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This week I was loaned a GH3 body for a short time at Photokna by Panasonic. This test footage was shot in 1080/25p ALL-I mode at 72Mbit, with two slow mo-sequences of Pocahontas and the juggler shot in AVCHD 1080/50p at 50Mbit.

I also had a go at grading the GH3 footage with Peter Patten of Apple.

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The new Panasonic GH3

Panasonic’s Philipp Wolf showed me the inner-workings of the new GH3 at Photokina today. I was then let loose with the camera to shoot some test footage in 1080/25p ALL-I and 50Mbit 1080/50p mode.

This camera was running firmware version v0.4 and so by no means final yet. What I found impressed me.

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GH2 in ReWo cage

Photokina is less than a month away now and it is going to be a busy time. I will be there to get my hands on the new cameras, and I don’t think I can remember a month like this with such exciting products being released.

Sony’s full frame camcorder the VG-900 will have a mirrorless mount, all in a video camera form factor for £2.5k and of course we have the Blackmagic Cinema Camera which soots amazing 12bit raw for the same price. These were mythical cameras only 6 months ago. Raw video for $3000? Full frame video camera with E-mount?

Then we come to the GH3.

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Leica M9 Monocrom

In an interview with the British press in Berlin this week, Leica head of the supervisory board Dr Andreas Kaufmann revealed that they have been working on implementing video on their digital rangerfinder line or possibly new products.

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I’ve made some of my Photokina GH2 prototype footage available for technical analysis.

You can download the footage from Vimeo here. It’s shot in 1080/50i mode (50p on the sensor).

It’s important to first note that this is prototype footage and strictly not representative of the final product. Also if you mention the footage or link to it from other places, please make this clear and credit it to

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