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Macbook Air external NVidia graphics card

Since the advent of very high speed ports like Thunderbolt many have speculated as to when external graphics adapter cards are coming to laptops.

Well with $250 worth of parts it is possible to do already.

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Filmmaker Andrew Wonder (Undercity) has had some interesting modifications done to his Iscorama. Not a cheap modification but re-housed as a cinema lens by Van Diemen and optimised for closer focus.

The test above is shot on the 5D Mark III and there’s more from Andrew below, on his ‘Wonderscope’ anamorphic.

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Sony NEX 5N Cinema Housing

If you are interested in getting one, please let Richard know on the forum…

Richard Gale emailed me a few days ago to tell me about his cinema housing for the NEX 5N.

And here it is.

Richard tells EOSHD more about the housing after the break – how it improves the NEX 5N and how he intends to price it.

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Here is a sneak preview of whats to come. Please be sure to download the 50Mbit constant bitrate clip rather than judging it from the highly compressed Vimeo stream.

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5D Mark III's sensor unit and OLPF

First and foremost – a huge thank you to James Miller for the inspiration and guidance

Disclaimer: I accept no liability, nor can I recommend this risky operation on your camera unless you are totally insane!

Over Easter I disassembled my 5D Mark III. The aim is to remove the optical low pass filter that sits in front of the sensor block, a drastic operation pioneered by James Miller last week. Removing it increases resolution in video mode and makes for a sharper image with no digital sharpening in post required.

With results that good on offer, why do you need to be bonkers to try it? Read on to find out how the teardown went…

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