Japanese review of GH2 finds HDMI video out to be ‘uncompressed raw’

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Akihabara News in Tokyo reports that the GH2 has uncompressed RAW video-out via HDMI.

Philip Bloom tests and confirms clean HDMI output. Uncompressed? Let’s wait and see what the image is like from his external recorder. Check here for his latest updates.

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Dear Sony (Part II)

Contrary to what some believe I don’t dislike Sony or pro video cameras. Back in the earlier days of DV I used to shoot with a series of different Sony cameras. The Sony VX2000 was an affordable competitor to the legendary Panasonic DVX100. I upgraded to the more rugged Sony PD170 with XLR jacks and lots of nice pro features but unfortunately very similar image quality. My last Sony camera was the FX1, predecessor of the more expensive EX series, and then DSLRs came along and gave me what I really wanted. Better low light performance, less noise, better dynamic range and interchangeable lenses on a (very) large CMOS. A big change in the market.

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