Panasonic announcements at 3pm GMT today – watch live

“New GH series cameras” – notice the plural – are coming. I’ll be in the YouTube chat bar to watch with you all.

My hopes and dreams are:

  • GH6 development announcement with some key details – Internal ProRes 10bit and RAW recording would be great to compete with Blackmagic & Canon. 4K/120fps to compete with Sony. Internal ND filter would be fantastic. We can but keep our fingers and toes crossed!
  • GH5 II revealed in full, I don’t think it’s going to be a big leap from the original model but USB charging is certainly welcome and maybe Panasonic can surprise us with something else useful?
  • GH5S firmware 2.0 and G9 firmware update 2.4 could bring some interesting features including ProRes RAW via HDMI!
  • New lenses?
  • Maybe another GH series camera aside from the GH6 and GH5 II? According to the teaser we are getting at least 2 cameras.

The live presentation starts at 15:00 GMT (London) and 10:00 ET.