that, or can you only defend it by attacking Sony, Canon and Panasonic ? Let the post start again, for people that want to learn stuff about this camera. We need users, not a ready to jump paladin.
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  8. Here are a few links to past inquiries made on the same topic. https://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/25923-anamorphic-lens-repair-services/?tab=comments#comment-209624 https://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/926-the-anamorphic-lens-repair-thread/?tab=comments#comment-15560
  9. What with the personal shots dude? Go look at the link I posted from Ebay and the Z6 - Z7 are holding there value. No other way to interrupt that fact. Your story about a guy that sold his when he was desperate and behind the dumpster mean nothing. You already exaggerated the "half the original value" so you're an exaggerator of the truth. You're comments and exaggerations about Nikon and the price drop and everything else does come off as the sky is falling because you keep on and keep apologizing for exaggerating but continue to say the price has dropped further then it actually has. Here's a clue. Don't respond to my comments if you don't want a response. You're like the girl in the relationship that want to get the last word in. Give it a rest.
  10. You seem to be living in Orwell's distopian world. War Is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, and Ignorance Is Strength? The only "friendlies" in your eyes are the ones you subjugate probably. Huawei is not "trusted blindly" - the technology is tested and checked, and all security investigations find that they are safe. And it looks like with far less bugs and less open to exploits, just because of all that scrutiny. If a few EU countries like Germany (their technology is used to build 5G networks, and Germany's is 90% done already), conclude Huawei are as safe if not safer than any US tech (well... I'll go with "safer" as any manufacturer and software developer has to disclose the encryption methods, at least... and that is something even I had to do in the past), it seems it's all US fabrication of allegations and nothing more. https://www.spiegel.de/netzwelt/netzpolitik/huawei-beteiligung-am-5g-ausbau-angela-merkel-nennt-in-japan-bedingung-a-1251592.html here's a refresher for you: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/02/19/germany_huawei_5g_security/ To sum it up... this is nothing but trying to get the pie of installing and supporting all 5G networks, especially in EU. Not only because it's a big market, but that will give NSA and USA direct access to spying EU networks. Something they will have very hard time to do against the Chinese tech.
  11. Either you are mentally ill and your paranoïa is altering your judgment and brain functions, or your love affair/carnal passion with the z6 distort your capacity to process information and makes you attacking even the person who said they love too your "precious" half... I answered you with facts. Period. And, again, it is not because I point reality with facts, with links, and I open your eyes concerning nikon recents failures, that I am a Nikon hater. You behavior is seriously disturbing. So, you won't read, again, but it will be my last try, after that... it will be like arguing with a flat earther or chemtrails believer : - I loved my z6, better than my D90, D600/610, D7200 and 750. - For stills, I prefer Nikon than Canon or Fuji that I tried - Prices of z6 are quickly falling : you asked me links, I gave it to you (and you ignore it cause it does not serve you false version of reality) - I just point that cause I have to sell mine with regrets, and it is annoying. Where in that I show a sign of feeling the sky is falling ? - You will answer for the 526th time : "but Sony and panasonic blablabla" - Earth is sadly not flat
  12. No they won't. Canon and Nikon own the market right now. "In DSLRs, Canon was 1st with a 57.4% market share. Nikon and Ricoh (which makes Pentax DSLRs) came in 2nd and 3rd with 39.3% and 3.1%, respectively.Canon and Nikon together command a staggering 96.7% of Japanese DSLR sales — a duopoly." The market right now is Canon, Nikon and Sony. Besides your ass where are you getting your info? I suspect you've worked on some cool projects and know your shit but you don't know the hybrid market and get all you info from You Tube. People are holding onto the gear they bought and getting by until the next jump in tech comes out. Video is what pushed people into mirrorless and new gear. S1 and Z6, Z7 are the only cameras that will do 10 bit and 12 bit RAW in full frame. Until Sony catches up people are waiting. Nikon's not going anywhere. If you think Nikon was counting on Z'series body sales to keep the company alive you are really out of touch.
  13. My Furby almost killed me as a kid. The Chinese spying equipment inside it exploded, now I look like Harvey Dent.
  14. my last film, shot with my xt3 and a vintage tokina 24-70 2.6 2.8
  15. thephoenix


    here is my last video (actualy it is my third one) shot with my xt3 and the vintage tokina 24-70 2.6 2.8 that i bought a few monthes ago
  16. I can't and we can't translate those prices and again the sky is falling and you keep apologizing and then posting the same sorrow. I'm sorry you have to sale your gear but you've jumped into the "I hate Nikon" group for the odd reason that you can't sell your gear. Selling used gear is not for everyone and I actually bought my Z6 used with 50 f1.8 for 2K two months ago. The seller needed the money and made me a great offer. The A9 is $1,200 off it'e retail price and the Gh5 has dropped how much? And yes Nikon has made some bad choices and they have to deal with long tongue liars making false claims about a camera they never used or just to hurt the Nikon brand. Ebay listings - https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313.TR12.TRC2.A0.H0.Xnikon+z6.TRS0&_nkw=nikon+z6&_sacat=0 The Z6 is holding it's new price and does not reflect your comments. Do some research on the Z6 film makers kit. I'll see you in the Shooting RAW forum when the Z6 update comes out. We'll let you in even though your GH5 will never be discussed on those pages. Lol.
  17. The Z6 is better for video then the Z7 because of no crop on the Z6 and sensor read out. Don't worry about the recall because Nikon is fixing a issue that NO ONE has complained about or even noticed. Nikon has class and Sony and other blame user error or don't even address camera issues. I could create a list but you guys know who's who. One example is the GH5 poor ass AF never got fixed.
  18. CinemaDNG offers significantly more details. The comparison pictures BRAW and CinemaDNG also show that BRAW has no finest details. The image information is lost at both 4K and 1080P and cannot be restored. CinemaDNG is different, because it contains the finest details and you can see how good this is when you scale up 1080P to 4K. BRAW is also not an OLPF, the moiré improvement can be seen minimally in the horizontal area. You can do similar things with CinemaDNG by applying "Gaussian Blur" filter (H/V Strength: 0.333) to CinemaDNG.
  19. Any suggestions for a useful standard zoom, that doesn't exceed the price of a used Alexa?
  20. Adorama has them. I ordered mine last week and it looks like they are still in stock. interesting. That is very reassuring. I haven’t used the GH5 extensively but it looked nice in CineD with the contrast down.
  21. Yea - an XC15-style camera with a Super35mm sensor would be great for so many uses. Hoping Fuji or Panasonic (with GH5 or GH6 abilities in it) launch something like that.
  22. Thanks, so I guess right this time So, cDNG sometimes really has more detail, but not necessarily... Now we have to learn how often and when... I'm personally interested for the simple reason: being extremely satisfied with form factor, rigging possibility and image of Micro 1080p cDNG, I'm not so satisfied with possibility that for similar 1080p quality I have to shot 4k in P4K. Also, if result of super (up)scaling Micro's 1080p to 4K is similar or identical with 4k of P4K, there's not too much advantage rest with P4K except framing. (I always shot rigged with external small audio recorder and Atomos recorders for the backup reason.)
  23. I'm in NYC right now and considering picking up a Z7 as I need a high MP stills camera (and still have a bit of Nikkor glass). I saw one the other day for $2K ! This recall BS is kinda giving me second thoughts though. My D750 got recalled twice and I swore never again.. you guys think Z7 is ok for video? 4K has line skipping right?
  24. I live outside of the holographic construct that represents the underlying plain of information.
  25. At first I thought "Oh please, someone help me...". Then, I was laughing. Seriously, this is my last answer to you. Here are two links. Sorry, I won't browse every selling places. I'm a also in 2 facebook Nikon selling group. What I said is what I see on a daily basis on many selling places, as I'm trying to sell mine since 2 weeks. The first one is on a famous French forum : https://forum.hardware.fr/hfr/AchatsVentes/Photo-Audio-Video/nikon-nissin-di700a-sujet_721010_1.htm Z6 + 24-70S + XQD 64gb + a second original battery, bought on the 5th of January. The guy sold it 2070€ two weeks ago (in its ad, he initially proposed 2150€ with a flash NISSIN DI700A). The body is in perfect condition with only 789 clicks. You can google translate it. Yes, the FTZ is not present, but as it now sells almost for free in kit... On amazon.fr, the Z6 + FTZ was, some days ago, less expensive (slightly) than the Z6 BODY ONLY. Now, there is only a 50€ difference between both (in favor of the body only). Another one : https://www.leboncoin.fr/image_son/1614925861.htm/ Z6 + 24-70 + XQD 64gb. Never opened. 2000€ Do I ask you why you, again, bring on the table both the GH5 and the EOS-R ? No, I won't, have enough lost my time. Enjoy your Z6 but, do yourself a favor : take gear and brand less seriously...
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