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  3. Did someone try the lexar v90 cards for the A7S III ? I bought two waiting for my A7S III to arrive but I read somewhere that somehow Lexar V90 cards are not accepted by the A7S III. But I also read it's only the case with the 64 GB cards. I have two 128gb. Hope they will do just fine for 60p Intra.
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  5. $100 bh vs $130 from prograde. Now sold out but I think BH still accepting orders. Are you making proxies from the h.265? Or are you using apple M1?
  6. Not sure what the sale is, but direct from prograde prices are better than any v90 I’ve seen. I’d get some v90’s just to have the most options available outside of the two S&Q modes that need Type A. I’ve been shooting mostly h265 to keep the files smaller. Outside of interviews I’m pretty much all 60/120p with my b-roll, absolutely love the options. I can’t tell the difference with all-I and long gop, but I’m not pushing my image very far in post. YMMV. chris
  7. I had the R and I really liked shooting with it despite the soft image and crazy rolling shutter, I liked it so much I was prepared to move to the RF mount after the R5 was announced. From a video standpoint the a7s3 is better in every way but one - I love the R’s grip. Beyond that the controls are better, AF is better, IQ and frame rates/codes crush the R, rolling shutter is almost nil compared to the R’s major jello, better battery life, far better native lens selection including excellent 3rd party support, and so on. I really like shooting with the a7s3, the image is so good and it’s the b
  8. Yes I agree. Every bodies uses are different and honestly just getting the camera in your hands and using it is the best thing to do. I went to my local camera shop and held both the R5 and the A7SIII and I settled on the R5 for my uses. Primary IBIS, 45MP photos, competent AF, 4K120p. The A7SIIi has better DR and 4K120p and HD240p but it’s all nitpicking honestly. I also factored in the M1 Macs as well and they did impact my buying decision as well since I’m a MacOS FCP/resolve user.
  9. At least since v10 7 years ago you can change the timeline resolution....
  10. I haven't used the R5 but I know someone who has one and it seems like the overheating is overblown for a lot of workflows. If you like the R serries I would definetly at least rent the R5 and give it a try.
  11. I started using 17 beta 2 today. So far I am impressed. HEVC playback is improved (the last few versions of 16 seemed to get worse, but it's back to being great), overall UI responsiveness is noticeably better, and the new color tool is pretty cool. I haven't had any crashes yet, but I also haven't done anything other than edit and color. I'm really excited for the direction this software is going!
  12. I thought you couldn’t have zebras and peaking at the same time? I haven’t heard about no zebras in clog mode. Bummer. Hopefully the rumored 14-28 f/2 RF lens is real. Would pair nicely wit 28-70 f/2 or 24-70 f2.8.
  13. It is available here and begins shipping in January. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/afx-autofocus-adapter More information here including the link to the discussion thread here https://www.eoshd.com/news/exclusive-cda-tek-announces-afx-module-for-lidar-autofocus-featuring-tilta-nucleus-motor-drive-and-blackmagic-pocket-cinema-camera-compatibility/
  14. I am indeed! I meant to thank bloggers (including Andrew specifically) for bringing the issue of overheating up so much. The pressure about the timer nonsense forced Canon to change the way the camera monitors temperatures, which is the reason the mod works at all.
  15. Why don't you just rent the Sony and rent the R5 and reach your own conclusions for far cheaper than buying either. Personally I was faced with the same list of options and I chose the Panasonic S5. I did test the R6 first because even with all of Canon's BS I felt like if I didn't test the R6 in person I'd always wonder "what could have been" so I tested the R6 prior to picking the S5. Admittedly, the S5 does not do 4K120FPS, but it does do 1080P at 180FPS so for those few times you really want a high frame rate 1080P is still an option. Here are my two completely unbiased reviews
  16. Thanks. Current editing rig is only 2-3 years old so not getting one for at least another 2-3 years. Definitely not smooth playback once any kind of grading starts happening in Resolve.
  17. I am not saying it in a bad way. My z-cam, panasonic, blackmagic, and fuji's colors are all very different than Canon. Ergonomics are different too.
  18. I’ve not noticed any difference other than it’s much more edit friendly in ALL-I but much higher data rates. I haven’t compared them side by side as I haven’t had time, but nothing has jumped at me. The new M1 macs fly through all the codecs, so the benefit to ALL-I if you have an M1 isn’t as prominent. On the FS7, XAVC-I I wipes the floor with XAVC-L. Every camera is different.
  19. The colors still being Sony is a myth. I’ve used it on various jobs now and it’s very different than before. Much better. I can match it to the C70 colors in about a minute.
  20. Just asking because of BF sale on V90 cards... is All-I worth it for A7SIII? Everything I've shot so far in my "career" is long-gop. Is ALL-I easier to edit? The data rates are much higher, not sure if it's worth it for most corporate stuff. IF you've got feedback please let me know wether to spend my money or save it. I've got some older lexar V60s I've stopped in using in favor of the Sony SF series, unfortunately I have 2 older SF cards with no V-rating on them saying W:100MB/s. I also have 2 newer ones with the V60 on them. Do the older SF series cards work as V60? google-fu
  21. How's the color accuracy of the Nanlite?
  22. Well... did you try instead to focus on the BACKGROUND??? Maybe that way it would lock focus on you by mistake ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  23. I think it’s going to potentially get interesting when the full lineup of f1.8’s are available; the 24, 35, 50 and 85, the latter of which is now shipping. Hopefully by the weekend for me and then I will know more. A few have reported MUCH improved AF after the firmware upgrade, but they may be smoking something... I really need to experience it to believe it as I’m pretty sure it’s marginal at best.
  24. The guy @Matt Perks is actually a member of this forum.
  25. Canon EF lenses on an MC-21 Adapter on Panasonic S-series cameras only provide AF-S. There is NO AF-C available using EF lenses on the MC-21, neither when shooting video nor when shooting stills. Maybe if / when metabones comes out with an EF-L mount adapter there will be AF-C available on Panasonic S-series cameras. I only have one EF lens and that is the 16-35 f/4 and it seems to work fine when using AF-S (haven't tried it with the new Ver 1.6 firmware though). Even when shooting video in V-LOG at 24fps (where the Panasonic S1 struggles the most) the AF-S is fine. However, I normally sh
  26. Thanks for the share, but the most important part of the video was how much he could improve the thermal management with a small piece of copper and some thermal paste. That seems to be enough to solve it for most of us.
  27. I'd be willing to do this. The R5 does have amazing image quality, at least in RAW. Hopefully they give CLOG2 and 3 in a firmware update soon.
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