Classified no longer – how the Nikon D800’s 36MP sensor line-skips for 1080p

Above: a short Nikon D800 full 1080p example – click through to the Vimeo page here to download the original D800 file

Nikon’s people say their downsampling technique for the D800’s video mode is classified info. So Falk Lumo has gone and found out for himself, with a great technical analysis of the Nikon D800 and how it obtains 1080p video from the huge 36MP Sony sensor inside.

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Panasonic jumping into the world of 4K at NAB 2012?

Panasonic AVC Ultra

Kunihiko Miyagi, Director of Pro Video at Panasonic in the factory in Kadoma, Osaka has given a glimpse of what Panasonic have in store for NAB later this week. To quote verbatim from his blog:

  • A new visual world created by the new AVC Ultra platform
  • Panasonic jumping in to the world of ________
  • Further evolution in P2 cards!
  • What the next generation of cameras will look like

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