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SLR Magic 25mm T0.95 - Prototype sample

One of my favourite lenses on the GH2 (if not the favourite) and the one that gets the most use is the Voigtlander Nokton 25mm F0.95. It offers unrivalled shallow DOF on the GH2′s 1.86x crop sensor and superb low light performance.

However it is a photographic lens not really designed for cinematographers. Now SLR Magic are producing a cine lens rival for the same price – with minimal breathing, 10 blade aperture for smooth bokeh when stopped down and clickless aperture ring.

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Nokton 17.5mm F0.95

UPDATE: De-clicked aperture ring is on the lens for video, according to 43Rumors whom I am sure can read the original German better than I can! Good news!

This came out of the blue. Cosina are releasing a sister lens for the 50mm equivalent Micro Four Thirds 25mm Nokton F0.95.

The new lens will be equivalent to 35mm on full frame and features the same incredible aperture of F0.95 for extra depth of field control and low light performance on the GH2 and other Micro Four Third (MFT) cameras.

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So I’m continuing to explore Berlin, it is a fascinating place. Along the River Spree is an old abandoned theme park. Shuttered in 2002 after going bankrupt, the owners fled to Peru and were later arrested for drug smuggling.

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Ah – another DSLR short set to music with a product title in the byline! Must be awful, say the Real Filmmakers. However, hopefully you will also see revealed something about the GH2 and Nokton F0.95 combo!

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Download full resolution shots from the GH2 here

To get a sense of what F0.95 does set ISO to a modest 640 and shutter to 1/30 in video mode.

Here, the camera already exposes a night time scene brighter than the human eye.

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