Browsing: YouTube Nikon today launched the Z Fc. Formerly the Df retro plastic camera, Nikon has improved the concept with even more plastic and a smaller sensor. You can feel the retro authenticity during each buzz of the power zoom and the flappy plastic concealing a port used for live streaming. It’s every film camera shooter’s dream Minox Nikon!

Read More Maybe you have unfollowed some shills and want somebody a bit more authentic, a bit less ego, with more humour, less shilling. Many slow-motion road crossing shots. Who do you follow? Here’s who I recommend to follow for run & gun video shooters.

Read More Maker of microwaves, dabbler in tanks, God of an entire galaxy of smartphones Samsung left the camera industry many years ago. So why do I still love the NX1 so much? NSFW as contains occasional strong word! All footage shot on the NX1 by Andrew Reid. Check out my EOSHD Shooter’s Guide for the Samsung NX1 here to get a comprehensive impression of the camera and how to set…

Read More Everybody loves Mr Undone. The YouTube bros line up around the block to circle jerk with handsome Gerald, but I for the life of me cannot find any of the great guru’s cinematic work!

Read More Comment on the forum I recently found a disturbing issue with the EOS R6 when used with an external mic and an external USB C power supply connected to the camera. Check it out on my new YouTube channel and don’t forget to like, subscribe, hit the notification bell and admire my amazingly dramatic thumbnail expression.

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