EOSHD joins the DigitalRev team

I’ve recently written an article about DSLR video, introducing new people to the HDSLR video world for DigitalRev. They seemed to like the article and I have joined the team as a contributor.

You can read the article here

It’s a pleasure to join DigitalRev – they’ve done a great job with content and it’s been catching my attention for a while now. There is a fun article from regular contributor Kai, on what an Apple iCamera might be like. Actually it looks like a good idea, when can we expect one Mr Jobs?

This is good and imaginative stuff. There is also a great interview with photographer Steve Huff where he picks 5 of his favourite photos – check it out here, and the latest low-down on the Panasonic AF100

DigitalRev are a Hong Kong based camera retailer and I’ve bought stuff via eBay from them in the past, so can fully recommend their service. There are other camera retailers whom exist simply to flog cameras rather than really understanding the products they sell and having enthusiastic people doing the selling. DigitalRev show that they’re enthusiasts and not just a business, which makes it an all-round more pleasant experience to buy from them. They’ve also had their own online shopping site for a while now and that’s what I’m going to be contributing news and reviews to!

You can see the current camera deals at the shop here

EOSHD.com will continue as normal.

Next week will see the HDSLR wiki and around the same time the Sony HX5 footage will attempt to prove that a tiny compact can compete in the full HD video stakes with a HDSLR. A tall order but we’ll see what happens! Going out to shoot with it soon.