Sony release old camera with new badge – NEX 5T – and entry level A3000


Sony have some new cameras. The NEX 5T and A3000. The NEX 5T changes absolutely nothing over the 5R aside from adding NFC (near field communication), something Sony felt so important (communication with smartphones) that they rushed out a new model for it.

The A3000 has the form factor of a Canon 100D DSLR, or rather the Panasonic G6, it being a mirrorless E-mount camera. Both feature 1080p video modes with 60p and 24p. Along with the new bodies Sony have announced some new lenses for E-mount including the 18-105mm F4 and Zeiss 16-70mm F4.

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Metabones Speed Booster for Micro Four Thirds – Review

Speed Booster on the GH3

Buy the full range of mFT and E-mount Metabones Speed Booster adapters here

There’s more from EOSHD on the Speed Booster for Micro Four Thirds here, and for E-mount here

The Speed Booster has come to Micro Four Thirds where it turns the smaller sensor into a Super 35mm / APS-C equivalent – the cinema standard. I have been testing the Leica R, Nikon G and Contax Yashica Speed Boosters for Micro Four Thirds for a while now.

Here’s the verdict!

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