Panasonic GH2 footage by Bruce Dale

Bruce Dale of the National Geographic has shot this beautiful piece with the Panasonic GH2. The quality is seriously impressive! He presented the footage at Photokina yesterday and I was there to see it, looked fantastic on the big screen.

The only dissapointment is that my initial excitement about the sensor doing 1080/50p (60p in NTSC land) has been muted somewhat by the codec issues, storing it in 50i – there appears no way to get the overcranked 50p or 60p out of the interlaced AVCHD. I have the footage on my Macbook here in Germany from the prototype, and when deinterlaced I get 25p of course – not the original sensor output of 50p. But thankfully, we do still have the 24p option. I expect future hacks will enable native 60p in full HD mode.

I did discover a new function yesterday though. The super-slow shutters are now available in 1080p, great for timelapses and dream sequences. You can go as low as 1/2 in video mode on the shutter when previously it was 1/30.

The footage is also available for viewing in 1080p on YouTube. Someone has also managed to get it up on Vimeo (above).

Click through to YouTube here and select 1080p.