Panasonic has not managed our expectations… GH5 Mark II / GH6 controversy

Above, 4K frame from the good old GH4, on my shoot in Berlin “The Machine”.

Fuss about nothing or bad omen? Following the events of yesterday Panasonic shooters are wondering why the GH5 is going to be re-released as a Mark II model after 4 years. Having rumours out there can’t be helped. However in my opinion Panasonic should be at least trying to manage our expectations far better. They cannot blame customers for wondering if a blockbuster GH6 is going to come out at all… The buck stops with them. Why bother with a GH5 Mark II if it is?

I just don’t accept waking up one day in 2021 to see a GH5 Mark II leaked out via 43rumors. It is completely unacceptable to have this anticlimax and so many doubts about future releases.

I want to be reassured and confident about that all-singing, all-dancing GH6 ProRes/RAW future.

I have a lot invested in Micro Four Thirds lenses. It is not that Panasonic hasn’t been generous in the past 4 years with firmware updates for the GH5 including V-LOG and I have nothing against the engineers in Osaka. They all deserve full credit in Japan for the amount of work they needed to do on the S series of full frame cameras and lenses at the same time as keeping Micro Four Thirds going; the S1, S1H and more all needed to be planned, designed, developed, marketed and manufactured. Now we are in 2021, but there is a big worldwide chip shortage. This could also impact most cameras that are due to be released, resulting in some quite long slippages, so to be clear once again I have nothing bad to say about the hard working engineers at Panasonic who are doing their best under difficult circumstances and during a pandemic too.

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